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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Kanye West's Runaway video...

Narrated by Nicki Minaj, the film focuses on the ill-fated relationship between West and a phoenix that plummets from the cosmos (Selita Ebanks).

When West sat down with MTV News' Sway for a live Q&A session that followed the film's premiere Saturday (October 23) on MTV. The interview after the cut...

"The hood, what it does represent to me ... in relation to the Michael Jackson thing is not the KKK but the concept of cult, because it's multiple people with this hood on," West explained. "It's me taking [the phoenix] to my world and saying, 'Let me show you what my world is about.' "
West said he invoked the image of the late icon, whose expansive cultural reach was unparalleled, to demonstrate the energy of the pop realm.

"The greatest, biggest pop-cultural figure of all time, arguably bigger than Jesus Christ, is Michael Jackson. You have the band in front of him, marching ... and you have the cult around it," West said, before explaining the scene that precedes the procession, of a young boy in mid-sprint brandishing a flaming baton.

"If you saw the kid in the beginning, he's running and running at top speed holding his torch, and his torch represents his thoughts and ideals. At the end, after he's been cultivated, he has the hood on now and he's walking extremely slow. That's basically how people think," West said. "It's the way society has set people up to be able to control them, slave mentalities."

Yeezy added that coaxing people into social conformity is an effective form of control — assuming the followers don't decide to break away on their own trails.

"[By] just creating this mentality by cultivating the ideals ... you could just make people just stand in their own mental jails," he said. "What happens when someone isn't in a mental jail?"

Source: MTV.com


Anonymous said...

...Sighhhh...Still can't understand...Abeg Linda Another Gossip..!!!

Anonymous said...

The illuminati's puppet! The symbolic interpretation of the Phoenix has for long been presented as a symbol of rebirth, immortality and renewal. Those are terms that the illuminati all allude too!!

Anonymous said...

no video o

Anonymous said...

and ofcussss you people will call it illuminati! loool im sure he thought same before he released the video. lmaooo shallow minded n ignorant people.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous October 27, 2010 5:00 AM; you are the ignorant one. Open your eyes. These artists think they are being covert but they are not. There's more to all these demonic videos than meets the eye!

dee said...

so its illuminati dat made him creative?or intelligent??ignorant people blame illuminati for evry success.illuminati should help a terry g.

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