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Nigerian dress party 2009 (UK)

Sat Nights with DJA & DJAMUSIC In conjunction withB-Line Entertainment & CMEPresentA Nigerian Dress Party 2009(A 49th Independence Dress & Dance Party)On
DATE: Saturday, 3rd, October, 2009
VENUE: Planet Nollywood, 319 Camberwell rd, SE5 0HQ
TIME: : 10pm – 4.30am
On 2 Floors of MusicGround Floor:Naija Music + All other forms of musicDJs: Abass, Shola-B, Whateva, B-Line Family & Mc DataTop Floor:The Celebrity V.I.P Room (Hosting All Invited Celebs)
DRESS CODE: Nigerian…Ankara, Kampala, Adire, Agbada, etc!!!
ADMISSION: £10 b4 12.30, more thereafter.
INFO: 07946811253 / 07951405486“NDP 2009”

This event is supported by Naija4Life&B-Line Babes, HLK, On-D-Box, MEBB

(A 49th Nigerian Independence Special) DATE: Sunday, 4th, October, 2009 FEATURING :
DJ’s Abass, 1st Choice Kc, Omo-Whyte VENUE: Volts, 169-171 Fore Street, London N18 2XB On 2 separate floors of Music + Dj’s Shola-B & Whateva
TIME: 10pm – 5am ADMISSION: Ladies FREE b4 12 on guest list / Invite, £10 without INFO/Guest List/VIP: 07946811253
This night will also host all visiting celebs from the Nigerian music
and film industry in the exclusive VIP area. *

Genevieve Nnaji speaks on her beauty secret

She's one of the most people in the world. She recently shared her beauty secrets with Desola Bakare of Encomium magazine
Read and learn.

Can you reveal 3 beauty products that you can't do without and why?
"I can't do without makeup remover. I've discovered the monent you don't properly wash and clean your face, especially before going to bed, you end up with filth penetrating your pores and the result is spots and acne. I use N0 7 White Makep -up remover and it works fine for me. I also like face washes and I couldn't live without 'Shiseido range'. I've been using it for years now and I've found it works for me. The third product I couldn't do without is the Shiseido toner. It's good because it clears away all the last residue of your cleanser. Its called Softener and is very gentle on your skin.

What's your best beauty advise?
Genevieve "Something I would recommend for any woman is whenever you have the opportunity, let your skin breath. We need oxygen and air on the naked skin. Maybe it's because I have a career in acting, I appear on TV, in films and in adverts so we tend to wear makeup quite often. I find that when I don't need to wear makeup, I let my skin breath. I cleanse, tone, moisturise, and let my skin breath. If you are going to the gym or going to the market, you don't need to wear make-up. The skin in it's natural state eals itself and gets the opportunity to rejuvenate itself.

What other things do you do to keep looking good?
Genevieve "Getting enough sleep is very good, although having said that, I don't think I personally get as much sleep as I should. Apart from sleep, also visit the gym. I used to go every day but I'm trying to cut it down to every other day. I think you need toned, lean muscles and that's what exercise does. My basic routine is running on the threadmill for about 40minutes, then the exercise bike for about 20minutes and then I do a bit of weights to help tone the arms and thighs. I also play squash and tennis occasionally.

Lipstick or lipgloss?
Genevieve "I have very small lips, when you have tiny lips you end up with the colour everywhere but on your lips where you want it. I think lipgloss suits me better. I love Victoria Secrets glosses. The one I tend to use is nude, and it has a tinge of pink.

What kinds of things do you like doing to your hair?
Genevieve "It's weavon, weavon, weavon I'm afraid. I like curly weaveon. I do braids but I can say probably every four years. I actually like natural hair. My hair is moderately long. The last time I wore my natural hair somebody actually walked up to me and asked me if I were broke! I'm serious. I just said OK, that's the last time I go au naturel. (Laughs).

What do you do to relax?
Genevieve "I find it difficult to sit still for long. Other than a manicure and pedicure, I don't do anything. I don't really like massages. Apart from the fact that I don't enjoy someone touching me like that, by the time I've spent ten minutes there I would just feel that I could be doing something else with my time. I have such little patience. I don't mind watching films when I have time and I like watching TV series.

What's your favourite colour?
Genevieve "Earlier in my career when I was receiving so much attention, I thought that if I wore more black I would be less conspicuous, it didn't work. (laughs). Anyway, I still do a lot of black, I think it suits my complexion. I don't really like bright colours because they make me look 'clown like'. But Ive started mixing my blacks with colour.

