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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

The African Lace, Austrian Fabrics for Nigeria Exhibition

Display of various dresses and textiles in the exhibition called "African Lace, Austrian Fabrics for Nigeria" at the Museum of Ethnology in Vienna, Austria.

Fabric from Austria has been used for decades to make eye-catching, colorful Nigerian clothing, known as African Lace, the embroidered textiles are made in the western Austrian province of Vorarlberg and then transformed thousands of miles away into traditional attire worn at weddings and other special occasions.

The exhibition runs from Oct. 21, 2010 to Feb. 14, 2011. More pictures when you continue...


Anonymous said...

Oh Linda, you´re a darling! Good to know something like this is taking place in Europe. I lived in Germany and I´ve planned to visit Austria in December, so I´ll use the opportunity to visit the exhition. BTW, the clothes look beautiful. Thanks for the info!

Silke said...

Here is the link for the exhibition catalog
You should go and visit the exhibtion

Silke said...

Here is the link to the exhibition catalog
You should go and see the exhibition, I was there, great!

Shahbaz said...

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Anonymous said...

I am glad that the blog is constantly evolving. This post just adds popularity.

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Rustam Ali said...

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