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Saturday, 28 November 2009

Is silence really the best answer?

I was accused of doing something...that I didn't do by the way. But instead of defending myself, I decided to ignore it.

Now I'm told the reason I kept quiet was because I was guilty. My accuser could not understand why I would not defend myself if I was innocent. I really am

You all know I talk a lot but I just decided to shut it this time 'cos I believe that some things are best left alone, especially if it will lead to more anger and confusion. I also knew that whatever I said would be repeated and the nice thing about silence is that it can't be repeated...abi?

But my silence was misinterpreted. Now I'm told that if I had explained my own side of it all, it would have eased a lot of tension, and brought a calm end to the problem. (Hmmm, you are damned if you talk. You are damned if you don't talk).

So here's my question: When you are having problems with someone or you are accused of saying or doing something you didn't say or do, or they write some horrible story about you in the know negative stuff like that...what's the best reaction?

Silence because it's golden?
Speaking up because you give yourself a voice ... and be heard!

What do you guys think?


Sting said...

Same thing happened to me too. I was accused of being really guilty because i didn't see the need to defend myself. I think most times though it's best to speak up just so pple don't take advantage of the situation. Most pple believe what they hear and if there's no rebuttal, then what?

Kemi said...

Linda, there are two ways to the situation.
First, if the person you are dealinf eith is a "fool" its better to keep quiet cos silence is the best answer for a fool. Also the Bible says "answer not a fool according to his fooly lest you be like him yourself".

Second, if the person is wise, the you should try to get your point across, only if the person is wise o! By doing that you both can understand the situation and sort it out.

But if you are not sure about the persons level of commomsense its better to keep quiet cos by doing that you can never be misquoted!

All in all....LET THEM SAY!

Myne Whitman said...

Speak up first and put the truth out there. Then you can keep silent if the issue begins to escalate.

Anonymous said...

Either ways are best(dont knw if my concord is right,lol)...anyways...

It depends on what situation you find yourself..

Like I assume from your silence those pple didnt really want peace n u fed them with it which dy didnt really expect,there u won but they decided to change the tune...

Sometimes we dont really want to respond or defend ourselves on certain situations mainly bcos it doesnt really worth it in d first place or when we see we are above certain situations in which we are not supposed to be caught dead,we keep our mute.
There's something d Yorubas say,"Dada o le ja...",so,since you know you are positive, Let Them Say!Responding or defending might even add more salt to injurie ,so,Silence they say....

Have a great weekend n remember being yourself is just the best no matter what n dat is wat makes you,YOU...peace out!


Anonymous said...

Strictly for the media, the best thing is never to comment, never fuel speculation, cause once you do for one publication, it becomes a slippery slope, you will have to comment on every other thing put out there about you or else you are presumed guilty. However for one on one convesation, Kemi has said it all.

Tokunbo said...

I think it depends on the situation, but I believe that you should speak up when the need arises.If people believe you fine, if they don't, it doesn't matter.Silence could be dangerous sometimes,it is not always golden

Gbenga said...

i have been following your blog for quite a while and have never left any major comment whatsoever.

I do read articles about you in the newspaper too and here is my take;

"don't try to explain yourself to your friends/families, they dont need it in anyway coz they love you for who you are....Don't bother explaining to your enemies too...they won't believe any bit of it.

I have read many bad things about you in softsells (city people) and Punch Newspaper.....i once told a friend that.....I do not see Linda in the way she's been portrayed. SO...keep being silent....Its me

Anonymous said...

.........hmm...Linda, d truth about life is this; if you're silent, they will talk. If you speak up to defend urself, they will still talk anyway!...People will always find something to talk about. So, learn to pick ur battles.....this battle is not worth fighting....let them keep talking!

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