How would you describe your style?
Genevieve "I like simple things, I treasure comfort. What I feel comfortable in, makes me feel confident. What I wear usually depend on the occasion".
What's your fashion fetish?
Genevieve "I have to say bags and jewellery. I just love bags. I think it's because I'm really a get-up-and-go kind of person. I'm very much into putting on a pair of jean, a top and I'm ready to go. That's the tomboy part of me coming out. (laughs). I like that look and the only thing that can make you look 'dressed' is a really good bag. I love the artistry of bags. I love the artwork and craftsmanship that goes into making a really good bag. I don't really go for trends, I prefer classic looks and bags that can last forever and never go out of style.

Would you ever consider plastic surgery?
Genevieve "I always say never say never. Realistically this is what I do for a living. This is what puts money in my pocket and food on my table and you do have to do what you have to do. So I have to make sure I look good. Who knows in 20 years how I feel? The truth is that our industry relies a lot on the way you look, that's why I'm doing everything I can not to resort to the knife in the future. That's why I go to the gym to get the fat out and look toned and leaned.
No wonder she's so beautiful. Thoughts???

How P-Square almost marred Guinness 250 Anniversary

~ Chilee Agunanna of Encomium Magazine

Nigerians joined the Guinness Worldwide 250 Anniversary celebrations at the Oceanview Restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos on Thursday September 24th, 2009.

The show had M.I, D’banj, Wande Coal and the Mo’Hits Allstars perform most of their hit tracks to a lively and appreciative audience before P-Square came on stage.

The track four of the new P-Square Danger album ‘Possibility’ features 2face and they obviously wanted to perform it with him. But the organisers wouldn’t let 2face on stage to join P-Square. At about 10pm, Guinness had planned to transmit the performances round the world live and wanted Sean Paul to be on the Nigerian stage at that precise moment, but P-Square would have none of it. They went backstage and after a few minutes ran back onto the stage screaming “These organisers are f**ked, they don’t want 2face to perform”. Paul then threw his microphone into the crowd and all hell broke loose.

The crowd immediately began throwing things on to the stage while at the same time shouting off the roof “2face, 2face, 2face!”. In order to safeguard their musical instrument, the ban packed up and left the stage and the rain of objects ranging from plastic bottles, drink cans and every other available object continued to drop on the stage.

Basketmouth, who was the MC and DJ Jimmy Jatt who was also part of the concert team tried all they could to pacify the crowd, but had little success. They promised that 2face would perform after Sean Paul, but the crowd would have none of that. The show simply stopped for about an hour while the issue was sorted out backstage.

P-Square later came back on stage to complete their performance inviting 2face to join them, but they performed to their CD because the band didn’t come back. P-Square afterwards apologised for their action. They said that one must always be their brother’s keeper adding that something like that should never happen again. They ended their performance by introducing Sean Paul to the stage.

All the ugly incident notwithstanding, the Nigerian version of the Guinness 250 concert celebration was a huge success.

What do you guys think of P-Square's behaviour?

This is what I think.
First of all, don’t throw anything into a crowd, you could have hurt someone.
Secondly, we all have to learn to control our anger, especially if we want to continue staying 'on top'. It's possible that this behaviour will turn off other corporate organisations from hiring them to perform at their shows. Remember what happened to Eedris Abdulkareem?. But maybe their action is justified? What do you guys think?

How Spanish Doctor Mistakenly killed Stella Obasanjo

~ Story from City People Magazine.

Four years after the death of former Nigeria’s first Lady, Stella Obasanjo, respite seem to have come the way of her immediate family, especially her only son, all of who feared that Stella’s death was unjust.
Last week, a Spanish court jailed the surgeon who performed the fatal surgery on Stella in Oct 2005. The surgeon simply identified as Raymond Roige was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to one year imprisonment by the South Malaga Court. The judgement also barred the surgeon from practising medicine for three years saying he was reckless in the way he handled late Stella’s surgery.

The Court said the blood loss and internal injuries she suffered at the Moulding Clinic in Marbella, Spain, could have been treated without any complications, if they had been detected on time. But Stella was reportedly abandoned for close to four hours after the surgery and made to bleed to death due to negligence of the surgeon. This happened as a result of the Cannola (A thin tube put into the body to extract fat) perforating her abdominal cavity, causing five incisions to her liver and colon. Mrs Obasanjo fell unconscious and doctors could not revive her.
Surprisingly, the doctor who performed the liposuction surgery on Stella, had done about 300 successful surgeries in the past.

