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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

How P-Square almost marred Guinness 250 Anniversary

~ Chilee Agunanna of Encomium Magazine

Nigerians joined the Guinness Worldwide 250 Anniversary celebrations at the Oceanview Restaurant, Victoria Island, Lagos on Thursday September 24th, 2009.

The show had M.I, D’banj, Wande Coal and the Mo’Hits Allstars perform most of their hit tracks to a lively and appreciative audience before P-Square came on stage.

The track four of the new P-Square Danger album ‘Possibility’ features 2face and they obviously wanted to perform it with him. But the organisers wouldn’t let 2face on stage to join P-Square. At about 10pm, Guinness had planned to transmit the performances round the world live and wanted Sean Paul to be on the Nigerian stage at that precise moment, but P-Square would have none of it. They went backstage and after a few minutes ran back onto the stage screaming “These organisers are f**ked, they don’t want 2face to perform”. Paul then threw his microphone into the crowd and all hell broke loose.

The crowd immediately began throwing things on to the stage while at the same time shouting off the roof “2face, 2face, 2face!”. In order to safeguard their musical instrument, the ban packed up and left the stage and the rain of objects ranging from plastic bottles, drink cans and every other available object continued to drop on the stage.

Basketmouth, who was the MC and DJ Jimmy Jatt who was also part of the concert team tried all they could to pacify the crowd, but had little success. They promised that 2face would perform after Sean Paul, but the crowd would have none of that. The show simply stopped for about an hour while the issue was sorted out backstage.

P-Square later came back on stage to complete their performance inviting 2face to join them, but they performed to their CD because the band didn’t come back. P-Square afterwards apologised for their action. They said that one must always be their brother’s keeper adding that something like that should never happen again. They ended their performance by introducing Sean Paul to the stage.

All the ugly incident notwithstanding, the Nigerian version of the Guinness 250 concert celebration was a huge success.

What do you guys think of P-Square's behaviour?

This is what I think.
First of all, don’t throw anything into a crowd, you could have hurt someone.
Secondly, we all have to learn to control our anger, especially if we want to continue staying 'on top'. It's possible that this behaviour will turn off other corporate organisations from hiring them to perform at their shows. Remember what happened to Eedris Abdulkareem?. But maybe their action is justified? What do you guys think?


Unbiased said...

It is the sort of stupid childish behaviour we have come to expect from them. They need to grow up and stop the diva attitude!!

funkola said...

lol @ Eedris and his predicament...he couldnt sing to save his life anyway.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, we all want an organized society where everything works but we are not ready to wait in line for our turn, it seems always easier to have our way even at the detriment of the majority.
D issue is definitely not about Tubaba but working on schedule and timing. D organisers were working based on a schedule but dat was not good enough for our 'superstars' so they act up like toddlers to get attention and then turn around to say 'foreign artistes are treated better than local artistes at concerts organized by multinationals!'
What happened to d initial contract? Were d duo not aware of the schedule? And why didn't d duo declare the names of all d ppl they intend to feature during their performance during pre-concert fine-tuning abi they think maintaining security n order backstage at such a huge event na beans?
Linda sweets dis comment sef don dey turn to another post! Chai, now d duo's PR team have tough work cut out for them (not with d landlord brouhaha n all dat), I no envy them o but at least some ppl would be making cool money off this while d duo will definitely suffer some public (money) 'backlash'!!
BTW, d latest album by d duo is c***p 2 put it mildly!!!

Anonymous said...

was it dat they didnt want tuface to performat all,or maybe they wanted hime to perform after sean.and did he eventually perform with psquare?

Anonymous said...

I support the way psquare handle it, becos it's better for the organizer to no that nigeria went to the party not becos of sean paul alone but becos of nigeria artist as well, so next time the organizer will no how to respect our artist as well.

Anonymous said...

Psquare - just a razz pair

Anonymous said...

P-Square...uhnnnnnnn...The yoruba people de mi rawo o!!(easy does it)

Pride comes before a fall o!!

Mej said...

Totally immature behaviour; looks like they haven't matured that much since the terrible two (yr) old stage. Their irrational selfish behaviour caused a major disruption to the show and certainly doesn't help our image as a nation. This is the kind of conduct that got a footballer banned for 4 matches recently. Their action is inexcusable as it could have resulted in complete mayhem if the crowd went wild and spoilt the whole celebration for Guinness in Nigeria, one of their key markets and production bases.

LoLu said...

Peter has ALWAYS had an attitude, throwing temper tantrums, vulgar and abusive language and it's now throwing things. I wonder what next...

Anonymous said...

Linda, biko. PSquare was very right and justifiable in their actions. It is good to be our brothers keeper. Oyibo will never put us first in their concerts,and not to talk of Naija where they feel they have so much clout. Babes, with all due respect on the rest of the comments. It is high time we stop thinking that oyibo organisers are better, and anyting other than that is childish (immature is a better word.)

dScR?Be said...

but why didn't dey want 2 allow 2baba 2 perform? i mean, kini big deal?

Anonymous said...

Nice staf, men! Mama love Googlez!

Anonymous said...


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