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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Charity begins at home by Eldee TheDon

Here is something rapper and producer Eldee Thedon wrote. I want you guys to read and tell us what you think afterwards...

Charity begins at home - Eldee Thedon 

I received all your broadcast messages about Haiti but I'm yet to see anyone show concern for the people being slaughtered in Jos, or for the people who haven't had constant power nor clean water for decades, those who die daily in hospitals due to lack of proper healthcare, those who go to school and learn nothing because the education system has collapsed, those who live in the worst humanly possible conditions in the world...the average Nigerian.

I'm not an insensitive person, in fact I am very compassionate but it feels to me like we don't realize that we share the same conditions as the Haitians right now. For some reason, we can't see our situation as bad or maybe we have all subconsciously chosen to ignore it. I am not against compassion and support for Haiti, I'd just like for us Nigerians to look inward and see that our country also needs help in every sector. We all need a moment to notice how dilapidated our country's infrastructure is and how desperate we all should be for change.

Please donate to re-building Haiti but as you do so, think of what you can do to help Nigeria and Nigerians in need, there are as many as 60million of us living in similar conditions as Haiti right now. Some may argue that the two scenarios are incomparable but the hard truth is that the living conditions in Haiti today is as it has been for millions of Nigerians for over 2 decades. The world does not notice or highlight our issues because even we the people that are affected have become so used to it, we don't see it as a problem. I'm deeply saddened by the conditions in Haiti and I pray for God's sustenance for its people, but I have felt the same way about Nigeria for over a decade.
I believe we should all take time to reflect on the issue. It is for the greater good of our children and grand children as Nigerians.
Alright, what do you guys think of his stand on this issue?
And can we really compare what's going on in Haiti to our situation in Naija?
Pls let's know what you think...


Anonymous said...

YOu cant force empathy Mr Eldee the have empathy on whomever you soul has empathy on. Whether you help an Haitian or Nigerian you have helped a person.
Moreso, the devastation in Haiti was VERY sudden and people were forced to acknowlegde it because of the high death toll and the unexpected way it happened.The problem in the North has been building over time so maybe people dont feel an urgent need, not to say this is right or anything.
Eldee the Don can you please point me out to the organizations collecting funds for the Jos crisis?Am i sure my funds will reach the people who need it? does the Red cross also have a donate button for Jos victims? Eldee can you please set up a fund for Jos victims, so those of us that dont know how to reach them can donate through you? Are you willing to carry this responsibility? I am just asking.Prior to the Jos crisis Nigeria has had other problems, there are millions of people living in penury, what did anyone do? Did it take kind people donating to Haiti to remind us that we have to help Nigeria?

Anonymous said...

i quite agree with u.Nigerians are used to suffering.we have learnt to live d way it comes.the fuel scacity for instance,nobody is saying anytin abt it and we are still going about d normal business as if it were a normal thing.we are buying the fuel double d amount.we are just damned used to PHCN's style.we use generators to run our businesses.Nigeria is a failed state.nothing is working.pple are used to stress and they fall ill and retire b4 time.d pressure on r heads make it difficult to relax or go for holiday.things are so bad.God have mercy on haitans.....God have mercy on Nigerians...God save us from our leaders.

mystoriesmytestimonies said...

well written..
i think we should help both haiti and nigeria...

Anonymous said...

The reason why nobody highlights our plight is because the world sees our so called leaders fleecing its people, coruption aplenty, they know we have the key to unlock our future, to eradicate poverty, we are a nation not lacking in money, human or material resources, what we lack is visionary, selfless, benevolent and God fearing leaders.


Anonymous said...

good talk no action. Mr Eldee TheDon should tow Wyclef Jean's Yele Haiti part by setting up a fund for Jos crisis victims!

Anonymous said...

I do agree to a large extent with Eldee. I felt the same way and probably worse when i heard Stella Damasus say on International tv (HITV) that Jos crisis is man made and that of Haiti is not so we should give more to Haiti. The cheek of that statement. Death is death whether man made or otherwise. Children, babies were burnt and thrown into wells in Jos, our own backyard and yet we want to go to Haiti to help solve their problem. We really need a total mind shift.

We Nigerians are very guilty of not been our brothers keepers. Like Uwem Akpan said fix your community before going to offer help to a stranger. Lets not be like the marriage counsellor who has divorced 5 times but still offering counselling to people.

