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Monday, 25 October 2010

Another Aero Plane In Close Mishap

A Lagos-bound Aero Contractors aircraft from Port Harcourt developed what looked like a technical fault mid air on Sunday afternoon.

It was gathered that the aircraft suddenly started making a deafening noise which made passengers become uneasy fuelled by the pilot and the crew’s refusal to explain what was happening on board the full flight.

The aircraft however managed to make it to Lagos airspace prompting an emergency landing at the cargo section of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport at about 5.30pm Local time.

After it successfully landed, the obviously frightened and shocked passengers made a dash for the emergency exits which left some of them with injuries but no lives were lost.



Ody Maduka said...

not good.

silk said...

na wa oh! aero contractors? not a flight for moi!

Anonymous said...

Thank God it ended the way it did, without a crash and fatalities.

Surprise said...

Don't know what is wrong with aero nowadays. Since they started this there 'cheap flights' they have been resheduling and cnacelling flights at will. And travelling by road is no option at all. May God help us in this country.

betty braimah said...

wow! Thank God for no lives lost. last week friday, I remembered my mum and 116 others who died in bellview crash on oct 22nd 2005...i uploaded before n after photos of the crash site wch i visited last year on facebook just to honor those victims. its a pity that Nigeria doesnt want to buckle in dis so-called air sector.....however, I thank god for the passengers n crew, its not their time to die, even if it was, not in a plane crash.....its so traumatic.

Anonymous said...

Aero naija, cheap flights , this is just the begginning, the facilities are over stressed, so what do we expect

Anonymous said...

betty braimah accept my sympathy.....It's not easy losing once mum


THANK GOD!..*am speechless*.

Anonymous said...

Betty Braimah all the best and your post was poignant. My 11 year old cousin died in the Sosoliso crash (with Pastor Bimbo.) May Nigeria never see aircrashes again of any magnitude.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

cheap flights= WAHALA

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