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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Kenyan Prime Minister calls for arrest of gays

Raila Odinga
 Kenya's Prime Minister Raila Odinga has ordered the arrest of gay couples in the country.
Addressing a rally in the capital Nairobi on Sunday, the prime minister termed their behaviour "unnatural".
“If found the homosexuals should be arrested and taken to relevant authorities,” Mr Odinga said.

The premier thrilled the crowd in a largely conservative country when he asserted that the country's recent census showed there were more women than men and there was no need for same sex relationships.
He termed it "madness" for a man to fall in love with another man while there were "plenty of women" and added that there was no need for women to engage in lesbianism "yet they can bear children".
Mr Odinga’s statements are likely to rub Kenyan activists the wrong way, who have recently been emboldened to go public to campaign against widespread homophobia.
The remarks also come months after the country's special programmes minister Esther Murugi attracted the wrath of Kenyans by calling for recognition and acceptance of gays, a topic almost anathema in the conservative country of 40 million.
On Sunday, Mr Odinga accused the ‘No’ team [that opposed the passage of Kenya's new constitution] of misleading Kenyans during the campaigns that the new constitution recognises same sex relationships.

Source: Africa Review


Anonymous said...

okay so arresting them and puttin them in a prison filled with men is not a dream come true??? people need to differentiate between a criminal offense and a moral disruption. becuase u r in power and u dont like gay people doesnt give u the right to lock them up with robbers and killers.... what the hell is the world turnin into and y do u care who someone else is sleepin the hell is it goin to change the damn economic crisis in kenya? (if there is any)

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

This is going to the extreme o...SOME would use it to settle personal vendetta....what happens to 'freedom' & human right?...i don't like homosexuality....& WE SHOULD NOT HELP GOD FIGHT HIS BATTLE, since the church had failed woefully by getting themselves involved...he should just BAN same marriages in the country & carry out awareness programme so that the upcoming children would not be lured into it.

9jaLife said...

SMH @ dumb people in power. Keny's economy is growing @ low single digits per year, methinks the dude has more pressing problems on his hand than who is sleeping with whom...

Anonymous said...

Does this man not have enough on his plate? Kenya's economy is in a bad shape and Kenya had some ethnic crisis earlier this year and he chooses to focus on homosexuality as a problem? I am not saying that I am in support of homosexuality but Raila Odinga needs to stop deceiving himself and start focusing on the real issues: lack of infrastructure and economic prospects for young people, HIV/AIDS, failing and education health system, deteriorating ethnic relations, etc

Anonymous said...

The only leader on the planet who is bold enough to say what is echoing in the minds of leaders all over the world.

May not be a criminal offense, but it has a lot of people questioning how to change all the laws regarding the 'male' and 'female', what to tell your kids if you are in such a relationship- who is mummy and who is daddy, who is the father figure or mother figure.

Bold enough to challenge the darkness planning to overtake the world - this is not about political or social correctness. Its about dealing with the decay trying to take over.

Just because you'feel' something doesnt mean you have to try or 'act it out. Most people with such tendencies have issues - Ellen of the ellen show was abused as a child and therefore hated men and their 'dingles' (no pun intended), people take it on becos its accepted by their immediate environment.

The practice is simply ludacris. I dont hate the 'human beings' with such tendencies but the acts and the legalisation of such acts.

No doubt this man will be under a serious attack from the international community and the people will flee to other countries seeking assylum.
Good news for Kenyans looking to settle in countries where they are visiting that permits such acts.

Ogor said...

Seriously???what the hell was he thinking?how does the sexual preference of anyone concern the president???mmmsssccchhheeewwww

Ogor said...

Seriously???how does the sexual orientation of anyone concern the bloody president???mmmsssccchhheewwww

Anonymous said...

Good JOB SIR, ride one few of us support u.
Have we ever thot of how this ungodly and selfish conduct of these so called gays have adversely affected the human race.So many nasty uncurable diseases have scyrocketed all becos someone has deceided to be honestly it has now become everybody's business,becos they have succeded in draging the entire world into the whole mess.
Infact they should lock them all up in one village so that they can ve the freedom to spread those nasty diseases of theirs amoung themselves and leave out the innocent and not so selfish ones.

Anonymous said...

is that his priority??? african leaders are just clueless fucks

Hello Kitty said...