Anonymous said...

Nigeria is a failed state u say? But u 4get that Haiti got it's independence in January 01 1804 and Nigeria had hers on October 01 1960. So that makes haiti about 156years older than Nigeria!
One would have thought that those years would be well sufficient for them to get thier bearing on the globe!

Nigeria is a failed state u say?
But u 4get that During the time the army cantonment bomb self detonated a couple of years back, we lost quite a couple of Nigerians in the incedent and today - not to sound heartless - Nigeria is still moving foward. We did not have to wait for red cross or donations from the world to get on our feet and move one.
I know, u might say there is no basis for equity in comparing an earthquake to a detonated bomb or bombs, but i would like to draw ur attention to the common denominator which is loss and sorrow. Nigeria kept on moving and haiti is at the brink of extinction! Yet Nigeria is a failed state abi?

Nigeria is a failed state and ECOMOG Soldiers are at the fore front of peace-keeping in so many restive African countries. What Has Haiti been up to? Please educate us.

There is no country without it's unique setbacks and Nigeria is no exception.

No one can ever be used to hardship because if that were the case, then Nigeria would not be donating funds to relieve Haiti.Nigeria's problem is that we sing charity begins at home but dont implement it right where it matters!
We urgently want to be labelled as "friends" and "good people" amongst outsiders but could care less where it matters most.

As Eldee said, we have our own issues which we need to resolve and it's time we stopped pointing our fingers at that country called Nigeria because guess what? those fingers are directed back at you and me, yes Nigerians. We are who make up Nigeria.

Talk is cheap. Let each and every one of us do what we can for our country instead of throwing pot-shots at one another.

The govenment will never be able to do everything we want or for us.Start asking yourselves what you can do for Nigeria.

And no,I am not a spokesperson for the Federal Govenment.Just a concerned, watchful and proactive citizen.

Dimeji said...

The first anonymous response said it all. Everyday we see Nigeria's land mark dotted with multi-miilion Naira homes but no road, no water, no light, and no infrastructures. Why are we still supporting the lunatics who looted Nigeria's fund for personal purposes. We don't know our priorities in Nigeria and that is our major problem. What is the cause of the problem in Jos and how does it compare to what is happening in Haiti. I keep asking myself are Nigerians fool ?, do we even desire good things, why can't we sacrifice now and revolt against the Morons in govt. We all know good people among us, but an average Nigerian will not vote for a good person, because he will refuse to bribe them or hire thugs.
Anyways, no more complain, what is the way forward. Complete overhaul of the present leaders is what we need now. All of them must go including their sick president.... Imagine they were yelling Yaradua must go because the guy was sick. We are a country of over 150miilion and we all know the good ones in our society, lets nominate them and support them to win elections. MEKUNU WAKE UP AND FIGHT FOR YOURSELF.

Anonymous said...

To Eldee,

Very much hear you on this nonetheless the empathy towards Haiti is just!

Haiti has just been hit b y a sudden earthquake with 300K people killed and several orphans now left without a government or family to care for them. Is that comparable to the Nigerian story?

Over a million people are reported to be living on camps, hospitals arent working, body parts being amputated because there isnt healthcare provisions! You might want to listen more to the news and see the plight of the people - we have hope in Nigeria, we have commerce, we have banks, we have roads...not perfect but much more than the people in Haiti have.

The trouble with Nigeria is not aid, its govenrnance and forward thinking people are doing bits (some of which i have seen you support) to help our situation forward but please let us stop comparing Nigeria to Haiti - its not smart!

God bless Nigeria, God heal Haiti.


OC said...

the is alot of sense..,in what he said..afterall ''u should not look at the speck in another man eye & 4get d log in your own eye...''! nigeria is a mess,lets help our self before helpin others.! i support him 100%

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry oh, with due respect to everyone who has commented so far, I think you all have lost the plot. I mean, this has almost become an issue of "who's more deserving of help". Seriously???!!! Must it come down to this?? Haiti lost lives, Nigeria has lost lives too, and in both cases, both nations need urgent remedial. It really does not have to come down to how old either nation is or anything. bottom line, Nigeria needs help, so does Haiti, so do the millions suffering in other less well to do/poorer countries. Let's all stop complaining and do something! Pragmatism is the key word. Talk the talk and walk the walk I say. May God help us!!

