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Thursday, 30 September 2010

81% of Nigerians will vote next year...according to CPNS

According to the ‘Current Pulse of Nation’s Survey’, a poll conducted by Research and Marketing Services (RMS), an affiliate of TNS Global, a market research company and Gallup International’s representative in the country, 81% of Nigerians are willing to vote in the forthcoming elections. The poll sampled 5000 respondents, aged 18 years and above, from across the country.

81% are willing to vote, but how many really will? When it comes to elections, more people say they will vote than they actually do! Like, I want to vote...but my problem is; will my vote be counted?


Anonymous said...

It is becoming tiring hearing people ask if their votes will be counted and yes I know our elections are hardly what you call credible. Why don't you go and vote first at least then you can say I did my part.

skankmypeaceofmind said...

story, story.....sto.....ry.....

i wish it were true but we all know the drill.

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