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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

eLDee, Naeto C, M.I and Sound Sultan proclaim their pride in Nigeria with launch of 'Rep 4 Nigeria'.

Naija’s music elite are celebrating Nigeria’s 50th anniversary of independence with the release of Rep 4 Nigeria - a stunning new urban anthem which celebrates the proud spirit of modern Nigeria.
Penned by Nigerian rapper and producer, Eldee, Rep 4 Nigeria is an original composition that features contemporary stars Naeto C, M.I and Sound Sultan.

Commissioned by MTV base (DStv Channel 322) as part of the celebrations for Nigerian independence, Rep 4 Nigeria is a call for young Nigerians to 'rep' their country and their area with pride. Each of the artists involved wrote their own verse, with R&B artist and ‘Naija Ninja’ Sound Sultan writing and performing the infectiously
catchy ‘hook’ and chorus.

The music video for Rep 4 Nigeria was directed by video ace Clarence Peters and filmed on location in Lagos, featuring Eldee, Naeto C, M.I and Sound Sultan. The music video will premiere on MTV base (DStv
Channel 322) on Monday 4 October before going on exclusive, A-list rotation on MTV base, guaranteeing at least 30 spins a week for the stirring track.

Commented Alex Okosi, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, MTV Networks Africa, “MTV Networks Africa is thrilled to be the catalyst in the creation of Rep 4 Nigeria, a poignant and inspirational track that shows Nigerian artists affirming their pride and optimism in the 50th anniversary of their nation.”

Music fans can watch the music video of Rep 4 Nigeria or download the track free of charge at www.mtvbase.com from 4 October 2010.


preye said...

eldee is reppin naija...after he tried to make it in america and failed...wud he have ever come back if he succeeded in the US...guy is a joke with that his fake american accent....all the same...i like the initiative

skankmypeaceofmind said...

"repping Naija" for life and they are ashamed of their true Naija accent? (except for sound sultan of course) who are they trying to kid? don't they know being naija is inside out and not outside in? don't they know that kids look up to them and if all they do is to dish out crappy accents then kids would do the same there by creating a boot-leg of accent society?
oh please they should shut up and rep 4 naija in their mannerisms then they can come talk to me.

Anonymous said...

Preye shut ur dirty mouth...what do u know about music or naija artists?...Who told u he went to America to go do music?...I have followed eldee from trybe records days how kennis disspointed him buy saying rap is not selling naija,he started his own label & brought up all this artists u're listening to today...Dude is a pioneer in the industry...he went abroad to go learn more about production and also went 4 his education after getting a 1st degree in Unilag...Preye or watever u call urself,plz dont say what u dont know...wen eldee was in naija,hiphop dont have mouth in Naija,he just had to come back home to continue wat he started...Bless u & spread d good news about Naija Hiphop.

Chimdi said...

O boy! this 'Anonymous dey vex o! shuo! you wan kill preye bcos im talk im mind? Abeg have more tolerance for different different opinion dem. Peace my brother.

preye said...

chimdi abeg help me ask that anonymous...probably someone who knows eldee...i have sha said my mind...eldee is a good musician but his accent is fake and he was seeking "greener" pastures but unfortunately he's back here with the ppl he left.anon u shut ur dirty mouth too...

Nigerian Film and TV Addict said...

anon no need to insult preye like that...she's only airing her views..i definitely agree about eldee's fake accent...i just hate listening to his interviews...like dude c'mon how many months/years did he even spend in the US.

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