Anonymous said...

i think a lot of posters don't get eldee's point of view. he has not said we should not help haiti in any way that we can but we have to understand that we are not doing a lot for the poor people in our own communities. we don't have to wait for eldee or anybody to set up a fund or anything like that. just look around you - the house girl in your house, does she go to a good school? how have you helped secure her future in your own little way? so to the first speaker, you don't have to go as far as jos to help people. don't wait until organizations are set up (you can set one up too), think small and make at least one life better.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big fan of You El,but as the first "Anonymous" said,maybe its time someone started collecting funds like Wyclef has done for his people..(Action not words).Nigeria has been like this since God knows when.So we shouldnt be selfish and sit down to compare ourselves with a poorer country that has been hit by such a disporportionate disaster.I dont think you watched the news..
On the night following the disaster,voices could be heard from beneath the ground,with people who survived unable to help.And as the days rolled by,these cries faded one by one as most of them could not by reached,and eventually died.within two days the whole town stunk of death.
The crises faced by nigerians is that of failed leadership.A Nigerian attempted to blow up a plane on Xmas day,and its taking the president a whole century to give his apology on the issue.We dont even know if we're being ruled by someone from the dead...Common people!!!!...we could go on and on about this...Haitians need our help.Just the way the less injured helped the more injured and trapped ones in Haiti,Nigerians should help their fellows brothers(Haitians)..who are faced by a more critical unforseen situation.

Anonymous said...

Eldee's comment was straight from the heart but I will have to disagree to some extent. Nigeria is way ahead of Haiti and any other black nation for that matter and it is wrong for him to compare Nigerian's problem with Haitian's problem. The problem in Jos was based on individual stupidity or Nigerian citizen stupidity who are religiously brain washed fighting over religion that was not founded by us. The tragedy Haitian is a devastating occurrence that is uncontrollable. Having said that Nigeria still has some issue that needs to be addressed. Just my thoughts

mag duru said...

Nigeria need to be one nation like stay United and be United. It has to shout 'One Nigeria'. All government schools have to adopt the same curriculum and subjects and one particular subject on unity and nationalism.
It has to start from home to school then all over Nigeria.
There has to be patriotism among Nigerians to avoid clashes in future.

As for Haiti, need spiritual deliverance,strong prayers and charity.

Yinkuslolo said...

thank u eldee.

luvbogg said...

i agree with eldee to a large extent....Nigerians are always in a hurry to show support for outside issues and calamities than what goes on in Nigeria...What happened in Haiti is very sad indeed, but the world, especially America is helping them.....but despite all the issues in Nigeria how many people are so willing to fight our cause? from blacklisting Nigeria and naming us a terrorist country to complete Absence of our so called president with the so called senate members acting dumb to now the jos crisis killing of innocent lifes not forgetting the issue of militants in the east who were asked to surrender their arms yet nothing is been done to occupy them yet we complain when they vandalise properties hurt people and rape girls? Nigerians need to learn to fight and stand up for Nigeria....pipe borne water, light and roads? i dont want to go into that, thats almost a luxury in these excuse me when I am not impressed by our hosting a dinner for obama or declaring that we should help suport Haitian (in as much as I am deeply sorry for what happened there, and Im happy that they are been helped by America!)

Anonymous said...

Nigeria and Haiti are the same. For anyone who care to, you can go and read the history of Haiti, its either that country is cursed or something. Even before the disaster, the whole country is not better than Ajegunle. I think while we donate to the orphan and widows in Haiti, we should spare a though for the fast majority of our people living below poverty line, a people traumatized and vicimised by the political elites. I am particularly worried about our collective reaction to victims of Jos riot. By now we should mobilizing heavy resources to help victim of the crisis. One they we would learn to value life and empartise with one another.

For the musician that wrote this good thinking if he wrote bu himself and belief what he wrote. Pls. start by organising a concert to raise money for victims of Jos sectarian riot.

Anonymous said...

Are we some ignorant sets of Africans or what??? You all should go read some history about Haiti. You can't compare Haiti to Nigeria. We screwed up our country and economy with the stupid people we allow to lead us. We have oil, wind power from the beach to make alternative source of energy, and lots of natural resources. Most Nigerians are still poor. Isn't it our fault?? We are greedy and self-centered.
I tell you about Haiti. They have been paying reparations in billion of dollars to France until 1947. They don't have oil or natural resource to create wealth like Nigerians do. So Why compare apples with oranges??? Most times, our debt have been cancelled because of our oil. We will continue to leave below poverty until we learn to think of our neighbor before ourselves!!

