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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Lilian Bach on why she's still single

"I have a Polish woman’s mentality. I’m not married, not because I have not been having marriage proposals. I have to look before I leap. It’s not easy for me, having advances from (left, right and centre) different angles. If I don’t get it right…. I don’t want to have this record of divorce in marriage. I said to myself, ‘If I gonna go into it, only once, till rapture comes. Let me put it that way. It’s not as if I have not had some bitter experiences along the line, But I thank God that it’s easy to break up a relationship, but not in marriage. I thank God for those past experiences, because if I have been married today, I wouldn’t know what would have come out of it."

Model/actress Lilian Bach on why she's still single.
Source: Vanguard Newspaper


Dr. Chinedu said...

All these women can make mouth anyhow. Instead of her to say she is searching for Mr. right, she is saying it is not easy to get advances from left right center, north and south. haba!

Anonymous said...

lol...she has a polish woman's dd she every even know her polish father?

Anonymous said...

Nigerian women are very funny, not the good kind, but the bad funny. I think they need to think before they talk, it's obvious they don't a lot of that.
Why are you still single? I'm looking for Mr. right, or I'm not ready yet, working on myself, taking my time, it's really that simple.
I understand you wanted to remind people that you are biracial, but that's not the way to go.

Anonymous said...

therez nothing special about being polish ,they re very poor here in europe ,infact some parts i visited just took after amawusa in lag.
the polish people come down 2 uk, germany in search of greener pasture
so tell her to chill biko

Anonymous said...

i think am d one.

Anonymous said...

to anonymous...
that was exactly my thoughts... she said on that she lost her father at 10 and had never been to poland.. So where would the polish mentality come from?
Can't she stand as a strong black woman and own her position as "I don't want to get married yet" after all it's her right rather than hidding behind her polish heritage that she knows obviously nothing of because if she knew anything she would find that polish people actually value mariage and family very much.

Anonymous said...

why is everyone being mean???

So what if she has never been to Poland? So what is Poland is poor? So what??? stop hating.

Anonymous said...

Until u reach 60 abi??

Anonymous said...

Lillian Bach I have loved you right from secondary schl,now am on your blog,you are one of the most respected female actress I respect...

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