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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Two women caned in Indonesia for selling food during Ramadan

Murni Amris receives three lashes after being caught selling food to the public.

 Two women have been publicly caned in Indonesia for selling food during Ramadan.
Murni Amris, 27, received three lashes and Rukiah Abdullah, 22, two in front of a crowd of hundreds which gathered at a mosque in the city of Jantho, southeast of the provincial capital, Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
They were found guilty of violating Islamic sharia law by selling rice on a stall at noon during the Muslim fasting festival.



skankmypeaceofmind said... wah sha.

::::::S::::::D:::::: said...

Islamic sharia law is barbaric, backward and primitive. There should be no place for this type of law and punishment for anyone in this day and age. The woman in question probably sold food because she needed the money. People bought food from her because they needed the food or because they needed the food and are not Muslims and not fasting. What she supposed to do? Prostitute? Steal? Or starve to death? There are many ways they could have resolved the issue. Seize her wares or impose a fine? Now, why should or anyone considering becoming a Muslim ever want to be a Muslim???? They claim Islam is not a religion of force, so why the hell is the lady getting flogged? Why used capital and corporal punishment to force Muslims people to comply with archaic, primitive and backward Islamic sharia law? Shame, shame, shame on these backward who inflict pain on others and on their own people in the name of organised religion. Organised religion, including Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism, Shinto, Sikhism, Bahai, Jainism, Kaballah, Scientology, Rosicrucianism, and others which I don't care to remember their silly names :), are the root of all EVIL. ALL OF THEM should be banned. Organised religion is an outdated brainwashing SCAM created to fulfil social, biological, and political needs of those who created it. Whoever they are, they must be found and permanently strapped to the highest voltage electric chair and fried like plantain. I am not atheist, luciferian or moon worshipper, but, I strongly believe that religious beliefs have no place in modern society. This world would be a better place for all if there was no religion. Imagine no religion. Imagine no “tithes” or “offerings” ... Imagine no brainwashing or fleecing pastor or church. If those camming f%sckers so much believe in heaven, hell and afterlife, why the hell do they shore up so much wealth in this life for themselves and their unborn great grand children? It makes no sense. Those who worship God, should do so in truth and in SPIRIT - meaning internally; no external rituals required: faith, courage or mind is internal. Everyone, through, desire, passion, and feeling has a DIRECT link with GOD; no one needs no bloody scamming or brainwashing prophet, prophetess, mullah, imam, high priest, low priest, pope, pontiff, preacher, pastor, bishop, archbishop, saint, rabbi, guru, reverend, or master. On a final note, there’s no heaven or hell. They made it up. You fell for it, didn't you? :)

Alabi Oluwasegun Leo said...

........S....D.... has talked the talk. What more is there to say, I agree with you like-mind.

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