Oh my gosh Anon 11:23, you are really dumb, for real. Just because you feel something is ungodly does not give a president the right to infringe on human right, that is even more ungodly. If you were so godly yourself you would know that God expects you to love before you judge. You actually sound like you may be battling some homosexual feelings cos thou dost protest too much! And which incurable disease are you talking about? You are ignorant, judgemental and rude and I think YOU should be locked in a village by yourself

Maria said...

Can you imagine...? Is it his business with whom his constituents are sleeping? He is using this issue to distract them form the economic troubles of the country. Homosexuality is not a life choice. If it were, would people risk their lives and freedom? This is how they were born. Now focus on improving the livelihoods of your citizens. Useless...

Hello Kitty said...

You should probably learn to spell before coming to comment on blogs. You seem really uneducated.....maybe that's why you are soooooooooooooooo IGNORANT! I have to say that you, like this prime minister, are a hot mess and should focus on more personal problems in your case, learning to spell.

P.s. Linda pls post....I never comment on your blog but I feel very strongly about this. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nigerians won't kill me. Which diseases are you talking about? The ones that ashewos spread like wildfire to cheating men who in turn transmit to their wives? How is it selfish for someone to decide that he does not want to get married to a woman he has no sexual interest in? How is it selfish for a man to decide to live an honest life, instead of lying to the ones he loves? You are making the argument, in defense of this man who is quoting the Holy Bible ignorantly to practically enslave a select group of humans and you call yourself "godly"? Are you are that the slave trade was fueled by quotes from the Bible?

It's appalling Nigerians practically run to the scriptures only when it suits them. A Nigerian man can have 10 wives and 19 mistresses, as long as they are all women and he's a hero. He can even marry the other 19 just for good measure if he chooses. Yet if two men find themselves in a loving relationship, they are miscreants that should be jailed and damned to hell? If you ask, they'll tell you "it's our tradition". So that tradition no komot when Bible enter abi?

Anonymous said...

Ignorance is such a sad situation, but it is inexcusable. As a happily married Nigerian mother, I will continue to stand in support of my son who is a homosexual. He graduated with a first class degree from Covenant University, made distinction in his masters program at The London School of Economics, and now works in a prestigious company. At the moment, he is in a wonderful relationship with another accomplished young man. What business of anyone's is it who he sleeps with? Will it be better if he goes to marry one poor girl and sticks her at home while he has no interest in bedding her? Stop deceiving yourselves!

When I found out, I cried, begged, prayed, and cursed; because I was afraid of what people would say. My husbands family doesn't like us; he is the youngest and the most successful out of all of them and so they are always looking for something to criticize us for. It wasn't until I took a good look at my son that all these thoughts left my head. He was miserable. He did his best to hide his romantic feelings, like they say, smoke hides under no basket. I even added pressure when I threatened that his father and I would disown him if he continued. Until I saw what a good man he is. Focused, God-fearing, and a wonderful person. It was then that I decided to forget what the world has to say because in the end, it's not the world that would judge whether the act is right or wrong; it's our Almighty God.

We should focus our energy on educating the youth on safe sex practices instead of witch-hunting and threatening them.

Anonymous said...

Surely Kenya has bigger problems than homosexuality..

BUt its nice to see how many people are so politically correct that they must defend gay rights.
Again there are more important things to defend if you really have a sense of justice

And for the record I agree that being gay is selfish and very destructive

Anonymous said...

For the relevant authorities to sleep with...tee hee

Anonymous said...

whenever these gay arguments come up, i am surprised at some of the reactions i get. Honestly, it is a lie that the devil has placed in the heart of man. I'm not a religious person but what is wrong is forever wrong, what ever color we paint it. This is a timer-set bomb, waiting to explode. The bible tells us clearly that God created man and woman for a woman to be a companion to the man. If you check the bible history, you will see that this gay thing was first mentioned in Sodom and Gomorrah, which is why it is also known as sodomy. We know what the end result was, God utterly destroyed them.

As for the Odinga, that is not his priority and he should set his priorities straight.

@Matako_com said...

