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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

First openly bisexual wrestler hits the air

Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling took a bold step this Monday, officially debuting the first openly bisexual wrestler at a major U.S.-based professional wrestling promotion.

Orlando Jordan is the character – and truly is bisexual, not just portraying a gay (or bi) character, as has been the norm in pro wrestling’s past.

Jordan made his debut for TNA Wrestling on Jan. 4, with no hint that night of his sexuality. He walked to the ring for a February match accompanied by a male and a female.

Source: Yahoo news...

Are they sure he's really a bisexual? He seems more interested in the lady than the dude...
Check out the body language...

See, I understand heterosexuals and homosexuals.
I don't understand bisexuals at all.
Make up your confused minds. What do you like? The vagina or the penis?
It's not that hard...choose one or the other! Why do you want both?
Greedy people :-)
What's your stand on bisexuality?


Anonymous said...

i can't understand why any woman would sleep with a guy who has slept with another guy. it is simply the height of depravity. it's the result of people thinking with their d***s and p****ys.i know people will say "well mind your business" but the thought just disgusts me.

grace said...

The thing the devil,will do to people in hell.It will be too unspeakable.please God touch,their hearts.

Anonymous said...

He should be hung @ kirikiri

Mrs. Marek said...

dis wan is too much for me abeg

Anonymous said...

oh dear, here we go, another personality declaring his sexual orientation.... he is bi, so what?

Anonymous said...

Ewww gross. God hav mercy!

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