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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

You don't have to drink eight glasses of water everyday...??

A recent study determined that 'drink EIGHT glasses of water a day' is more urban myth than science-backed.

“No one knows where it originated, but it isn’t true. The average person does not need to consume this or any set amount of water. In fact most of suck down more than enough liquid via coffee, sodas as well as food sources like fruit and grains. “Eight glasses of water on top of this is overkill. The best water advice is to grab a drink whenever you feel thirsty. Thirst is a sign that your body needs fluid, not that you are already dehydrated.” explains Steven G. Aldana, PHD, professor of health and human performance at Brigham University in Utah

You agree?


Dith said...

Definitely agree! As much as water is important. I see no need in shoving it down ur throat when u are not thirsty.
Its Funny hw these days, most pple think losing weight is all abt drinking ridiculous amt of water. lol
Naaa it jst helps u stay dehydrated and bloated. That's all

Femiluv said...

Another study...

Don't know about this but me and many of my friends have noticed that whenever we drink tons of water, our skin looks more radiant.

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