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Friday, 11 June 2010

The naked ladies at the 2010 World cup

A common sight at the South Africa/FIFA 2010 World cup are naked South African babes cheering different teams (so far in the friendly matches).

The ladies have absolutely no problem showing off their bodies as they dance, but some people are finding the whole situation quite uncomfortable. Some coaches think it's a distraction for some of the players.

But many of the ladies who spoke to international journalists say whatever they do is ‘for the good of the game’ and an honour for their nation.

Dancing naked is part of their traditional Zulu Dance, right? But shouldn't they tone it down a bit? Billions of people will be watching the world cup; some people might find this display very offensive.
But then again, it's happening in South Africa, what better opportunity to promote their breastises culture?



Anonymous said...

what is the meaning of that. some of those boobs will be offensive sef... what if kids are there? abeg make them wear cloth jare. nudity is not equal to african

Anonymous said...

dearie, we've become prudes in Nigeria and a little nakedness have us all hot and bothered. I understand. We are the way we are because for the last few generations we've come to see our ancestors as primitive because the people from colder climes who needed all the covering told us their ways were preferable.

It's all in the mind. I see absolutely nothing wrong with it and those of us who seek to impose our worldview on others are no different from those who colonised us.

For hundreds of thousands of years, before the last couple hundred years (see how insignificant in the scheme of things our new way of thinking is) our men and women lived like this and people were comfortable with it.

People should put things in perspective and free the people (the babes etc). And in the process free their minds from the prism they view the world cos our worldview was only recently imposed on us; we should attempt not to be judgemental.

disclaimer: 1. I'm not advocating that we go back to the way things were (not possible as we've gone too far) just that we put things in perspective.
2. Not saying the Europeans/Arabs invented clothing. Our forefathers have always had varying degrees of dress (or undress).
3. I'm an older married woman in her early forties who 'should' be frightened of the young uns whose boobs proudly defy gravity lo!!!

ChiChiLuv said...

@anonymous 9.55am

Thank you for your wonderful points, make God bless you well well.

Anonymous said...

iam partly south African and this is not an uncommon is a very popular Zulu dance and it is synonymous to SOUTH AFRICA.people should know by now that south Africa will use this as a medium of advertising all things south African soo it is what it is.whoever doesn't like it should look away.. after all those girls where only there 4 the opening!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:55..Kudos and all respect to you . I have been writing about this issue of nudity. We complain about adopting Western culture but don't know anything about our past. The West hold on to their history and culture. We have no clue about our ancestors and how they lived. We think culture is about speaking our language. Please stop mixing culture and religion. Culture and religion are totally different, and don't forget that Christianity came from the Middle East to the West to Africa. I thought Adam and Eve walked the earth naked before eating the fruit. Did the 10 commandments speak against nudity or is it man's corrupt mind at work?

Nicki said...

I am a proud advocate of African culture but the fact is if every country brought her own culture to the WC, there would be clashes...that being said, SA is playing HOST, even though the dance was done in good faith there is no doubt that it would offend some people (as it already has) and the best thing to do, for peace to reign is to stop it.
Besides it will distract some players after all!

Anonymous said...

ohhh comon now... get off the high horse.. its a friggin culture.. so whats their problem?? some of these people complaining watch porn and then want to come and act holier than thou... if they cover up, they lose their zulu identity... so what now.. the igbo girls shud stop wearing short wrapper and a cloth around their breasts cos they might come off as too sexy and enticing?? pls!

Snick said...

@ Anon 9:55 and previous Anon... you guys have taken the words out of my mouth, the thoughts out of my mind. People act as though nakedness and lewdness or sin for that matter are synonymous. It becomes that only because our minds are tainted. Nowadays as soon as we see a little cleavage or side of leg we are crying foul and reminding each other that we are Africans, without obviously even knowing what that means in its entirety.

Anonymous said...

Africa has nothing to offer and definitely nothing for people to be proud of. Is it nudity? Is it AIDS? Is it starvation? Is it failed government? A whole continent and there's nothing to be proud of.

Come again, and convince people to put things in perspective. It's until Africans stop acting like bunch of savages, maybe that's when they will be taken seriously. Until then Africans should stop getting angry when all people think of the continent is animal, and just bunch of uncivilized group of people.

Then they want to blame us for actually helping them get at least somewhere. If any African have any evidence of what they can do without us, they should speak out, but if not, please keep your mouth shut, bcos Africa is a failed continent.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3.39am. If Africa bothers you so much, go and hug a transformer. In other words you, yes YOU Anon 3.39am came to Africa about a century ago to save us by colonising us. What was your name again Lord Lugard?? I thought he had long since died lol! Contrary to your boastful rants, Africa did not need aid or help until the 20th century! They survived for hundreds of thousands of years until the saviours of Africa arrived to colonise it. If you had enuf time to pull your head out of you as* during the opening ceremony you'd have seen the display with the footprints; it tells a story based on strong evidence that suggests that we populated the earth taking our inventions (unique to humans) of farming and storing for the rainy day; the vital difference between life and death for our species.

