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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Itemised 10 billion naira Budget Proposal for 50 years celebration.

The government of President Goodluck Jonathan sent a budget proposal of 10 billion Naira to the Nigerian National Assembly. The money is not for the maintenance of roads or to equip hospitals in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, neither is any significant portion of it to help the underprivileged or the educational sector - it is a budget meant for the celebration of Nigeria ’s 50th Independence anniversary on the 1st of October 2010.
1. Anniversary parade including march past, fleet review and aerial display - N950 million.
2. National unity torch tour - N350 million.
* Special visit to special homes, orphanages, prisons and hospitals - N50 million
3. Special session of the National Children Parliament - N20 million
4. Party for 1000 children - N20 million
5. Presidential banquet - N40 million
6. Calisthenics performance - N50 million
7. Cultural, historical and military exhibitions N310 million
8. Food week - N40 million
9. Secretariat equipment, accommodation, logistics and utilities - N320 million
10. Designing and unveiling of the 50th anniversary logo - N30 million
11. Special reports on Nigeria in both local and international media - N1.2 billion
12. Jingles, adverts, billboards, documentary and publicity - N320 million
13. Accommodation and Transportation of guests - N700 million
14. Production of branded souvenirs and gift items for foreign heads of state and erection of a coat of arms on Aso Rock - N450 million
15. Variety gala night and fireworks - N210 million
16. International friendly football match and local competition - N200 million
17. Event managers and producers - N120 million naira.
18. Designing and publication of a compendium on Nigeria - N400 million,
19. Compendium on the legislature - N150 million
20. Compendium on the judiciary - N50 million.
21. Commissioning of the golden jubilee plaza - N10 million naira;
22. Designing, construction and mounting of Tower of Unity in the 36 states of the Federation - N540 million.
23. Debates, essays, conferences, lectures, and a colloquium - N150 million;
24. Musical concerts and carnivals in the 6 geo-political zones - N60 million;
25. Durbar, masquerades and cultural dances - N100 million and
26. Designing and construction of 10 monuments of the founding fathers - N80 million.
27. A memory stone at the Tafawa Balewa Square , Lagos will consume - N40 million,
28. Security and protocol - N500 million
29. Medicals - N25 million
30. Miscellaneous - N105 Million.

WTF? Why do we all just sit back and watch things like this happen in our country? Isn't there a way we can stop this reckless spending? 10 billion for a 1day event? Party for 1000 children - 20 million? Miscellaneous - N105million? Oh dear, what a country!


Anonymous said...

abeg, dem fit dash me some of dat money? May i kukuma look after myself. :)

Anonymous said...

Linda come of it! how the fuck will Goodluck pass a bill for 10billion Naira for parade. If that is the case he needs to be impeached, what is there to celebrate ? When the nation is still being ruled by dictators. All the parliamentarians of Nigeria needs to have their heads fucking examined

Anonymous said...

Only God can Judge this pple, see the way they r calling millions like thousands. Infact in God we trust,thats d right word for this country. Thank u Linda for the update

Myne Whitman said...

This is just ridiculous! Our power sector is still in shambles and they want to blow this for a party?

Anonymous said...

Are u sheating Nigeria Government is a shame, its not like they have acheived anything yet (if it was Lagos state government that requested the fund) i will say give them half cos they have showed some progress but for Nigeria as a whole ( they better fix roads with that money or creat health care)!!! Shuh idiots want to benefit from nothing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Alicia says...

how can they do that? this will make us a laughing stock.
the country is a mess but they can spend 10 billion Naira on a parade?!?!?!
what about 10billion Naira for roads, or use that money to keep NEPA on for a whole month.
THEY ARE FOOLS!!! and i agree with someone above that he needs to be impeached.
do we really care about a 50 years parade? and what will we be celebrating? STUPID!
I'm disgusted.

Ada Amogu said...

I can believe what my eyes are seeing.
Blood of God!!
All that money in one day.The day God will descend on them all, only Him knows what will happen.

Anonymous said...

How can I get in on the celebration. I can offer my services for a small N5 million.
May God help us, that 10billion would have gone far in increasing salaries of our teachers, or repairing the roads that are killing people everyday or creating jobs that will keep certain hoodlums off our roads that are killing people.

Its just the typical Naija mentality. Showing off when you really and truly have nothing to show for it. They should have invested the money that they are using for an international friendly match to our eagles training, maybe we would actually be going somewhere in the World Cup.

I just hope this is someone's way of starting a joke about this year's 50th yr anniversary.

I believe in my country but this year we should all be in black if they decide to throw any lavish celebration. Schewpid People.

O Naija said...

O that 10billion could be invested in our energy sector, or our educational sector, or the agricultural sector, heck the tourism sector. But noooooo, we want to make a spectacle of ourselves with some stupid celebration.

What are we celebrating:
Young people staying in school for 7plus years to finish a 4yr degree
People not having jobs after graduation
Horrible infrastructure

joicee said...

I have no words to describe this foolishnewss...Why are we like this abeg? Why are we sooo selfish and ignorant? There are 100 million souls living in abject poverty and those at the helm of affairs feel they can waste money like this. Nigeria at 50 and there is no stable infrastructur in the country.. This should be a time for sober reflection and deep introspection, to find out where indeed we have gone wrong, because we have definitely lost the plot in this country.

