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Monday, 29 March 2010

Home in Exile now showing @ the cinemas

Home in Exile, the big budget film directed by Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen has berthed at the Cinemas nationwide, after a very colourful and well-attended premiere. Speaking on the success of the premiere and why he decided to storm cinemas with the film, Imasuen, with over 100 Nollywood movies to his credit, as a director, said the premiere was a pointer to the fact that Nollywood has fully bounced back. “Home in Exile, was shot last year and premiered first at the Odeon Cinema, London. The world premiere was graced by both Nollywood and Hollywood stars. We just had another well attended and star-studded premiere in Nigeria recently. The essence of the premiere was to allow Nigerians see this movie and know that there is no place like home. It’s our own little way of helping to rebrand and reposition the battered image of Nigeria. Parents and their children, especially those living abroad, have a lot to learn from this interesting movie”, he posited.

Source: Azuh Amatus

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Miz B said...

Great movie! I saw part of it at the premiere in Lagos and enjoyed it thoroughly! I wish Lance the very best... he is one of those promoting other cultures we have in Nigeria and not just the Igbo and Yoruba.

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