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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Cossy Orjiakor interview

When asked how she handles all the attention her boobs attracts, sexy actress, Cossy Orjiakor replied "It's simple for me. I have admirers no doubt but I can't sleep with everybody. If a guy says 'I love your boobs', I say waoh! Do you know what he just said. He said he loves my boobs. Anything you tell me, I will tell the public"

What does Cossy want in a man? "Somebody that respects me"
Has she found him? "I am not searching. I have a boyfriend. I am a pretty girl. I keep pushing men away on a daily basis. I ride on."
Any plans to get married soon? "Will I get married to me? When I see a man that wants to marry me, I will let you know."

Source: Encomium magazine


The- Damsel said...

ok, how will men repsect her when she has the double j's popping out lmao shes a joke

Anonymous said...

she looks trashy all the time and sounds like one whoz got nothing upstairs!!!!!!!!na ja!!

Anonymous said...

The lady is a joke. I don't think she has any idea of how she makes a fool of herself. Good luck, or is it bad luck to her man.

kemi said...

How can any man respect her when she doesnt even respect herself? Some people are so ignorant sha!

wienna said...

I doubt if she'll ever find a man that'll respect her as she wants, not in the manner in which she dresses in public. Na only old oyibo man fit marry her.

Anonymous said...

Shes a disgrace to womanhood..only a fool will ever respect her,she has no respect for herself and so doent deserve to be respected.she makes me want to throw up.SHES A BIG JOKE!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The song was not as bad as that of other actresses but Cossy needs to tell us if it was a fat lie that her boobs were enhanced by creams?

No man will respect a woman who flashes her boobs as if she is a hooker.

There is nothing wrong in having a good figure but self respect goes a long way. I will agree with Kemi's comment.

Chuks said...

The Nudity bill is because of ladies like Cossy. Why open big breasts like that as if it is for sale. Of course men will run after you, use and dump you like a sack of gari when they are tired. Too much fat is not good and boobs are nothing but fat.

When she is 60, she will find a man to marry her. By then, maybe botox for boobs would have been invented so that they don't shrivel up like bonga fish! Is it true that her boobs are FAKE?

Anonymous said...

Why so bitter? I say flaunt it, give 'em something to talk about.If she was everywoman then maybe you can judge her, she is an entertainer and boy do her boobs entertain. I read an inteview with her over 5 years ago and her concluding statement was "if you do not like me or what I wear you can hit your head on the wall and then take panadol" Classic, lol. I love her confidence.

Anonymous said...

anon, 9:13pm, you call that confidence, more like insecurity or low self esteem. Trust me, when you are confident, you really don't have to do all of that. Insecurity is what makes people want attention so bad, it won't even matter if it's negative, as long as it's some form of attention.
She's actually the one who will be taking panadol, bcos I don't think she's happy with herself.

Anonymous said...

Shes a disgrace to her family..she ought to be disowned

Duchess said...

I think a woman who flaunts her assets is very insecure and doesnt believe in herselt at all. Why wont she dress up and still be sexy or does she think that, that doesnt exist please, we all have assets we are very proud of and personally I think every woman has but flaunting it in public, hell no, as some other commedian once said, if it aint for sale, then abeg, dont put it up on the window cause you're giving me mixed signals, you dress like a ho, people will thinkyou are a ho, you dress like a police man, people will think you are a police, so if the situation fits, name it and in this case, sha i rest my case, all is said and done, what rubbish!!

Felix Joseph Osaeghemede said...

morally this daughter of eve is a deficit, i wonder what man will respect a cheap woman who bares her God given assets for every eyes to see. each time i see her, she bring to nonsense the true dignity of the black woman, am sure when a law against nudity will be put in place then her nudity will nologer be celebrated. i have followed her academic records ,, and fund her very intelligent , but she is not show it in the way she present herself to the public eyes. let her try the SHARIA states and lets see what becomes of her.
cossy it is time you do a u-turn from your old ways , this watermelon you keep displaying in boring.

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