NakedSha said...

NIGERIA...It's okay to celebrate 50 years but not before the basics are solved...

Nawa oh. Abeg, give Nigerians light. No better gift. Nigerians will lick the floor of the president who gives us 1 MOnth constant light...

Linda Ikeji said...

I'm not making this's fact! and human rights activists and lawyers are outraged..they are releasing statements. i think it's wasteful and a big shame on our country. there should be a protest or something...

Tomisin said...

What the hell???
Upon everything there is still
30. Miscellaneous - N105 Million.
What exactly are the other things. Let these people come to their correct senses o. Rubbish. Spoiling the country for their own children. Smh

Anonymous said...

this is absurd.In a country where 99 percent of its citizen is below poverty level.This nigeria tire me oo.Can you imagine?God dey sha.We go survive am. www dot murphyfadairo dot blogspot dot com signing out

The nitty-gritty tales of a housewife said...


Anonymous said...

may holy ghost fire consume all the lawmakers. God of Abraham, arise and defend your people. lol

Anonymous said...

Still speechless..Mehn even during the military era.. Saninty still dey..
Now we celebrate Claown, Fools, and them so called leaderz.. I mean this broad daylight robbery.. GOD HELP US?????????

Anonymous said...

They reali need to shoot all of dem. i tell u. its crazy, forgetting wht d others r going thru.

Anonymous said...

This is what you can do. prepare a petition, get as many pple as possible to sign it- students, youth, parents, executives, any one who has any sense etc. Find a way to make this petition public, a youtube video and an interview on NTA or something of that sort will do. let it at least go on record that there was opposition to this stupidity. I think this confirms that Jonathan is just as incapable as president as most before him.

Anonymous said...

A fool at 50 is a double fool!

Where is the Jerry Rawlings figure when we need him?

Tatababe said...

NIGERIA! What are we even celebrating? 50yrs of corrupt leadership or lack of basic amenities for citizens?
Will these so called leaders ever learn anything???

Chika* said...

What can the president do? You guys are on a long thing if you think for a second Jonathan(sp) is in charge. He is just there. Best believe they are not spending that amount on the celebration. It's a way of stealing the money and then sharing it among each other.

Anonymous said...

Even from the comments of people, U can determine dt this corruption thing runs in the blood of many Nigerians. U can imagine some1 saying all he / she needs is just 5million out of the billions and so on...
Am so not proud to be Nigerian

Anonymous said...

why would they even do this to us, it's just another embarrassing spell we'll put ourselves in the loop for sure . GOD help us/

Popoola Jude said...

God is good!

Anonymous said...

haaahhhhaaaa kilode.
honestly something is wrong.Nigeria is terribly sick.Jonathan...Jonathan....Jonathaan.....i know that you can not rule this nation sucessfully,cos u re surrounded by wolves.....and i agree that he should be impeached...poverty every these people realise that some people are still looking for what to eat dis morning.
i was at a party on saturday and a child was seen packing leftovers..and we all assumed it was for their dog and alas,sumone asked him and he said his mother sent him to get the food,and they will warm it for dinner......
am so sad.....
God have mercy on this nation and destroy and cleanse all unclean spirit in our leaders mind in jesus name...Amen

Anonymous said...

infact im speechless.these people have ruined this country.God will judge all of them.from top to doubt.

B.O said...

why u dey spoil peoples groove now? u no know say na "contract"

all these listed items are no where near the cost.....20m for kids party, what are they eating....diamond encrusted jollof.....kmt!!!!!

Listen no body dey say make una no chop but remember say judgement dey ooh!!!!

skankmypeaceofmind said...

and her we go again. bloody scumbags trying to create avenues to steal money. like I've written before and i will write again; Nigerians have to get up from their sleeping beds and fight the system or else the system would run us down and we would be here ranting like helpless and hopeless sheep.

histreasure said...

it is's been all over the news ..there were rumours in this regards since last month but it was just confirmed for real..

and that also confirms that the last thing on Goodluck's mind is the welfare of Nigerians..smh

1 + The One said...

20Million naira for party for 1000 children, What are they serving?? Golden food??

Only in Nigeria would such nonsense be condoned! What a colossal waste of the Nigerian man's money.. I think we need to start taking this very personal, we need to remember that every money thrown away is less money for our children to have good education, every kobo *stolen* lost is money diverted from helping us achieve a good health care system, every resource unaccounted for, has robbed us of a better life...
It's not government money, it's the people's money.. It's the money that our fore-fathers worked/slaved/died for and its a shame that its our fellow "brothers and sisters" who are stealing it..

I hope they realise that they would have to answer for every illiterate child, every one who dies from poor health system and every impoverished person who has lost the will to live...

Anonymous said...

These old ugly fools calling themselves lawmakers in Nigeria are terrorist and they deserve nothing but the wrath of Almigty God for amassing wealth @ the expense of the masses.

Anonymous said...

Hi Iam Prabhu from chennai,joined today in this forum... :)

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