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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Why I allowed dad to impregnate me –16year old girl

• He promised to pay my school fees – Victim
• It’s devil’s handiwork –Suspect

A 16-year-old girl, who was allegedly impregnated by her father, has narrated how the randy man administered oath of secrecy on her before he deflowered her. She also narrated how the suspect, Sunday Olanrele, used payment of her school fees as a bait to turn her to a sex object.

She said: “I thought he was a good father. He gave me kolanut to eat and said I would die if I revealed the secret. So, he started kissing, and caressing me and later deflowered me. When blood started gushing out from my private part, he used pampers to cover it. I did not tell anyone because of fear.”

The victim disclosed how her mother told her to go and bring her school fees from her estranged husband, before he took advantage of it to have canal knowledge of her. “When I went there, my daddy started doing it again. He kept promising to give me the school fees. I ended up staying with him for many months and he was making love to me severally.”

The last straw that broke the camel’s back was when she spent seven days with her father five months ago.“He slept with me all through and when I got home, I wanted to tell my mother but I was scared. So, I kept quiet,” she broke down in tears. The embattled girl also disclosed how her parents were estranged while her mother re-married, attributing it to her present ordeal.

According to her, their mother did not visit them for five years, while she (victim) was denied the opportunity of visiting her. It was when she wanted to commit suicide by drinking battery fluid that one of her aunties took her and her younger brother to Ikorodu, Lagos State. It was also from Ikorodu that she went to her father’s house. “While I was in my father’s house, he brought out a calabash and kolanut and told me to swear an oath that I would not divulge what he was about to do with me.”

She explained that when her monthly menstrual circle ceased, she did not bother to disclose it to anybody. But her mother was said to have got information about the pregnancy and took her to a pastor, where she spilled the beans. The pastor was said to have given her assurance that she would not die, if she disclosed what transpired between her and her father.

“I told him that my father was responsible for the pregnancy,” she said. The victim’s mother said she suspected foulplay immediately her daughter came back from her father’s house. “I started perceiving offensive odour and asked her if she visited someone else, apart from her father and she said no. I called the father on phone and inquired the time she left his house and he told me. I reasoned that if she had gone to another person’s house, she wouldn’t have got home the time she did. From there, I knew something was wrong,” she said, fuming.

The woman disclosed that she later brought a magazine and showed her a story of where a father impregnated his daughter.“She was devastated after reading the story. That was when I knew that the father had done something abominable.”Few weeks later, the girl started showing pregnancy symptoms. “I took her to the hospital for pregnancy test and it indicated that she was four months pregnant. I requested to know who was responsible and she refused to tell me,” she said.

That was when she took her to the pastor where she opened up. The angry mother said she was now faced with the shame associated with the stigma on the family. “I’m confused, I am ashamed of the stigma. The pregnancy is over five months now. So, abortion is out of it. I’m in a dilemma now. I can’t procure abortion of five months old foetus,” she lamented.

The suspect, who admitted committing the crime, said he didn’t know what came over him that made him to deflower his daughter.“I think, it is the devil’s plan to destroy me. I know it is an abominable act. I’m sorry, I regret my action. Nigeria police and my estranged wife should forgive me,” he said.

Source:  By Christopher Ojit - Daily Sun


Surprise said...

End time sign.

Anonymous said...

The same devil should make him chop off his own penis then, rubbish.
Poor girl, her mother seems more concerned about the stigma than getting proper help to her daughter... typical naija.

Anonymous said...

The mad should be shot dead at kirikri but before that they need to cut off his poryon and have him eat it

ChiChiLuv said...

I am so sickened by this entire story. It is the parents' job to pay their child's school fees, to use that as an excuse to molest a child and add the additional psychological wound of ordering her silence, this man should be imprisoned and sterilized.

Anonymous said...

this "its the work of the devil" is getting old jor! ahn ahn everytime mschew, the man is a standard bastard, a very big fool that has no shame whatsoever. so he says sorry and evrything is supposed to go away?!
God help us, God help that innocent girl and her child...even the mum is too concerned by her social standing dan her own daughter.

Anonymous said...

its so pathetic!

Anonymous said...

God purnish this dik-head of a monster father..antichrist. To hell with this beast and gays!

Anonymous said...

this man is such an idiot..'Nigerian poilce and his enstranged wife whould forgive him' sily, for the enstranged wife she has her own share of the blame. she seems to be more concerned about her self than her child(ren). she should fck off! pathetic!

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

long-audible sigh!

w-h-a-t.......i mean...what utter rubbish are the parents saying?!

devils work?

The idiot should be castrated!

The mother should also be berated for her negligence!

Ha! poor child!...smh.

Chi-squared said...

When are those people in Abuja going to pass the bill on capital punishment for sex offenders enh????

Joohls said...

poor girl. only in Nigeria. that girl needs professional help to get over this. imagine! on top school fees - a basic human right in other countries. Nigeria is a tragi-comedy

Anonymous said...

Nigerian "journalists" need to be more responsible with their writing. How the hell does a 16-year old "allow" her father to deflower her. This is irresponsible journalism. The girl was RAPED/MOLESTED and it's silly for the journalist to have titled the article the way he/she did.

Anonymous said...

we really need psychologists in naija people need to be educated about sexual abuse, the poor girl could not open up to her mother for obvious reasons, d stupid woman would have aborted d pregnancy if she knew about it earlier.
there is absolutely no help 4 sexual abuse victims in Nigeria, so so sad.

ifeoma odogwu said...

i'm beyond sad @ reading this. the mother is such a big idiot. both parents r completely irresponsible.they have treated dis girl badly. she needs professional help 2 get over this. having children is a responsibility. d fact that der r still so many ignorant people is so sad. the govt is also 2 blame,if we had well equipped public schools which are free, most pple will not bother with private education n hence no sch fees wahala. dis is just a typical example of how ds f**ked up govt betrays its people... so sad. der are so many things still wrong with ds country.health care is a joke if u live in naija pray that u r never in a critical medical emergency. we all no dagrin shldn't have died, wot of power supply, small businesses r closin down by the minute and President goodluck signed off how much was it again on 50th anniversary celebration?i can go on and on but goodluck is so not getting my vote. dat i no 4 sure. i pray dis girl gets the help she needs.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

let the PENIS of the FUCKER be SEVERED. that is the best justice that would be given to the girl.

UAN said...

Is he her real father? I just don't understand what goes through some people's minds! It reminds me of that movie 'Precious'!

Anonymous said...

Some people don't think. d so-call father should suffer 4 dis & 2 d mother she must get rid of the pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Some people don't think. d so-call father should suffer 4 dis & 2 d mother she must get rid of the pregnancy.

FUNKE said...

indeed is end time, both parents destroyed the gal's life, end of story

Anonymous said...

poor girl. the father shld first be seriously flogged, beforwe he's castrated. and how can the mum ever think of aborting the child. OMG, no wonder the daughter cudnt tell her. I pray God wud give the girl the heart to get over it

Francis Kalu said...

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