From left, Stella's son Muyiwa, Obasnajo and Muyiwa's wife

Added to the one year jail sentence and three year ban, the doctor is to pay 120, 000 pounds (about N26million) in compensation to the late Stella’s son, Muyiwa.

During the trail, the surgeon denied responsibility, saying that the intervention and post operative procedure were ‘Perfectly normal’. He also said the age of the patient, who suffered from hypertension and asthma presented no objection.

May her soul continue to rest in peace. Amen. *

Uwem Akpan's 'Say you're one of them'

Uwem Akpan born in 1971 is a Nigerian Jesuit priest and the author of 'Say You’re One of Them'.

He was born in the southern Nigerian village of Ikot Akpan Eda; his parents were teachers. He and his three brothers grew up speaking both English and Annang. He joined the Jesuit order at 19 in 1990 and became a priest in 2003; he later earned an M.F.A. degree in creative writing at the University of Michigan. He has also studied theology at Creighton University.

'Say you're one of them' is a collection of five stories set in different parts of Africa including Nigeria and Rwanda, which tells a tale about the journey of African children ’s hardship and the bitter sweet occurrences of having to grow up in Africa.

On September 17, 2009, 'Say you're one of them' was picked by the Oprah Winfrey Book Club. He made history because ever since Oprah started her book club collection, she has never selected a collection of short stories before.
The selection of the book on Oprah's book club has been positive because ever since the announcement, the sales on the book have more than tripled and has sold out in major book stores all across America. *

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Iyanya finally set to debut

~To preview album, video and perform for special guests

Project Fame 2008 winner, Iyanya, is now finally ready to hit the streets with his debut album.

This Sunday October 4, he will host select guests at the Ultima Studio, in Omole, Lagos.
His album will feature contributions from DJ Zeez, Faze, MI and Bokwilla and production contributions from TY Mix and K Solo.

The Sunday event tagged ‘Symphony of Iyanya’ will not only serve as an album and video premiere, but also a concert with performances from Iyanya and a few of his friends.

Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk discovered his talents for singing during his childhood while singing in the church. He later started singing at weddings and then got an offer to perform regularly at Channel view Hotel Calabar.

He is a graduate of Business Management from the University of Calabar.*

Diamondz debut at last

Star quest 2008 winners, Diamondz will release their first album ‘Omo Naija’ on October 1, 2009.

The six man band which consists of Anthony Nwanne Iwediunor, Ifiok Effanga, Ajumoke Nwaeze, Blessed Edewor, Temitope Ogulowo and Ebenezer Ofili showed that they were off to a great start with the release of their first video ‘Bo sokoto’ which featured Fuji icon Obesere.

A 12 tracker “Omo Naija” will be released on the Kennis Music imprint. Kennis is Nigerian’s foremost record label and is also home to KSB, Jaywon, Essence and Kelly Hansome with an unprecedented track record of hits and bestsellers. *

Obiwon's Album lunch

It was an evening of quality music, dance and superlative entertainment as popular Nigerian act Obiora Obiwon performed fresh tunes at the launch of his anticipated sophomore album, "The Rebirth".

The album soon revealed itself to be an eclectic mix of contemporary gospel and r'n'b as earlier indicated by the artiste. In 2008 Obiwon made several references to a deep spiritual experience and the addition of gospel themes to his style. Upbeat ballad and 1st single off the album "Obi Mu O" also rose in 2009 to become one of year's favourite hits.

Guest artistes Alibaba and Yaw had the audience reeling in laughter with their comedic lines while Segun Obe, Rooftop MCs, Jahdiel, Eva, Kani, and Bracket of "Yori Yori" fame also ensured it was a memorable musical night for the celebrities and fans in attendance. Guests also went home with free copies of the album which finally hits stores in Nigeria on Friday October 2 via Obaino Music Distribution.

A visibly excited Obiwon had this to say: "We're elated having come thus far. We really took our time to do this (the album) and we're hoping the fans appreciate it for the excellence we've strived to achieve. We're now off to promote the album and do the videos"

Check out the album lunch pictures


Nurse found dead in her home

You know when you watch Crime and Investigation, you tell yourself things like this don't happen in Nigeria. But maybe they do... it's just hardly reported.

