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Sunday, 24 October 2010

'Yahoo' boys target job seekers

Ifeanyi Mbadugha was pleasantly surprised when he got an email, on October 13, containing an employment letter from Mobitel Nigeria Ltd.

The 2004 graduate of Marketing was ecstatic, because the stipulated remuneration and benefits were double his present pay. However, his elation evaporated as he got to the fine print at the end of the offer letter.

“They said I was required to come (for resumption on October 16) with an affidavit certifying all the credentials that they asked me to bring for the documentation,” he said.

“Ordinarily that would not have been a problem, except that they directed me to a particular lawyer to do it. That was the first sign that something was amiss. I called the lawyer, and he told me to bring N6000.”

This served to grow his suspicion that he was the target of a scam. Nevertheless he played along, half out of a desire to see how it would end, and half believing that it could still be real. “I told the man that I could only afford N3000, and he told me to pay into his account and bring the rest on resumption day,” he said.

“So I paid, and on Saturday, I left as early as 5am, only to get to the Mobitel office in Victoria Island to see almost 50 other people with similar offer letters.”

The company personnel were as surprised as the deluge of expectant youth that raided their offices that day. Before 9am, as many as 30 of them had turned up. Their excited air of expectations turned to incredulity; and then to rage as they realised that they were victims of a massive scam.

“Three of them came from Ghana,” said Mr Mbadugha. “Some came by (air) flight. It was really terrible. The company workers were very embarrassed. I later discovered that 22 of us paid various sums into the account. The rest either were too ashamed to say, or they were smart enough not to pay beforehand.

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angela said...

why o why would you even try to accept a job you didnt apply for in the first place? and where have any of these people heard that you have to pay for anything when starting a job? bunch of idiots.... they too are yahoo yahoo people. imagine coming all the way from ghana as well.

Kevin Obosi said...

Despirado...Did you apply for a job at this so called company in the first place, why would you respond to a job offer you never applied for?
Allover the civilised world account holders in various banks can be traced and tracked...am sure the guys must have vanished with the whole loot before alarm bells starts ringing...

Anonymous said...

cheiya.....this yahoo peeps don learn new tricks nw. ppl shud also catch up on their tricks in order nt to be tricked(if dat makes sense)

Tokunbo said...

Now that's very bad, yahoo boys should concentrate on these money bags we have in Nigeria rather than hapless job seekers, though they must be very gullible to pay anyone before they can get a job, where in the world did that come from?

Kiky said...

very foolish people....they are lucky its just 6k they collected from them

jobsfornaija.com said...

Its really sad. i remember the mobitel advert, it was even in the guardian. these yahoo boys now advertise jobs in the dailies regularly. i think all Nigerians should take heed while applying, avoid paying any money into any individuals account, and generally use wisdom while applying. finally, if you havent undergone an interview, then please why should you even think you have been accepted for a job?



skankmypeaceofmind said...

this is old news. they wanted to try it on my cousin but we played a fast one on them. fuck sticks (yahoo boys) should go get something tangible doing with those their heads that never run out of ideas.

headhunter said...

Well, I think it is better to look for a job that you really like and be careful for the scams that was spreading nowadays.

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