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Thursday, 25 November 2010

Heartstopping moment two young parents risk their lives to save their child in dramatic carjacking (video)

Holding her six-month-old daughter, Melanie Richman stands by the car - which, with its lights still on, is still idling in the parking lot of the Kansas City petrol station

A young couple have risked their lives to stop a carjacker from driving off with their six-month-old baby. 

More on the story and video of the incident when you continue...
An astonishing CCTV footage shows Melanie Richman, 24, and her husband Aaron, 22, being dragged from the side of the car as they desperately tried to reach their young daughter. The Richmans had stopped for gas in Kansas City when the car thief struck. After filling up, they were waiting while friends in a rental moving truck did the same.

Seconds after Mr and Mrs Richman leave the baby in the car, the carjacker walks into the frame - and makes a beeline for the still-running vehicle
At one point the CCTV footage showed them standing by their car as the carjacker walked in to the frame.
They walked out of the frame towards the petrol station shop - and the man, glancing in their direction, immediately makes a beeline for their car.  Within seconds he is in the driver's seat of the 1997 Pontiac Grand Am and peeling from the parking lot - the baby still strapped in the back seat. 
Instinctively both parents leapt into action.

The couple sprinted towards the car, with Aaron giving wife Melanie a shove to give her the necessary momentum to reach it.
She smashed the passenger side window with her elbow as she ran alongside in an effort to get in, but tripped and was dragged along a few feet before letting go.
But her distraught husband was still right behind her and incredibly, managed to jump in through the passenger window.
He began hitting and kicking the suspect while yelling at him that their baby was still in a car seat in the back.

The beating caused the driver to crash just a few feet outside the parking lot. He leapt from the car and fled on foot.
The couple was moving from Colorado on their way to Eldon, Missouri when they stopped at the Express Stop for gas at about 9.40pm on Monday night.

The drama was captured on the gas station’s CCTV surveillance video.
Police said that although the baby was showered with glass, she was not injured. Mrs Richman suffered bruises to her arms and legs, while her husband had cuts to his ear.

The family was treated at the scene but did not go to hospital.
Police were still hunting for the foiled carjacker last night.

The video below. Action starts at around 7min30sec


Source: Daily Mail, UK


nefertiti said...

Awwwww, i am so happy for them and proud their show of bravery. thank God the man din't make away with their kid.

Asabe said...

Thank God for their bravery

9jaLife said...

SMH @ parents who left their kid unnatended in the car even for 20 seconds... Where they do dat at? SMH

They are lucky the carjacker crashed...

Domkatbali said...

Dis is wat me call 'parental luv'..so strong! Dia aktion dey mo than bravery..I salute God say de Pikin sef no wound.

Dat bastard hijacker surfaced like a wounded demon..ope him go die running! 1d10t

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

this is amazzing...brave parents...i am just ...can't even express my feelings. super parents save the baby!

skankmypeaceofmind said...

this is wonderful not like the ones i watched last week Saturday on BBC of Kenyan mothers living in the Mombasa region giving their daughters out for prostitution for less than 65 dollars and acting as pimps. most of the girls are now HIV positive. this is what is called parental love.

franni said...

@9ja for life, learn to pick your words. What are you shaking your head at? that d mum didn't strap her child to her back b4 steppin out for gas? i don't understand.

Kudos to them. It's pure love. imagine the woman smashing window with he elbow! it's amazing.

9jaLife said...

@franni... I'm shaking my head at parental negligence.

They are not the only parents in the world, heck I'm a parent myself

It's negligent to leave a child unattended in a car period, even more so with the engine running, keys in the ignition.

franni said...

i just watched the video... the parents carried the baby with them all through the time they alighted at the gas station. Child was in d car for less than 20secs before the crime was done. Please don't blame the victims they were very few feet from the car. I still hail their reflexive actions shaa.

Anonymous said...

9jaLife you called this parental negligence? Are you serious? Abeg, look at the video again o! I hope you are not this type that leaves her kids for an 11 years old to care for? What this parents did was pure instinct and the love for the child. What would you have done? Standing there and shouting, h-e-l-p-u they don kidnap my baby o, abi? They are very brave more than some other parents, maybe you included, hiss.

Anonymous said...

dont blame niger 4 life.she cld nt watch d video,she browses from a biz centre with poor connectivity,get over urself girl,where s d negligence here? that means u shld take ur baby to d toilet with u.Titi

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

Am soooooo happy & thankful to GOD on their behalf....& i pray the 'idiot' would be captured soon.


RAED said...


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