Check out this story by By Ubong George of PM News, based in Makurdi

~ A nurse with Federal Medical Centre Makurdi, Miss Mercy Ajagbonna, has been found dead by the Police at her residence, Plot BA332 Viewpoint Line, Kwararafa Quarters, Makurdi.

Neighbours of the victim Archibong Asuquo, Thomas Ode and Mr. Matthew Igyeye had on the 25th of this month reported to the police that an offensive odour was coming from the deceased apartment.Following the report, police detectives went to the girl’s house and forced open the door which was locked from outside and discovered that she had been strangled to death.

They told the police that a fiancé of the victim, an Army personnel, one Moses Olorunfemi from Lagos frequently visits her and that two days before she was murdered, he came again on a visit and was heard complaining that the girl refused to give him the keys to her bedroom.

The police said the nurse was murdered some days before it was discovered as her body had already decomposed.Meanwhile, the remains of Mercy Ajagbona have been deposited at the Federal Medical Centre for autopsy.When contacted, the Police Public Relation Officer, Mr. Samuel Jinadu who confirmed the report, said the police commenced full investigation into the incident but stated that so far no arrest has been made.

What do you say when you read stories like this???

RIP Best Ogedegbe

Ex-Super Eagles Keeper, Best Ogedegbe is dead.

He died at about 7.50 pm last night, 28th Sept 2009, at the University Teaching Hospital, UCH, Ibadan following an eye operation recently.

The former national goal keeper was receiving treatment after being in coma at the UCH since last week.

The late goalkeeper assisted coach Samson Siasia at the Netherlands 2005 FIFA U-20 World Cup, where the Flying Eagles won silver medal.

His last job as goalkeeper’s trainer was at the Sharks Football Club of Port Harcourt, where he was Kadiri Ikhana’s assistant.

May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

And she's back...

And sheeeeeeee's back!!!
Sorry for my absence...I thought I was only going to be MIA for a few days but look at how long I was gone. myself.. :-).
Will definitely make it up to you guys...
All you have to do is find a way to keep up with me. Seriously, you guys will be dizzy from
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Naija Entertianment News

I'm going to be MIA for a couple of days, so I'm going to give you guys lots of entertainment news to keep you occupied for a bit :-).
~ All news thanks to City People Magazine

Guinness 250 concert

In recognition and commemoration of 250 years of Guinness Greatness, a day aptly named Arthur Guinness day has been set aside for celebration where consumers will be invited to raise a glass to mark this remarkable milestone of 250 years of greatness. Artistes to perform at the Arthur Guinness day on Sept 24th 2009 at Oceanview Garden, Victoria Island are...MI, P-Square, Wande Coal, Dbanj, DJ Jimmy Jatt and Ragga sensation Sean Paul. In the same vein, so will other A-list international artistes thrill Guinness fans worldwide. The events will be broadcast live in bars around the world.

Nigerian acts to headline World Music Awards ceremony.
Come Nov 14th 2009, the quartet of Darey, 9ice, Kel, and MI will be performing at the pre-awards party at the 2009 edition of the World Music Awards which will hold in Monaco, Monte Carlo. Partners with the international Awards, Daar Communication, will be sponsoring the Nigerian acts to the ceremony.

RMD in comeback bid
Despite his hiatus from the movie industry due to a temporary relocation to Asaba, the Delta State capital, as the Commissioner for Youth and Sports Development, Richard Mofe Damijo has refused to be relegated to the background as it concerns his first love, acting. He's gearing for a comeback and recently appeared in a movie alongside Desmond Elliot.

Ashionye marries
Ashionye Ugboh is married. She married her long time lover, Orangootan Record Label boss, Carl Raccah on the 29th of August 2009. It was a low key wedding that involved only family members and very close friends of the couple. Wishing them the very best.

Cora Crew production immortalises J.T Tom West
The production of Angel of Light a film made in memory of the late renowned acto, J T Tom West, who died in an auto crash while shooting the film, have now finalised plans to immortalise the late actor. According to the MD of Cora Crew Production, another actor played J T's role in Angel of Light.

Nigerian Film producers to strom National Assembly
The Nigerian Association of Movie Producers led by Paul Obazele is set to storm the National Assembly sometime this week, with the aim of registering their grievances concerning the rising menace of privacy in Nigeria, with Federal Lawmakers.

Patience Ozokwor off to SA
The Nollywood actress also known as Mama G is currently in South Africa to shoot some scenes in her new movie. This is coming after a superlative birthday party which held last saturday.

