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Thursday, 15 October 2009

Murder, brutal rape and repression in Guinea

*Warning - horrific pictures.
Please don't continue if you can't stand gruesome pictures.

I know I'm probably going to spoil your day with this's horrific...and I'm sorry...but this is something we all need to see... as a won't believe the kind of terrible, despicable things we do to each other...*

Read the story below...

On Monday September 28th 2009, Guinean troops opened fire on opposition protesters at a stadium in the capital Conakry, killing 157 and wounding over 1, 253 people in the crackdown.

About 50,000 people were protesting over rumours that their erratic military ruler, Capt Moussa Dadis Camara who took over in Dec 08 after the death of long-time ruler Lansana Conte, intends to run for president in an election scheduled for next January.

During the protest soldiers moved in to quell the rally using tear gas and baton charges and firing live ammunition into the crowds killing many people.

Women caught in the massacre were raped and brutally murdered by soldiers.

"I'm 57 and they stripped me naked!" said one woman, her face still swollen a week later, as she showed off her bruised arms and buttocks.

"I saw soldiers putting their rifles into womens' private parts while they were hitting me," she added.

Thierno Maadjou Sow, head of the Guinean Human Rights Organisation, said it was setting up an association for women who had been raped so they could take legal action.

"A soldier had a knife, he ripped all my clothes," added the woman, who is an opposition activist. "I told them, 'I'm your mother.' They jabbed me in the buttocks with a knife, they beat me terribly."

Beside her, a woman of 47 showed reporters the bruises and wounds scarring her back.

"A soldier hit me and stripped me, he hit me on the head with his gun. They knocked me to the ground," the mother of two said. "Someone came and put their hand.... they raped me. I got out of there naked."

Sow said the rapes were perpetrated in full view of all and constituted "a crime against humanity."

And now to the pictures...
Please remember you were warned...

Photo credit: Mawuli Dake

This is totally unacceptable. Please join to demand justice- sign the MILEAD Fellows petition:

I've signed the petition. Hope you do the same.


Anonymous said...

God have is well

Anonymous said...

What a bloody shame may their souls rest in perfect i keep saying democracy can never work in Africa in this century until we clear out corruption. You have a bunch of yahoos running for office, yahoos who don’t know shit about ruling, yahoos that all they thing about is them and their family……what needs to be done is to get a mad man that would blow up all the African nation house of assembly and eliminate each and every one of them, and then we can begin afresh, until that is done this bloody yahoos would keep recycling them self

Myne Whitman said...

OMG, this is terrible! I will def sign the petition.

The Misses said...

He must be a really bad guy for the country to go through all of this just because they don't want him to run for president.

Do the international comm know what's going on over there since they seem to care about freedom, human rights, and democracy?

Anonymous said...


Renaissance chic said...

This is so sad. I usually try to avoid most stories on Africa because for the most part, they are usually so depressing. God help that continent!!!

ifeoma odogwu said...

this is just horrible. how do dese pple sleep @ nite.

Orikinla Osinachi. said...

Great report and great pictures too.

Yours is the most awesome blogzine in West Africa so far.

Your rock 24/7.

Cheers and God bless.

*Dith* said...

so sad but sometimes i do feel as tho Africa is cursed!

always one mind boggling story after the other. I do not even want to sign that petition because I am almost certain it'll be useless.

*Dith* said...

so sad but sometimes i do feel as tho Africa is cursed!

always one mind boggling story after the other. I do not even want to sign that petition because I am almost certain it'll be useless.

Anonymous said...

I know its horrible to say but really i saw the pictures and i wondered if we werent a cursed people??? How we can do that to ourselves? Its the same spirit that pushed forefathers to sell their own "lesser beings" centuries ago into slavery. The same horribility still on because of power and money? The blimming soldiers at work, what do they get? Is it that these leaders have truly killed any spirit of humanity in the soldiers that they would go out and do this? Not stand up for the civilians they are meant to be protecting? Or is it that our leaders think the military is their own personal security? How does a protest harm you if you've got nothing to hide?

Oh Lord, please help us in Africa!

Anonymous said...

Where's Jerry Rawlings when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Africans will keep killing themselves, until they wipe the people in the whole continent off.

Anonymous said...

this is due to overpopulation

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