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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

New Video: Tuface ft Cartiair - Take It Back


Femiluv said...

Talent!! TuBaba rocks!!

KA'ESPEAKS said...

Lovely Song...Nice Video, Cartiar and Tubaba simply classic

Anonymous said...

Tuface is the best thing that ever happened to this country.
he should be the one to be called GOODLUCK.he paved way for all these noise makers around

Anonymous said...

..Tu..Faze has really picked form hapi for him dou..!! Thats what being a STAR means..goodluck man..!!

Eta 'Royalty' Uso said...

Hi Linda. I must commend your blogging ability. I would not say much except that your blog is worth its weight in gold.

I have been spending over 2 hours on it, on a daily basis since when I discovered your site about a week ago.

All the best and sincerest regards.

Eta Uso.

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