Susan Patrick relocates
Former screen queen, Susan Patrick has been missing in action for a while now, that's because she's said to have relocated to the US after her effort to relaunch her acting career in Nigeria didn't go very well. She will be staying for a long time in the States according to a close friend.

Sasha's gets set to pop 2nd album
Sequel to the release of her second album, rap queen Sasha has released her second single 'Put it Down', feautring Mozambique female rapper Dama Do Bling, in her much anticipated second album 'Sashaspeaks. Already the video

Naeto C ready to drop 2nd album
Naetochukwu Chikwe, also known as Naeto C is getting set to release his second album titled 'Super C Season' The video for his second single 'Ako mi ti poju' is already ruling the airwaves.

Timi Dakolo releases single
2007 West African Idol winner Timi Dakolo has finally dropped a single he titled 'I love you' which featured producer, rapper and MI's younger brother, Jezze Jagz.

Angelica releases new single
Angelica Munonye of the Naija Guy fame is out with a new album after taking a break from the music scene for almost four years to complete her degree. She dropped a single from the new ten tracker album two weeks ago titled 'I Thank God' Watch out for the album.

Blacktribe plans return
The duo of Abdullahi and Young Chief both known as Blacktribe are getting ready to release their 3rd album called 'Brand New' in November. The 14 tracker produced by OJB Jezreel, J-Sleek, K Solo and Spanky will be featuring Timaya, Prince Banton, Sound Sultan etc. Already two videos from the album have been shot, Trusted and Chikito. Watch out for that.

Patricia Leon's first daughter weds
Chioma Osuala, the first duaghter of ex-beauty queen and ex-Multichoice topshot, Patricia Leon. Chioma is her 3rd born. The English graduate from Redeemers University will be getting married on October 10 2009 in Lagos.
Kaine Dosekun opens Da-LifeStyle
Since she shut down her fashion outlet called KSLD and Out of Africa store on the Island, Dr. Kaine Dosekun (formerly known as Kaine George) has kept a low profile but she didn't totally quit her business, she had simply veered into interior business. On Saturday Sept 19th, she flung open the door of her new shop called Da-Lifestyle, located at Isaac John str., GRA, Ikeja. The shop stocks luxurious bed linen, furniture, lamps, ceramic gifts and more.

Former Club Towers bounces back
Former Club Towers, situated at Idowu Taylor, V/I, will re-open on the 23rd of September, starting with a red carpet by 8pm. The club, which now has a new name 'Club Cabana Lounge & Restaurant' is owned by US based Wale Osin, who has been in the club business for 18 years with 6 clubs in the US.

K1 De Ultimate recuperates in Canada
Some weeks ago, the music industry was thrown into fear and confusion when news filtered in about the health of the King of Fuji, K1 De Ultimate. It was rumored that he had cancer but in a statement by his manager, Percy Ademokun, it was gathered that K1 was not diagnosed of cancer but an infection in his lungs which has since been treated is recovering fast.

Saheed Osupa set for UK tour
Fuji music star, King Saheed Osupa will next week embark on a UK tour which will see him perform in about 10 cities. The show is being packaged by one of the biggest Nigerian promoters in London. So watch out for him in your city.

News of the day
5 University of Ibadan PHD students die in autocrash
It was a very sad day at the University of Ibadan when 5 PH.D students died during last week in an accident at Iwo Road in Ibadan. An hour before the accident, one of the doctorate students in Botany received a call that his father had died and was wanted at home very urgently. His classmates and friends decided to see him off to the Iwo Road, Osogbo park. As they negotiated to the park, a trailer which had failed brakes ran over their car and they all died instantly. May their souls rest in peace..amen.

Stephanie Okereke premieres 'Through the Glass'
Talented actress Stephanie Okereke has fiinally premiered her movie 'Through the Glass' in Nigeria. An international standard movie shot in Los Angeles, which featured Hollywood stars with Steph being the only African who played a role in the movie. It was premiered on Sunday 13th Sept, 2009 at the Silverbird Galleria after which the general release to the Nigerian market preceded on Wednesday September 16, 2009.

Check out the pictures of the premiere

Steph and the a hollywood actress

Fathia Balogun and Mercy Aigbe

KOK and Ngozi Ezeonu

Chidi Mokeme and Johhn Fashanu

Sammie Okposo and guest

Lancelot Imasuen

Oby Edozien

Steph with the other actors

Steph and Donald Okoli
Pix thanks to Stella Dimoko Korkus.
Ok that's it...catch you guys in a coupla days
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