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Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Ije hits cinemas in Nigeria July 30th

The eagerly anticipated movie featuring Omosexy and Genevieve will hit cinemas July 30th in Nigeria.


Fellow Writer (Ayokunle Falomo) said...

It is a very smart approach the producers, director (or any other person that is involved in the production of this movie) are taking to start showing the movie at the Cinemas first rather than going the direct-to-DVD path. I've seen the trailer and I hope to see the movie someday. Living in Houston, TX, that dream might not come true for a while until I get it on DVD. Patiently waiting for the day, and I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Ayokunle Falomo

Anonymous said...

Why are they trying so hard to make it look 'Hollywoodish'?

Anonymous said...

Alicia says...

@ Anonymous 9:21 AM

because thats the storyline

Fellow Writer (Ayokunle Falomo) said...

To Anonymous, I don't think they're necessarily trying to make it look 'Hollywoodish' (whatever that means), but in my humble opinion (just that), I think they're trying to make it look like a movie. And one thing to bear in mind is also that the story takes place or is set in the United States.

Ayokunle Falomo

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