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Friday, 29 October 2010

A Yoruba Traditional Wedding Ceremony on CNN Inside Africa (Video)

Hear the say the narrator say '..even smoked fish' (at the 2:54 mark) with a laugh. These white people must find us weird...:-)


ChiChiLuv said...

Why would the white people find us "wierd" because we are doing something that is part of culture and tradition? Don't they eat smoked food items? Yes, they do! They eat smoked salmon, smoked sausage, bacon and what is barbecue? They put chicken, ground beef, hot dogs over coal to "smoke" it so they can eat it. They even have "SMOKE" flavored bbq sauce etc.

They also have their traditions that can be considered weird by our standards too so abeg make I hear word...what's is "weird" in another man's culture is perfectly "normal" in another!

I am not Yoruba by tribal affiliation but I am a very PROUD Nigerian who appreciates that one faction of our society, our tradition and what we hold dear was shown on an international channel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you ChichiLuv!!! I could not have phased it any better! I was wondering what she meant by "weird" too!

Kikky said...

Naija all day baby. That's my home town Houston, Tx .

Anonymous said...

I find this colorful, but I wish other cultures could be showcased as well. This will sure give Inside Africa a lot to talk about. Proud to be Nigerian..anytime!!! Only a matter of time, our uniqueness will overshadow all the bad press...

Anonymous said...

Of course whites will find some things weird if it doesn't have European standard or smth they can relate to. But what they forget is that they have some similarities, it's just done in a different way. Some of them don't mean any harm just a little exposure.

Just because something is part of a culture does not mean you have to agree with it. I believe people have one or two things weird about their culture. I will have to say Africans have the most because many of us still hold on to traditional beliefs that should be dead by now and it's not about being westernized. It's just about exposure and doing things that will better yourself and people around you.

Anonymous said...


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