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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

"My World Cup experience" Femi Kuti

"They called me to come and play, I said I was not going because I didn't know what I would be doing at a football event. I wanted to sit at home and watch football and the opening ceremony. I didn't want to participate but they kept insisting. And I said, what song would I be playing? They said bang bang bang. I said that's over 12yrs, but fortunately the song is still very popular in Africa and the world. I did not know I was still popular in South Africa until I got to the stadium.  Words alone cannot describe how I felt; all the emotions. We had about 90, 000 people in the stadium, we had at least a billion people watching all over the world, that's the biggest crowd and audience anybody can play for. To just be on stage for two minutes and it was successful, which connotes the positive side of not just Nigeria, but Africa." Femi Kuti speaks with Encomium mag on his World Cup experience.


Anonymous said...

JEEEZZZZ....Femi Kuti's picture on getty images...he's not a perfect man but he's been doing great!!!

Tatababe said...


kemi said...

bla bla bla.........bang bang bang at d world cup.....quite bad.
why not TUFACE 's African queen.i think that would have rocked the ceremony and shken the whole world

doll said...

the performance was nice

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