Remi said...

Please read Mrs Clinton's speech on BBC or Next newspaper (01/27/2010 publications) and tell me Eldee is wrong. Good for you Eldee.

emepretty said...

True talk Eldee.People are being massacred in Jos,and various parts of the country,yet the government turns a blind eye.The international community are not fools, the crises in jos coupled with other abuses in Nigeria makes them labelling us as a terrorist nation even more justifiable.They need to address their own issues.My condolences go to the Haiti's. said...

@Eldee- I am frankly suprised there is even a comparison.

There is a clear distinction with an act of nature vs. one of volition.

Volition-wars, poverty, poor infrastructure etc. that is volitional and the world's countries in some form or another face issues in these areas. Some countries are better managed others are not.

Act of Nature- Now exacerbate the existing issues above with an act of nature, one that cannot be controlled by humans,i.e. a massive earthquake and to me it is comparing apples and oranges.

There will always be socio-economic, political issues etc. but when a Tsunami or earthquake hits an already poverty stricken, politcally messed up country, those who are better off should help. Better off by definition would include countries like Nigeria who have the battles in a state like Jos.

The rest of the states in Nigeria are not experiencing wars or killings as Jos or Delta. So, how does the war, a volitional act, in one specific region or states that kills 200-300 people compare to an earthquake, an act of nature, that kills over 150,000, 300,000 etc and leaves indefinite destruction?

Indeed, DRC Congo where all kinds of horrible human rights atrocities have taken place have even been among the many poor African nations that have given money and services to Haiti. As the government in DRC Congo explained, DRC is not too poor or so ridden with political issues that they can't help their brothers and sisters in grave danger. Even Liberia donated what it could, $50,000.

Again, to me, a clear distinction. Nigerians and Nigeria need to be at the forefront of helping with issues like this. We are the giant of Africa and we should lead because we have a moral obligation to do so and the side benefit economically and politically can only put us in a better light.

My 2cents for all it's worth.


Anonymous said...

Since Eldee feels strongly about this please he should spearhead a committee or something!!!All talk no frigging action!Who care who you give to so far you are helping a human being!!Is it only when people started giving the Haiti that he knows we should give to Naija...aiding f any sort should nt be questiones..abi we are only suppose to help NIGERIANS or you only help your FAMILY MEMBERS ni?

Anonymous said...

and people saying "Nigerians are in a hurry to help outsides, Nigerian would rather not help Nigeria" pls who took a poll and came with the conclusion that NIGERIANS this, NIGERIANS that..abeg direct me to the research!!

Anonymous said...

y'all including Eldee should go to JOs and help the victims o..tell all your doctors friends to go and treat the wounded..maybe you will all come back alive

Anonymous said...

@ annoy 10:58 & 11:02,

That is the problem we face in nigeria we are quick to complain and do nothing about it your comments shows what nigerians do complain without action. You are right Eldee needs to get is celebrity friends and fams together and help those people.

Anonymous said...

no basis for comparism, haiti is faced with natural disaster, nigeria is face with human disaster.

Anonymous said...

no basis for comparism, haiti is face with natural disaster, nigeria is face with human disaster

Jan said...

I completely disagree with those calling for aid for the Haitians. American and the rest of the developed world has already done enough. Let's remove the speck in our own eyes before removing the speck from our neighbour's eyes. If Uduak bothered to read up on Haiti, then she'd have discovered that Haiti is no better than Nigeria.Did you see the palatial mansion the Haitan president built for himself while his people were living in abject squalor? How is that different from Nigeria. I read her blog where she was campaigning for Nigerian designers to send clothes to Haiti. What about the orphanages, street children, and other people living in abject squalor within this country? Uduak, how can you talk about the Jos incident as a single event? What about the kidnappings, religious crisis, inter-tribal killings that occur on a daily basis in this country? What are we doing for the casualties? Nothing, yet we're concentrating on a country by donating $1milion dollars. It's completely ludicrous. I'm at a loss. We just like unnecessary sensationalism. I hope all those campaigning for Haiti have donated cos I'm donating my widow's mite to 'Change a Life' anchored by Ms. Funmi Iyanda. That way, I know i can affect the life of a Nigerian child out there.

