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Friday, 13 November 2009

Strip clubs in Nigeria: A strip dancer's account of how they operate.

Last week, men of the Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Task Force raided strip/nude clubs in Lagos, arresting managers, patrons and the dancers. Encomium Weekly writer, Sunday Adebayo, tracked down one of the strippers and had an interview with her.
An eye-opener. Read it below

What are the requirements for recruiting dancers?
Stripper "The major requirements are: you must be at least 18 years old. You must have a very good shape and have to be able to carry yourself well. Your breasts must be intact. They won't employ you when you have sagged breasts and you must be clean up to your private area. And you must be a good dancer."

Do they employ you full time or you do freelance?
"At Ocean Blue where I work, we are employed, but we are not on salaries. You have to be very good and have to canvass for people very well, so that you will get enough money for yourself."

How then do you girls get your money?
"Normally we do lap dance, and three tracks of music will make a session of a lap dance. It's N1, 000 per session. If you are very sexy and have men who like you, you may be very lucky to get up to 20 people to lap dance for in just one day. The lap dance in the VIP section is more expensive. You pay N3, 000. At timew when we want to do it, we still charge some people more, and some below the price."

What makes the VIP section different from the regular?
"In the VIP, it's a private closet where we can do anything. So once the customer has paid, you can do anything for him. You can help masturbate him or even insert his manhood into your mouth to make him happy. But you can't have sex in the club."

What if the customer wants sex and is willing to pay for it?
"We don't do it at the club. But if anyone among the girls likes the person or can do it, you may go with him to a hotel to do whatever he wants to do."

How much do you charge them for that?
"It depends. At times we charge up to N10, 000 for the fun, depending on how the person approaches us."

Then can we call this a more professional prostitution?
"We are not prostitutes. We only entertain our clients and customers"

Like how many people come into the club on a daily basis?
"Most times, the space doesn't even take people, especially at weekends. From Thursday night through Sunday night. But on average, not less than 200-250 people daily."

Is any of your family aware of the kind of business you do?
"They don't need to know, because I give them what they want at the right time. So, no problems."

Now that the State Govt has closed down the clubs, how do you girls hope to survive?
"Life goes on. We will get something doing. And besides they will soon re-open the clubs. This is not the first time they are closing us down. We shall wait for what happens next"

All the girls have since been granted bail.
Please feel free to share your opinion on this...

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Jennifer said...

hmm!! Naija, don't we have more pressing issues than the existence of a strip club. The government needs to get its priorities straight

Jennifer said...

we have more pressing issue in this country, what's the existence of a stip club compared to some of those issues. the government must get its priorities straight.thanks for the info linda

Dr. Chinedu said...

Lagos is a mega city in the making and I believe having strip clubs is not a crime. Lagos can shut down prostitutes home, but they should allow strip clubs to operate.

They should also have very strict rules, maybe should pay high amount of tax. I grew up in Lagos and clubbed a lot in Ikeja. I know the kind of personalities I meet there. People like TV hosts, presenters, radio hosts, Actors/tress musicians, bankers all come to clubs.

Go to New York, Strip girls are in the range of highest earners, live very normal life and also maintains a good relationship with family and partners.

One of my course mate here in the USA works in a strip club, and shes very brilliant in class.

Please allow Strip clubs to exist o. It should be indoors with no adverts. Children should stay away. Under 21 should stay away.

These girls are living their normal life, making money from what they love. I don't know why their pictures should be on newspapers and websites. We are all sinners, nobody holy pass.

I bet, there is no way they can stop strip clubs from operating. Someone like me is interested in opening a sophisticated strip club in the nearest future.

Anonymous said...

"Someone like me is interested in opening a sophisticated strip club in the nearest future," says Dr Chinedu.

No wonder...

olu said...

I think raiding of strip clubs is wrong. WTF!

Anonymous said...

Lol at Anon 7:48pm!!!
I don't know how I feel about strip clubs in Naija. I just think we should stop importing crap from the West. Their morally defunct society should be a warning for other emerging nations.

E411 said...

There we go again....i mean, when did it become a crime to have strip it somewhere in our constitution....?...This is overboard..,I'm not condoning what they are doing but its a matter of choice....n Lagosians don't need to be treated as Under-18's...pls...
Even those in government can't sincerely say they don't enjoy such crude please....there are area boys...corrupt lasma officials...n even the a bunch of strip chics aint the problem now....
Thank you Linda...

Anonymous said...

if itz such a cool n dream job for them,whythen are they hidding their faces from the photographers n besides they aint classy at all.and to chinedu ,what are u waiting for?????????

wienna said...

I don't see nothing wrong in having strip clubs in Lagos. Here in the west, they're highly regulated, pay their taxes and have to abide by strict laws. What i don't agree with is them performing sex acts on their clients cos that's nothing short of prostitution IMO. Strip clubs are mainly for performing & dancing. Whatever you want to do with the client should be done outside the club. I used to be one of those who raise their noses at such practices but since they started showing much about these clubs & the strippers on TV documentaries over the last few yrs, i changed my mind about them. Dancing on strip poles now is now even a norm & a lot of ordinary people now dance on them as a form of exercise.

The Lagos govt. had better think of a better alternative for these girls to live, otherwise they won't have any other choice.

I've even been thinking of opening a male strip(a la Chippendales-style) in naija sef. Been playing with that idea in my head for sometime now.

Anonymous said...

hey i rememeber those strippers, don't they work for linda's modeling agency

ibiluv said...

the girl said it all

they've been shut down before

they will open up again..........

Anonymous said...

why are they shaming the girls and parading themm, they have not hurt anybody. Of course, ounish the poor man, where is the club owner,manager et al.

