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Thursday, 29 October 2009

'This Is It' premiere's world wide...to great reviews.

The Michael Jackson movie 'This Is it', containing footage of rehearsals for his planned 50-date London residency took place on Tuesday night in 19 cities around the world

Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, Vivaca Fox, and Katy Perry were among the celebrities who attended the premiere at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.*

Some celebs came out in style..
Check them out...

Jennifer Lopez

Vivica .A. Fox

Monique Coleman

Paris Hilton

Paula Abdul

I would totally rock Vivica's dress. Loves it!!!

'This It Is' is currently showing at the Silverbird Cinemas in Lagos...for those interested.
I'm definitely seeing it.

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Anonymous said...

Gosh, Michael has no idea how much I miss him. This is the only person outside my family, that I feel this way. I've been playing all his songs, watching his videos, and I'm just in awe. The question I keep asking myself, why did his family, and the world let him go like that?

Michael, through all of your trials and tribulation, I was always there for you. Why will you hurt anybody, when you wanted the world to be a better place. I see the pain, hurt, abandonment, rejection, low self esteem you go through, but still manage to give us the heartfelt, great music. You are a gift from God, just the way you describe yourself.

His talent was out of this world. The greatest father, humanitarian, and entertainer ever. There will always be one and only M.J. My heart deeply goes out to Prince Michael 1, Paris Katherine, and Blanket, they lost the best person in their lives.

I hope you are in a better place, to finally have peace. R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson. I love you most.

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