Anonymous said...

wow are Nigerians ignorant or what? is quite interesting to note that the basic food for thought that Eldee gave has given rise to unfounded arguments...i do not think he comapared Nigeria's calamities to Natural disaster in Haiti however there is an underlining similarities DEATHS...are you guys serious, wether you were murdered or an earthquake interrupted you life it is still death....his simple message is this as we all help Haitians, Nigerians should come together and fix it's man made plights....there are millions of Nigerians who are suffering yet none of us bat an eye lid to help...obviously from several comments here we can see that Nigerians are it's own worst enemy...look at someone going to length to explain what nature and volition disaster means forgetting one simple fact they are both disasters...and to Ladybrille are you serious about Nigeria going forward to show moral superiority by helping Hatians? look my friend charity begins at home and the world can't be fooled by such rubbish....Eldee was trying to get people to think about what we can also do for Nigeria abviously most people's comment his point was not Nigerians!...may God help our colonial minds said...

Jan- thanks for reading my blog/site-LadybrilleNigeria. Absolutely, Nigerian designers can and should step up to the plate to help raise funds for Haiti and if they are so inclined donate clothes. Nigerian designers like Estella Couture has heeded to our call, among others, and is making a difference.

Second- Jan you create a false dilemma or as dem oyinbo they say the "fallacy of false dichotomy" with your comment implicit and explicitly indicating that we should focus on Nigeria first before helping Haiti. OF COURSE WE CAN HAVE BOTH HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME. Nigerians can clean up Nigeria while they also help Haitians in great distress caused by an act of nature. This is really a no brainer.

Jan, during the Biafra war other African nations and international communities opened their hearts and wallets to help. What if they had the attitude that they needed ONLY to focus on themselves, would Nigerians who got relief during the war be better off? Obviously not. The war was man-made i.e. volitional. In this case you've got a completely involuntary act, a 7.0 earthquake. Nigerians should help Haitians as they continue to help themselves. This is simply not debatable. It is the most common sensical and moral thing to do.

@Anon- 11:24pm- "Ladybrille are you serious about Nigeria going forward to show moral superiority by helping Hatians? look my friend charity begins at home and the world can't be fooled by such rubbish..."

Anon, Moral superiority has no bearing in this discussion. The issue is whether we have a MORAL obligation as a Nation and citizens to help Haiti. The answer is emphatically, YES. The added side benefit is that it happens tp also be beneficial for us as a nation both from a moral standpoint which is our first obligation and then subsequently for our image.

Need I remind you that we are on the US Terrorist watch list? Need I remind you that more Nigerian citizens are now being arrested for so called terrorist activities. I have no objection to Nigeria being seen as a compassionate nation and if the action of Nigeria and its citizens towards Haiti further helps create such image,I'm fine with that.

BUT we do not help Haiti because we want to be seen as better than Haiti or morally superior, whatever that means. We help Haiti because it is the right and moral thing to do.

Re- "look my friend charity begins at home and the world can't be fooled by such rubbish..."

You statement contradicts what is factually happening right now. The "world is fooled by such rubbish" and the world has opened up its heart, wallets and people to help Haiti. So, I am a bit confused on your point exactly because it is clearly contradicted by what is going on in real time and life as we speak.

Charity begins at home clearly but to say that because Nigeria needs to fix its homefront, that means it cannot help Haiti is simply wrong and logically makes no sense. We can do both and should do both.

I agree with all including Jan and anon that there is too much talking and little action. Nevertheless, I am seeing our generation making a difference. - Mushin Makeover, Musicians and the fashion industry uniting for peace.

Amazing women like Funke Akinbuli of Exodus Guild helping the disabled in Nigeria, Tosyn Bucknor doing something about Nigerians with SS, Chichi Dike of MNIA empowering and helping rebrand the image of Nigerian women here in the USA, Funmi Iyanda taking it to a whole new level and Linda with her Fashion for Peace walk. These are a few examples of concerned Nigerians not waiting for people to do things but stepping up and doing something.

We all should be about the action not just talking.


Anonymous said...

No mind eldee or wat does he call himself. Make im dey run im mouth. He who is talking, what has he done? Thats the problem with Nigerians very quick at criticising. Do as I say.... Charity begins at home agreed but why not live by example and start it first? yen yen yen Jos, yen yen yen Haiti...No go find work do, dey run ur mouth...

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