Naija sha,as long as they are adults i do not see how they are corrupting anybody. How are these girls worse than what politicians do to "attendants" at their "parties"?

Vera Ikeji said...

I agree with Olu, WTF?

Clean Up said...

dear people,
strip clubs and strippers,hookers etc are a pressing issue.
always have it your mind, the so called stripper might and can be your daughter in future..i.e your very own blood entertaining sex and lust thirst men/women alike??

stop this abomination or it might leave a mark in your generations to come.


Anonymous said...

In America, people are allowed to do anything, we call it freedom, right! So, no big deal in the western world. The same America, that Nigeria tries to emulate, this country is going downhill, because we are deviating from the morals and values that it was founded on. If anything, Nigeria should take the good from America, not the bad.

Freedom is good, but I think when it's sometimes abused, that's when it's called immorality. I know some countries who strongly oppose certain things, that are allowed in America, and I see it as a good thing. Does it stop people from still doing whatever they want? No, but there are just some things that are just not needed, especially if it's not helping in any way.

@ clean up, I agree

Anya P said...

This is one harsh reality of urban life - the anonymity of the large crowd creates the space for these ladies to lurk doing business in the shadows. But they must eat so I suggest the lagos state govt. initiative a rehabilitation scheme, if not like the girl, they will reopen the clubs!

Anonymous said...

Linda, this story will interest you. Please, follow the link below to read the story.
Belle de Jour (London Call Girl) Reveals Her True Identity As a Scientist
Written by: Ingrid Bergquist

Anonymous said...

@2:2pm.....LOL....LMAO seriously...dats a good one!

But seriously strip clubs are totatly WRONG..come on, those girls are skanky...would u want one of those skanks to giv u a blow job!!....

Anonymous said...

I am highly concerned about the admission that the "ladies" will perform oral sex and have intercourse if the price is right. I just hope they are protecting themselves. Don't need these guys taking any diseases home to their wives/gfs.

Anonymous said...

Please you know all those stupid cops are going to do, is to take those girls to the jails and use them for bribery sex! Because they see them as nothing more than prostitutes. The patriarchal system in that country is so sickening as the men feel like women are their objective playthings wheneva and whereva! Hissss...just a bunch of Horny idiotic useless police men trying to get for free what the rest of their counterparts have to pay for!

Anonymous said...

He who is without the first to cast a stone. Shutting down Nude clubs shouldn't be Government priorities.
Does nude dancing not take place in thier closet?
When they go abroad, nude clubs are their abode.
Our government is busy chasing shadows...

osas said...

come OOo Na the work way them wan do be DAT them no go live all those girls Abe them nor dey go there men this government are mad what they are surpose to do they will not do it, its what they are not surpose to do that is what they will do we need to talk to this so call government because they are fucking up

SoulJazz said...

I don't see why Fashola should be ordering the arrest of innocent women because his wife said so. This is nothing different from what Abacha would do.

Arresting a stripper and charging her with prostitution is a most evil act. Nothing different from arresting a journalist and charging her with treason.

Anonymous said...

The dumb govt have a choice. they let these strippers be, or they give them guns to start armed robbery. #simple

Anonymous said...

It is very wrong for the government to close the club. by the way, dont you know that if you and i fail to patronize them, they will automatically shut down by them self.
please leave the club alone, i love watching the big ass girls naked.

Anonymous said...

Government has no say in extoic dance.
What are they doing to eradicate poverty in the country.
What provision do they have for the less privileged ones.
Most of this girls are from poor home and some are even orphans.
Some are foreigners from poor country i.e kenya etc.
Stop jugding.
Look for solution or way forward.
Have you thought helpin someone or training a child to university level without been your family.
If your wife is ex-stripper what will you do?
Men are also striping in Nigeria.
What do you have to say.
Let God be the judge.
Advice, preach the gospel and stop the condenation...

Anonymous said...

dnt they ve better things to do than raid clubs and those critising this gals do u knw that wen u sleep a man who is nt ur husband u prostitute lets think b4 we act

Anonymous said...

Alain Said in PARIS the SECRETSQUARE has more 20 girls from around the world do Naked dance on top of your table simple make happy men and also women few minute from champselysee.
Why Lagos stop this club in ikeja??
take example of

Anonymous said...

Guys let us all be real. We all know that for every evil done it must have been concieved in the mind, this girls i can bet it wit u are also into prostitution. We all watch d white movies and see that after stripping, they follow the customers to their house and have sex for money which is prostitution. So lets leave this immoral mentality and face the fact.
How would you feel when ur graduate or undergraduate daughter tell you she wants to work in a strip or want to be a stripper? I guess Dr. Chinedu will disown her... then why do u wish other peeps children bad when u know u cant have ur kids do dat.
I promise you if you open one in Nigeria they will continue to close it and you will never make profit till d strip club get burnt... Nonsense!

Olamide Santos said...

Im sure when this blog was trending no one thought a place like the cave would exist. strip tease may go against the moral code of traditional africa. but like a lot of our other values we have lost them to globalisation and modernisation. if true capitalism must be encourage then strip clubs have to be alowed... after all it not a crime to entertain. but today strip tease, tomorow pornography. After all its all entertainment. or adult entertainment as its called

Anonymous said...

Nah bro. Strip tease and burlesque are all forms of dance entertainment. I don't see the biggie. It's a job and acting like a condescending, snut-nosed snub doesn't make anyone a saint. There are far worse things and f.y.I, stripping is very different from prostitution. Get your facts straight

Okoro Man said...

God save our society...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

plssssss i need strippers to come dance and work in my club.wit a very good pay and me today on urgent pls

Marven James said...

Why are strippers and exotic dancers called sluts or disadvantaged?

Drag Queens

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