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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Shoe-shaped bathtub

Italian designer Massimiliano Della Monaca created this shoe-shaped bathtub covered with precious glass mosaic in a style that stands out from the rest of the traditional geometric shapes. The water falls above the bather's head and massages the shoulders as it flows into the basin.

Starting at $17,000, the bathtub is shaped like an elegant pump shoe with a skyscraper heel, it allows for a perfect soak.

If you could afford it, would you buy it?


LoLu said...

Women and our endless obession for shoes! lol..fabulous!

Anonymous said...

Hell No!

k_bloggers said...

yeah, definitely. am a shoe addict

elvy said...

nice footwear,i commend the designer.i for one i go for one of a kind discoveries/products.once the "bar" is there na to claim one.

London Chameleon said...

definitely but only in the guest rooms/chalet.

Anonymous said...

eerhm, how do you enter this kin bathtub bikonu?

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