I can tell you are one of those highly disappointed that the final solution that worked on the Native Americans and the Australian Aboriginals didn't work on us hahaha! Those who wished us dead and wanted our lands had to contend with our millions (we are a fruitful people) and Africa already had Nations (tribes as we call them) that could command vast armies. We may have fallen on our knees during our trials but our fighting spirits mean that we were never vanquished. Go and ask the South Africans, they embody the spirit of the African. We'll rise from the ashes and like they did yesterday in Soweto, we'll celebrate with those who choose to walk with us.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3.39am, WHAT exactly is your point?
Your English is very poor and your level of ignorance is deeply disturbing. Go get some education, then you'll know that Europeans came to Africa to "colonise" (loot), because of all Africa had/still has to offer. It might interest you to know that major countries in Europe, were built off the back of hardworking manpower, i.e. (Africans), snatched from their homelands.
…and what's your IQ? 13? You must be the DUMBER after DUMB. You came to a blog created by a hard working African girl to say that Africa has nothing good to offer.
Shuu…away with you and your likes.
Please get off this BLOG!

@ 5.57pm Well said! God bless you!

Anonymous said...

omg...common you guys, this is 2010!!!! not the time of our forefathers!! this is outrageous! what kind of dirty culture is that?? bad enough prostitution is legal in their country, now dancing naked at the stadium? common now!!! kids are there! u can do your naked dancing shit in your village not this!!

Anonymous said...

Well, it was an African student in my class who was discussing nakedness in the African culture. So, she referred to this photo. She made absolutely no sense just like many Africans don't make sense especially when they think they are proving a point.

I told her what I pretty much said here. Of course, she got angry as usual, just like many Africans do when truth is presented to them. She said she hates America bcos they are not open minded. Open to what? So America can become another Africa. Oh no, that's not gonna happen! If Africans hate America or Europe so much, why do you guys keep coming here? Ok, no problem, you don't have to like America, then go back to Africa, it's as simple as that.

Who is responsible for selling their own people for almost nothing in exchange?
No doubt, Africa has natural resources. whites came to Africa and were smart enough to actually make good use of the opportunity. You can't blame whites for Africas' problems. Africans had the resources to themselves but didn't do anything about it except fight each other, and act like bunch of savages. Africa has many tribes and languages. Nigeria was colonized by the British, if English wasn't introduced and made an official language, I wonder what it will be like. It's pathetic that Africans still want people to listen to how they were oppressed and they are the victims. It's nonsense. This is 2010, look at Africa? It's a shame.

Nigeria's largest resource is oil, yet it's one of the poorest country in the world. Africans are probably the most arrogant group of people, knowing that they don't have much to prove or offer. A little bit of humility will go a long way esp when you don't have much to put on the table.

Instead of getting so angry over the truth, why don't you put all that energy to better the continent. Next time, think twice at who needs to be educated, the person who is in a state of denial or the person who knows the truth.

Anonymous said...

linda pls can u stop posting the comment of this deranged white bloody twerp??? pls... we dont need no comotion here... u raped our continent u want to rape our blog as well?? STFU!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:12am
I want to assume you’re Anonymous 3.36am earlier?

Your reply is all over the place and your focus is no longer on the subject matter (nudity among some Zulu groups) but on your disgust with Africa. Let me get this straight:
1. You want Africans to be bowed down and apologetic because ‘white’ men came to save it and are better than it.
2. We are to assume that you embody the ‘white’ man and are defined by all that’s wonderful about the race.
3. Africans on the other hand in your mind (and according to you the world’s) is right to be defined by all that’s wrong with it
4. Any African who as much as dares to see any good in her is attempting to impose all that’s wrong with Africa on America.
5. You conclude by insisting that those Africans should leave America
6. Also you say ALL Africa has to offer is nudity, AIDS, starvation, failed government, a bunch of savages an uncivilized group of people and therefore a failed continent.

7. And worst of all, we bad because we have so many languages and it’s all our fault, bad bad Africans and thank God you Anon 4.12am swooped down on Africa to give us English or else we would have what, imploded? Like we did without you for hundreds of thousands of years lol!

From the above , it’s obvious that one visit to a proud Nigerian girls blog will not be enuf to educate you.

1. Africans will walk tall and proud irrespective of what your pathetic little self thinks, same answer goes as before if you cant live with it, go and hug a transformer
2. You conveniently refuse to define yourself Anon 4.12 and all other white people by the Hitlers, those who wiped out Native Americans and Aboriginals, the Australian Fritzi (who held his daughter captive for 24 years raping her repeatedly and bearing children with her ) and a myriad other atrocities committed by other ‘white’ people but
3. You believe all Africans including the girl in your class should be judged by all that’s wrong in the African continent. Africa of 54 countries lol! The word racist sound familiar??
4. The nudity by the Zulu is an attempt by Africans to impose their ways on America, I no fit laugh!! I suggest you use your righteous anger to dismantle the nudist camps in pristine America hahaha. Oh I get it, they are white so their nudity is acceptable! Hypocrisy! Go and stalk ANA and get them to change their ways and come back to this blog oloshi!!
5. Africans should leave America! Since you’re so obsessed with race, white people first visited us, we are simply returning the visit ☺
6. I’m sure according to you the near one billion Africans have nudity Aids and starvation. That’s all you choose to see in Africa, in your racist mind, that’s all there is to Africa. The millions of white people in Africa obviously are entrapped by these evil nudity filled Aids infested starving Africans and are not here trading and earning top dollars and bringing it back to your pristine America where there’s no nudity Aids and starvation.
(while you view us as poor starving Africans, we see ourselves as people who held onto their lands. Call us people who live on a dollar a day all you want and refuse to factor in the value of the land which we all still own; but for now we are biding our time and fighting and holding our leaders to account. Go and ask why Ken Saro Wiwa was killed, we are not laying down and waiting for you Anon 4.12 our ‘saviour’ indeed, rubbish!)
7. Contrary to what you think, the many languages in say Nigeria is a testament to our ingenuity and love for ourselves. For eons, we traded, intermarried, found social institutions to resolve intercommunal conflicts and respected tribal borders which led to these languages and cultures being preserved.

