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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

School children kidnapped in Aba...WTF?

Fifteen students of Abayi International School, Aba, were on Monday morning abducted in their school bus in Abia State.

The driver of the bus had picked the children at designated points and was on the way to school when the suspected kidnappers struck. It is learnt that a Toyota Camry saloon car blocked the bus and the occupants, and men brandishing guns alighted and ordered it to stop.

“As the driver came down, the hoodlums collected his cell phone and ordered him to lie face down while they drove off with the pupils towards Etche in Rivers (State),” an eyewitness told NAN.

Most of the abducted students are said to be mostly nursery and primary school pupils.

Geoffrey Ogbonna speaking to the press moments after informed that he was yet to get any report on the incidence but later telling the BBC that efforts had been intensified to find the whereabouts of the children. The abductors have demanded a ransom of 20 million naira (128,900 dollars, 95,650 euros).



jobsfornaija said...

Really sad. i feel bad for the poor kids

Myne Whitman said...

I think the kidnappers have crossed the line.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

welcome to the shitty country we call nigeria....DEAD AT FIFTY

Anonymous said...

I pray for those innocent children that they will be kept safe and those men will not do vile things to them. I can only imagine what they must be going through right now.
Our prez has asked the IG to get on the case so hopefully they will find them. Although our police men in Abia have been arrested for having a hand in past kidnapping attempts, I wonder what good will come out of involving the police. This is an example of where our country is. The whole lot of us that will be shaking your behinds on Fri and Sat to "celebrate" our independence, remember that 15 kids are sitting somewhere in the hands of kidnappers. Remember the Abia woman who was kidnapped with her two sons and is now sitting with one son and a corpse, and the other woman who is mourning her husband after paying his kidnappers a good amount of money.
Half of the nation is sitting without light and will probably be using generators to watch the presidential speech that will be given on Oct 1. In this day and age, a people who are exposed to Brazilian hair and Louboutin shoes can not boast of constant or even 40% 2010.
Half of our graduates are sitting at home jobless. Others are roaming the streets at night selling their bodies or making the roads unsafe because they have to make a buck.
I am sorry for going on this long rant but the kidnapping and so many other things have made me even more upset at our dear nation, her leaders and we the people.
We thank God for bringing us this far yes but we have misused the blessings He has bestowed on us. Linda, thanks for reporting this story. I don't know what our country can do.

Anonymous said...

And we're talking of a jubilee celebration? What if our kids were in that bus? Would we have any reason to celebrate? Female NYSC members are kidnapped and raped on a daily basis in Abia State.... Mothers are kidnapped on their way to the Market and are raped on a daily basis.... Markets, Schools, Banks have shut their doors to the public for fear of being attacked by these hoodlums.

What do we really have to celebrate? Bad roads, PHCN, Striking Doctors, Armed robbery, Kidnap.... I can go on and on...

What baffles me most is the way our Leaders are handling this Abia State/Kidnap issue.... Are they saying that a few people who call themselves kidnappers are bigger than a Government? Will they say they dont know who the pepetrators of this evil act are?

And what are the so called security agencies doing???? God will judge each and everyone of us according to our works on Planet Earth....

My happiness is that Everyone of us will die one day and after that, we will answer for ourselves before God...

Anonymous said...

That’s really sad! Everyone pray that they find them........ I hope they haven’t used them for ritual considering the fact that election is near!!!!


My fear exactly anonymous 3;23pm when i heard it.
A curse should be pronounced on all kidnappers as it was done in BENIN few months back...Oh! GOD, send your mighty angels to go & guard those children, keep them safe in JESUS NAME Amen.
Anonymous 2;45a.m, you've said it all!...HA! The kidnappers had really gone far...

Anonymous said...

It is indeed a shame that at 50 years Nigeria only has the kidnapping of 15 innocent children to show the world. We need Divine Intervention. Nothing else can help us now. The degradation of a society and the dehumanisation of any people begins with the eroding of their spiritual value system. It is the spiritual that distinguishes human beings from animals and gives us a moral standing to expect, nay, demand human rights and the rule of law. Unfortunately, news about some of our respected spiritual leaders is not encouraging either. They seem to have forgotten their resposibilities and joined in the pursuit of fame and fortune. Again I say, only God can save us now. So pray if you know how. Tomorrow it could be your turn (God forbid!). We must embrace God fully and stop all hypocrisy. It is not government's problem alone. This is hard to take, but the bitter truth is that we are all to blame. May God deliver these children (and all other captives) in Jesus' Name. May God help us. God bless Nigeria.

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