I would like to address a few of your comments.. first off @9jaLife I am Kenyan and please before you open your mouth to discuss anything know your facts. Kenys's economy is NOT growing at a slow rate infact in the last year grew by 7%. @Anonymous8:15 your ignorance beats me to say Kenya was having ethnic problems this year. and that was our post election violence in December 2008. MOreover... Kenya has no infrastructure.. are you sure. Have you seen our hospitals, have you seen our roads, OH and did i mention we have constant electricity and clean water. Yes the things you lack. Be very sure of yourself before opening your mouth. Moreover...and you say our education system is failing when we have FREE primary and secondary education, free healthcare is offered. Are you really sane is my question? Its good your name is anonymous because you are nincompoop.

AND TO HALF OF YOU WHO KNOW NOTHING ABOUT KENYA..... WE HAVE A BLOODY PRESIDENT WHO IS THE PREMIER OF POWER Hon. Mwai Kibaki and we have a Prime Minister Raila Odinga. Yes, let me spell it out for you a coalition government. Nigerians and your ignorance to quickly think your country is the best. SMH

Precious said...

There is no morality in this present world. Because i was born with the feeling of killing beautiful ladies and i derive my happiness from such or my sexual urge is aroused by cats does not mean i should carry on with such acts. Every action can be justified, depending on how you choose to look at it. At the rate at which our world is going, every act under the heaven will soon be justified. I dont agree that homos be arrested, that wont help. I honestly cant think of a human solution. God help mankind!

Anonymous said...

Y'all can't you see. he prince of darkness is doing overtime and making y'all fight each other and try to justify what is 'obviously' wrong.
If you have a child who has such tendences and you have prayed and cried and screamed and curse etc, don't stop praying. Cos the fact that he went to a good school or doing a good job makes no difference.

The prince of darkenss recruits the best for the end times. Have you heard of Eton College in the UK; best students, best grades, posh as ever, well spoken, but they come out 'putfas' cultists; free masons, illuminati, etc

Pray people if you can still see the 'light' and can recognise this decay...and if you are not blinded by the wordly acceptance of the decay.

The Prime minister of Kenya is bold I tell you. But he needs to be prepared cos this is not a war of words and decrees, it is war from the pit of hell and if you don't have the right ammunition/war lords/backing don't go to war. Hope you know how to pray.

Good luck Mr President!

skankmypeaceofmind said...


wow, you were really out to make a statement. on behalf of those you were referring to i guess what they were saying was that there are more pressing issues to take care of like the underage prostitution going on in Mombasa rather than focusing on homosexuality which could be dealt with much later.

everybody knows there's a coalition government more like the one is Zimbabwe, if not better. one more thing, economically speak, Nigeria is better than Kenya.

Anonymous said...

all i will say to those supporting this rubbish law and criticising the homosexuals is that may all your children be born gay. That is the only way you will learn to love unconditionally.

Domkatbali said...

..Oyibo don 'brainwash' my people finish..Gayness don becom sexual preference now..?
Hmmmmm..Abeg My Kenyan prime Minista go on son...hang those un-produktive mammals b4 e too late...

Me no fit support dis un-healthy act..shame to de people wey de promote dis evil!
Tomorow 'Bestiality','Perverts' & 'Incest' go become sexualprefence too..?
Ok No wahala..!

Now kommentators u can start beefing!..Na 4 una bodi! Shame..!!

Anonymous said...

Death to Gays. May them and their supporters rot in hell if they don't want to repent of this evil way Sodomy.
Thanks kenyan prime minister for standing for the truth.

Am so disappointed in Nigerians taking side with this evil. I live here in Europe and have seen this Gay Virus raking havoc in this part of the world.
Africa being the last hope have failed including Nigeria-American wanna be. This satanic act is really a time bomb waiting to explode indeed if nothing is done to curb it, and sooner mankind espcially the older generations will curse the day they gave birth to the new generations.

Like what somebody said here, if gays are allowed then what make you think that Peverts, Incest should not fight for their legality? Afterall what is gooze is good for the gander.

I rest my case, sooner or later we will account for our deeds here on earth. Goodluck Africa/Nigeria!

Anonymous said...

useless faggots-gays
useless maggots-lesbians

Anonymous said...

Hello Kitty, shame on YOU oooooo.
If u like talk ur head off i ll continue to stand by my principles even if the whole world is against it becos guess what its the Blatant TRUTH!!
HOMOsextuality is WRONG!!!!!!!

John said...