The above answers I have given is in no way saying Africa doesn’t have it’s problems but it’s a shame that you expect us Africans to owe you an explanation or tremble before you.

Anonymous said...

@anon 2.55pm,you are just a made some sense but you over -emphasized your points and made it look like you are a frustrated took it too personal

Anonymous said...

I am South African and those girls did nothing wrong. As the hosts of the swc,we are just doing things the way that we normally do. In some parts of our villges this is quite common and tourists who grace our shores will tell u that they've come across dancers that are half naked.I guess all I'm saying is,we are not ashamed of who we are and where we come from.If this makes people uncomfortable,please dont come to our country and u should have switched off your sets because we will not change to try and please anyone

Anonymous said...

I am South African and those girls did nothing wrong. As the hosts of the swc,we are just doing things the way that we normally do. In some parts of our villges this is quite common and tourists who grace our shores will tell u that they've come across dancers that are half naked.I guess all I'm saying is,we are not ashamed of who we are and where we come from.If this makes people uncomfortable,please dont come to our country and u should have switched off your sets because we will not change to try and please anyone

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.39am is an example of an uneducated white trash, that you are an american doesnt mean you are more educated or knowledgeable than anybody. Stop hiding behind America, and tell me what you have achieved for yourself. Your Godlike attitude is a clear case of Inferiority complex.It is akin to white begger on the streets of NY who turns up his nose on a black man that steps out of a limo,beliving that it is his birthright to be rich because of the colour of his skin. When a waitress is rude and unfriendly to u because she is white and feels its beneath to serves a black person. Get off your high horses that you are american doesnt mean the world will bow at your feet. The questions is what have you achieved for yourself? What have you done to make the world a better place. Your rantings are so childish and sad that someone actually reasons like this in the 21st century.Anonymous 5.57pm is an epitome of what an intelligent and knowledgbe African is. Pls read up, check your history and get of this black and proud African Blog HITLER!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@anon 10:50am I had to go into that much detail not mainly for anon 4:12am but more for the young impressionable Africans who listen to her and actually begin to believe and parrot the views of the racist bigot. I know I wouldn't get through to her. It is impossible to get through to those kind of people as they've built a wall around their hearts. Most of them are raised that way and are constantly validated by those they surround themselves with.

Frustrated ke, here I was thinking I had peppered the yabbis with a bit of humour here and there :)

@Linda, I apologise for the long epistle earlier, didn't mean to take over your blog

Anon 2:55pm

ChiChiluv said...

all dese wan because of a couple breasts, abi? na wa o.

Vera Ezimora said...

I think this is South Africa's way of distracting the other countries and taking the cup home. When SA is playing, those naked women will be dancing somewhere. Imagine what that would cause!!!! I'm just mad that Nigeria didn't think of it first

*wink, wink*

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3.39am/4.12am. LOL! Africa has nothing good to offer? ...and you are American?


Stop showing off your ignornce and meagre research. You're such an embarrassment - even to America.


konta kente said...

Yes ChiChiluv, na breasts cause am. Y'all need to go fight some tigers or sumthin'

p.s...I'm not ignorant, just sarcastic :)

The Africa-bashing Anon doesn't know sh* what, because Africa is "a failed continent" we should all come out and represent the "jungle" stereotype or as you put it, "how Africa was before the White man came and civilized us" or whatever ....Dunno why anyone bothered to answer you anyways......

Watch the games! Get a life!

BTW Christianity did not come from the Middle East and Adam and Eve stopped walking around naked after they ate the forbidden fruit, if my memory serves me right.......also Nigeria is not one of the poorest countries in the world....damn, can't you at least check Wikipedia or Google first??? Talk about keyboard diarrhoea.........

skankmypeaceofmind said...

nakedness is part of the south African culture. even in abia state here don't they do the ukwulobia festival where virgins dance naked? so, anyone writing shit about it is crazy like as if they've not watched basic instinct 1 and I'm not going to go to porn: just yet.

iCandy said...

you sound repressed and tight-assed. get over yourself. this is colonial mentality, I'd expect a black woman of african descent if not born and living in Africa to support our culture and not be a mime for our oppressor's tastes and "feelings"

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