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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Nigeria's lawmakers are the highest paid in Nigeria

Did you know that the National Assembly members are probably the highest paid lawmakers in the world?

Here's proof.
1. Senate President - David Mark, gets an unbudgeted N250million every four months. This is in addition to his N45, 581 million annual salary.
2. Deputy Sen. Pres. - Ike Ekweremadu, pockets N15million every four months. This is in addition to his N41, 795million annual salary.
3. Other principal officers of the senate like - Majority/minority leaders and their deputies, Chief whip etc collect the sum of N78million every four months.
4. The remaining senators get N45million aside N35, 158 annual salaries.

These facts came to light recently when some Senators who feel short changed by the leadership of the Senate cried out that their quarterly unbudgeted  allowance of N45million should be increased to N95million.

SMH! These thieves people forget that after all said and done, when we leave this earth, we leave with nothing, absolutely NOTHING! Whatever you can't take with you when you die is not worth dying for. We should think more of the legacy we leave behind. I guess this is what they want us to remember them for.
God is such a merciful God.


Anonymous said...

This is pathetic..these so called fathers and God fathers are just a bunch of Goofs.. Toatlly not feeling this nation @ 50....

Anonymous said...

the senators in nigeria receive more than the president of america!!! gosh

Tatababe said...

I wonder how they can't just see that! (ur comments at the end Linda).
It's just a big whole mess and they don't seem to learn from other peoples mistake, all them Okadigbo n co. where are they now? mscheew!

Anonymous said...

I cry for my country oh...
Dey should be killed for asking for more money.
So they make this kind of money and ASU still goes on strike, teachers are still getting that chicken change they call salary, PHCN is still nothing to write home about and the roads epscially the ones to Eastern nigeria is still in a deplorable state, our unversity degree is nothing outside Nigeria but then again why should they care when thier children dont school or even live in naija.

God will puinsh each and every1 of dem.
I say tufiakwa.

Anonymous said...

God punish them by one they will face the wrath of God...bloody thieves...There has to be an end to this nonsense.How do we end this.How do we start a revolution?

Anonymous said...

e ba mi ki gbe ole ooh ole oooh ole day bushmeat go catch the day bush meat go catch the hunter......if truly bushmeat go catch the hunter,e for good,dis madness is just continuing day after day,generation after has eaten deepinto our minds and its so sad that even those who want to make a change are now considering joining in eating the NATIONAL CAKE...its so terrible

skankmypeaceofmind said...

NEWSFLASH! like that is some news anyway. these people were thieves from the get-go that is why they even got there in the first place.

Anonymous said...

This sounds untrue to me, how is that possible and no one is asking questions.

I live in the UK and when i remember the state at which Nigeria its such an aginising heart ache for me... there is no such thing as decorum in the way all our leaders conduct themselves.

They all syphone money into the UK we see them everytime they come and .... i feel some tears in my eyes....

But when will Nigeria do things right i mean the Oyinbo's dont have two heads now and they do things in an orderly manner while the unscrupulous ones are forever tagged and would never near the parliament.

What is wrong with Nigeriia now....
Pls what can we do... I want to come home but not in this state that Nigeria is..

So sad

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