Anonymous, December 1, 2010 7:07 AM

I am happy there are parents like you...I wish you were my mother are an awesome person....I am not in contact with any of my family members ( I am not even on facebook) because they literally abandoned me...but I go to work full time in this depressing America and pay my school fees at the same time....I live alone and I sometimes feel isolated....but I am happy GOD is giving me the strength to cope in this hard life...Most gay teens who have been abandoned by their family members always turn to suicide or live their lives by themselves....And i come from a family of all boys and I am the last born....that even makes matters worst......I am kinda surprised there are Nigerian mothers like you....All the blessings to you...

But back to the topic, I believe there are more important things in Kenya to duel on than this.

Iemberdoo said...

The funny thing is the same people supporting homosexuality will be the first to 'yimu' when they see a gay person.
May God help us all!!

Anonymous said...

@ANONY December 1, 2010 7:07 AM...



@JOHN December 2, 2010 5:46 AM, YOU ARE DOOOOMMED!

hello kitty said...

Anon 2:09 Shame on YOU! for not learning to spell.And more seriously, shame on you for taking on only some of God's principles: your job on earth is to love before anything and with your very judgmental rant is anything but loving. I also notice that you didn't 1)deny having homosexual feelings or 2) list those incurable(n.b. not uncurable) diseases you spoke so passionately :/

Anonymous said...

hello kitty u know its soo funny how u blab like no other ,okay for the records the first commandment in the bible is to love GOD with ur whole mind and whole soul and that includes standing against anything that he (GOD) detests and yes he absolutely detests HOMOSEXUALITY. so go figure!
I think ur the one whose view of love is warped.If u truely cared abt them, u would be telling them the blunt truth that any man lieing with another man will be put to an end if he doesn't repent, same for lesbians as well.
If u are not so judgmental urself why pick on me and my comments of all others, i only commented on the topic on ground yet u picked on me an my comments ,an rained insults for what nah? And Yes there was a typo but you showed how non-judgmental you are, when you decided to pick on the the way i worded my comments abi no be so?
Again i say to u SHAME ON YOU!!!
oh by the way i dont hate homosexuals i hate the act of homosexuality PERIOD!
As for the feelings TUFIAKWA, JEHOVAH O NI JE!!
As for Diseases ask all ur gay friends!!
sebi una be inner circle so stop playing dumb.

Anonymous said...

Sure we all agree that kenya's immediate problem is greater than the problem of homosexuality. i must applaud the prime minister for his bold step [though it doesnt solve the problem]. On the infringement of human rights, we should stop deceiving ourselves and hiding under the guise of human rights. There are only a kind of people for homosexuality and those are the homosexuals.
God has bestowed on us the knowledge of right and wrong and reinforced that with a conscience so that deep down, EVERYONE KNOWS, [ESPECIALLY THE HOMOSEXUALS]that Homosexuality is WRONG.
There's no scientific, religious or physiologic basis for it except as a mental illness due to the removal of the limbic region of the brain[as demonstrated in monkeys].
Our society is in the depths of all moral decay and the worst are the children who are openly gay, i want to weep as it's just the beginning.
Everything is interlinked which is why atheism, sexual decadence, homosexuality, masochism,sadism and all other acts are prevalent today and it all comes down to depleting beleif in God.
The solution is Islam and it's the reason why i'm certain my kids would never be homosexuals. because they will be brought up with the fear of God in their hearts and they will have the religion called Islam.

Anonymous said...

Wow Nigerian are so HOMOphobic.

I have a cousin I know is gay because in high school I found out from his gay friend they were sleeping together with proof. I never confronted him, because I figured he'll let me know when he was time. I have of course kept this secret from the family. However, now he is dating girls. I feel so sad for the girls. I fear he might be an underg guy. I honestly will find every excuse not to go to his wedding if he ends up getting married to a girl. I know for a fact that his family will disown him if he tells them he is gay.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why we nigerians are soo judgmental, all i can say is he is who without sin cast the first stone.

Sin is sin and in the eyes of God no sin is bigger than the other. If we are to kill all sinners then i guess no one will be alive. We are quick to say kill all the gay people but then we accept fornication, adultery, fraud e.t.c

Pls do not get me wrong i do not support homosexuality but it is for God to judge and not us humans. Besides by killing them won't we be simply commiting another sin?

Two wrongs do not make a right and killing "sinners" will not make you holy or get you to heaven.

franni said...

Western brainwashed people, don't forget the days of Sodom and Gomorrah (it's in the BIBLE). Sodomy was coined from there. Am not a religious fanatic but gayness remains a sin.

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