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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Naija best comedy film of all time...

Whatever happened to our Sunday fun post? Well, lets get back to it and make sure it's regular from now on. My siblings and I couldn't agree on something so I'm bringing it here. For those who have followed Naija movies for a while, which of the comedy films would you pick as the best Naija comedy film of all time? I picked Chinedu Ikedieze and Hank Anuku's 'I'm inlove' but my sisters thinks it's Patience Ozokwor and Victor Osuagwu's 'One Dollar'. Someone else said it's Jenifa, another said it's Ikuku; what do you say?

Check out my list below and let's know what you think...

1. I Belong
2. Ikuku
3. Jenifa
4. One Dollar
5. Osuofia in London
6. Oba ju Oba lo
7. Baba Jaiye Jaiye
8. Aki and Paw Paw
9. Trouble Maker
10. I'm in love

You don't have to choose from my list, I'm sure there are other funny films you've seen that isn't listed here. So what's your best Naija comedy film of all time? 


wienna said... know i was thinking of posting a similar topic on NR just last week. Anyways, mine will have to be:
1. Sweet Money
2. One dollar
3. I Belong
4. Chicken Republic
5. Jenifa

Miss Moi said...

i would go for "i belong" because it's so common in nigeria. people will always "form". omotola goes a little over the top but it was so funny because the lies were totally ridiculous! i hate that osuofia in london thing. the plot is just too weak and they seem to be trying too hard to make you laugh with all their bad acting!

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

my best comedy will be ...'ONE DOLLAR' ...... MAD FUNNY...
i can watch 'one dollar' over and over again....
IKUKU will be second for me....

Anonymous said...

How about Domitilla? Ashawo no be work o!

patricejk said...

what about Mr. Ibu that is a classic

Anonymous said...

Jenifa is d best.followed by baba jaye jaye.u nid to see dat movie

F said...

LOL! Haven't seen some of these movies but I definitely agree with Jenifa and $1... Jenifa part 2 kinda went more serious; but Funke Akindele is still a boss in my eyes... Classic funny moments in any naija film would be Jim Iyke's attempts at an american accent... Enough said.

Femiluv said...

One Dollar was really good.

wannabewriter said...

Man! it is got to be one dollar!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm i def hv to say Ikuku!!! evn tho' i watched it as a child i still rmemba vividly some very funny scenes like d part wr d kids yell"Ewoooooo!!! ne "JUMI-MA!!!" LOOOOL

Nollywood Forever said...

Oooh definitely one dollar for me!

Next on the list (that you haven't inculded, because I Belong is on the top 3):

Tea or Coffee
Eran and Erak
Bafana Bafana

tomisin said...

aki na ukwa was hilarious bak then. jenifa, osuofia ,one dollar,old skool(mama g) r funny too. that was when i still used to watch naija movies.

Magnetic said...

Does anyone remember ukwa? Nkem owoh and patience ozokwor(Susanna) out did themselves.
The two parts comedy was just too hilarious.

Awa Chery said...

Its Osuofia hands down, followed by Mr Ibu

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