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Sunday, 24 October 2010

Nigerian teenager shot dead in UK

Late - Samuel Adelagun

A 16 year old Nigerian teenager, Samuel Adelagun, has been shot dead in east London by two masked gunmen firing at a group of four youths.

Adelagun, was shot in the upper left chest. He was pronounced dead at the scene in Chesterton Road, Plaistow. Police also found a boy of 15 who was shot in the abdomen. He is still in hospital in a stable condition.

Police say the shooting took place in parkland at the junction of upper road when two gunmen appeared behind the four teenagers and began firing. The group aged 15 and 16 were attacked from behind by the gunmen at around 3.20am.

All four youngsters ran away and then re-grouped in the area and sought help from a local resident where Samuel was shot in the upper left chest, while the 15-year-old was blasted in the abdomen.

The only description of the gunmen is that they were dressed in black and wearing balaclavas. It is not known if they travelled in a vehicle or were on foot.

Detectives from the Met's Trident unit, which tackles gun related crime within the black community, are investigating the death.

Annie Smith, 77, of Howards Road, backing on to the parkland, said: "I heard two males shouting then I went back to sleep. Then I heard three or four bangs. I thought it could be fireworks but it may have been shots. I then heard somebody shouting and someone answer faintly. They are just kids, why were they out so late?"

Floral tributes, including seven bunches of white roses, were laid at the foot of the police cordon taping off the scene.

No arrest has been made, according to the London Metropolitan Police.
A post-mortem examination was carried out on Samuel Adelagun at Walthamstow mortuary, police said.

Source: Channels News


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that, but these kids are just killing themselves..... what on earth are they doing outside late in the nights? For God's sake, where are the parents when barely 15, 16 years children are out till 12 midnights?

Abike said...

So sad. may his soul rest in peace. Please let's all try to avoid dodgy areas at night ind as much as possible night movement. May God continue to protect us.

Anonymous said...

Not Judging....but what the hell is he doing outside at 03:20am?!!!!! 16 year old? uhmmm where is mom and dad? early morning job?

Its a real shame.....cos as most parents are busy doing all the available shifts so as to be able to put food on the table they spend less time with their children, inadequate supervision....and sometimes this is the result.


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the family what a waste of a young life - but I ask - what was s boy of 16/15 doing out at 3am - I remain deeply concerned about the amount of black boys getting stabbed, killed and generally involved in gang violence whether as innocent parties or involved in these atrocities - we are losing a generation of blank boys - the black and ethnic minorities achievement in schools here in the uk is so pathetic parents need to leave chasing money and do all they can to ensure their children r not lost - my parents moved out of south east London to a small town in Yorkshire to save my brothers from gangs - what sacrifices are u willing to make for ur children?
Sorry linda I've taken up enough space - this is my second comment in 24hrs ! btw I loved ur blog u r doing an amazing job u keep me connected and informed- keep it up

Anonymous said...

To omo re, yio si fun o ni isimi. Teach yur child in a way of God and he will give yu peace of mind.
To all Nigerian parents, when yur child is between age 13yrs, Yu better send them back home beacuse there is alot of gangs in UK. The only way yu can save yur child from gangs is by sending them back to Nigeria to learn alot.
Rest in Peace Sammy

Anonymous said...

its a big shame on Our Nigerian parents in uk,who after spending 10-15yrs in uk or us,suddenly loose or forget all about tradition,home training and their sense of reasoning,wich responsible parents will not be aware of their kids movement from 8pm?i mean its such a shame,big shame,the rate they copy the white culture is terrible,see how they are payin for it.

2cute4u said...

Mehn.. This is truly sad!
What's wrong with this people?!God just rest his soul..
Wish I could give his parents/guardians a good beating or something worse..

Anonymous said...

Children joining gangs? Not good. Why would an adolescent have guns, be in a gang, do drugs etc? Lack of parental guidance, peer pressure or both? Still, may his soul RIP.

Surprise said...

Rest in perfect peace

Anonymous said...

its so unfortunate that most nigerian parents abroad dont care for their children the only things that matter to them is the shift and money they get .what on earth is a boy of 15 ,16 doing outside his parents house at this time of the night.where were the parents ?sleeping or working and not bothered to look 4 their kids to see what they are up to?what a boy

Anonymous said...

black children especially nigerians children are the worst set of kids in the uk today,they are rude lack home training and manners and more westernized even more than their white peeps.u will be so dissappointed at the way they behave outside even to their fellow nigerians they are more racist than the white.they meet u on the bus speaking yoruba language they will look at u with disgust and laugh at u as if u are some kind of joke.even the girls the way they dressed and exposed their body u will neva think their parents r nigerians .it so absurd hw this kids are brought up without their culture and tradition.U meeet some and u will cry 4 their parens.if somehing bad happens then hey will realised d misake dey have made,too bad

Anonymous said...

There's nothing worng with the UK, it's the parents most time. Like anonymous 6:45am said, what sacrifices are you ready to make for your children? Everyone knoews that most parts of the south and east of london are the worst places to bring up chilfdren. I moved to a village in Kent just because i wanted the best for my child. By 8:00pm no child is seen outside otherwise the neigbourhood police are called. The kids are respectful and the people here still have old victorian values. At the end of the day get ur kids out of potentially dangerous areas an dsacroifice for them. Soem parents ar eso caught up in work here they can't even pay for music , sports or educational activities to channel the nergies of the kids while they ar eyoung....and then it gets too late.



~Sirius~ said...

After reading the comments, I think it's unfair to jump into conclusions about the parents.

I have 16/17 yr old cousins in the UK in A'level boarding colleges, with their parent back in Nigeria. (these silly kids like to feel mature because as teenagers that is how they behave:- let's be real? times without number were we all warned about doing certain things by our parents, but how long did we listen, and end up doing those exact things we were warned not to do)

Why make assumptions or jump into conclusions that their parents are on shifts caring only about the money.

I think it's quiet unfair.

May God continue to guide our steps, and I pray we all have kids who would be sensible enough to do the right things and avoid certain situations in life.

RIP Sammy

Anonymous said...

May his soul rest in peace

Anonymous said...

I wonder what a young boy was doing out so late at night or should that be early morning? It is so sad how poorly behaved young black men are in the UK- mainly through no fault of their own- please note that I am not saying the dead boy was badly behaved. The poorest people in London are black immigrants who struggled so hard to make a living for themselves and their kids- it is so heart breaking to see this- I wish things in Nigeria were much better, then we would not have to leave our country to be second class citizens in the white man's land.

Anonymous said...

Is there any of you out there (commentators) who knows Sam's parents? Some of you guys come across as if you have no sympathy or are so blinded by your opinion that it did not register in your brain that someone, some family have just lost their loved one; ... and you call yourself Nigerians.
RIP Sam. May God give your parents the strength to bear the loss.

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...

May his soul rest in peace,

This is one incident too many.... .....isn't it about time our govt do something?....anything?'s really a pity...sigh.

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