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Thursday, 30 July 2009

What is Style? + Koko Mansion Evictees

When asked what Style is, Omowunmi Akinnifesi, former most beautiful girl in Nigeria, who I think is one of the best dressed ladies in this country, said

"Style to me is not something that is cultivated. It is something that is inborn and comes out with time. When you begin to grow older, style comes naturally and you just begin to discover your own kind of style"

What stood out for me was; Style is not cultivated, it's inborn.

Is it really? Then why the hell wasn't I born with it...lol

But seriously is Style inborn or some people just happen to have really good stylists/designers or grow into their own over time, or see a lot on TV and fashion mags to copy from? (guilty! :-))!
What do you guys think?

Speaking of Style and dressing fab, for the first time ever, I made Encomium magazine's best dressed list. Hmmm, I was rocking mehn...lol. It was myself, Omowunmi Akinnifessi, Stephanie Okereke, and Uche Jumbo. From the Guinness 250 outing.

Koko Mansion Evictions
Moving on to other things, two contestants have been evicted from Koko Mansion...
They are...Rekana and Victoria.

Rekana Sharon Ojong “ I guess I was able to cope with the demands of being isolated with 11 strangers in the mansion, because I kept my eyes fixed on the goal” Rekana began, “the 5 million naira prize and the opportunity to be classified as an ideal Nigerian woman was my primary motivation – but after a while the education we were getting in the mansion became the major motivation – we were taught several things such that we learned how to manage a home on budget, we were tutored by Grace Oforiokuma from Style and Grace, and we received countless lessons in poise, elocution, etiquettes, and even how to tie gele – but more significantly I learned how to live with other people, and how to control my temper”

On who should win “at first I was thinking Rita, but when I thought about it – I discovered that Rita needs a great deal of polishing before she can possess the qualities of an ideal woman – since then, I’ve come to believe that Bolanle deserves my vote because she is intelligent, smart, well-spoken, and beautiful – so I’d be campaigning for Bolanle.

Victoria Oloye on being evicted "I can’t be angry at D’banj, because I know it wasn’t up to him – the viewers had voted, and whoever had the least number of votes had to leave – I was found guilty, so it was okay for me to leave”

On who should win "I’d cast my vote for Chidinma any day – any time, because she’s a kind-hearted and virtuous woman, despite the fact that she’s not perfect, she exercises a very high tolerance level when dealing with conflicts in the mansion – she also tries to advise you on how to do things better, but the best part is that despite the fact that she’s from a privileged family, she hardly puts on any airs, and I believe that’s how an ideal woman should be”.

Photo of the day

A very stylish Mariah Carey...love her look here. Too Fab!


Anonymous said...

In my opinion, style is a reflection and representation of your self. It should be natural and comfortable and should reflect the moment in your life since as we all have different moments and moods.
I have reached a moment in my life where I feel very comfortable within myself and I play around with different styles according to my personality and to suit my mood in a particular moment.
Style should not be stressful nor exaggerated and when you try to copy without understanding, it looks wrong. Nevertheless, by playing around with a lot of different style trends, you can find one which you will feel comfortable in.

Tairebabs said...

oooooh i didn't watch the eviction. will do so on youtube. The last few clips I saw of the show really upset me because the grammar of the girls were less than I expected. But I will watch it again and give them another chance.

I think we each grow into our own style and for those who feel they do not have style, there is always the next available magazine!

Tokunbo said...

Style is a very relative term so for me, it could be inborn or cultivated.A lot of people mistake style for anything expensive but that may not neccesarily be. You can be chic and classy without braking a bank, on that note I say stle is inborn. No matter what you do or adorn, that inner charisma must be present to make the style come alive. some celebrities do not possess these inner charm and poise, so their own kind of style can be cultivated. In any case, style na style, either inborn or cultivated. Ride on Linda, i am becoming addicted to your blog. God bless you sis.

LoLu said...

Linda, I no see well but if na u wear dat red dress, O gurl u rock o! Seriously, too too too fab. I like!

As for style, i think it is an art and it reflects the wearer. When they say in-born, i think it means it comes frm and relects wats within. watevr one is adorning definetly relects wats inside u -hence ppl dressing according to mood and so on and so forth.

Mary said...

Linda Econonium was just being nice to you, really you need a stylist ASAP you didnt look nice in that dress and the colour did not compliment your skin tone plus you forgot to iron a dress that needs one!

chigozie emetumah said...

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ola said...

I think that style CAN be cultivated. Omowunmi's right when she says that it's something that comes out with time, so in other words over time, people can create their own style. It can also be natural. There are some people that don't make any effort and are just naturally stylish.

p.s. Is there a difference between being 'stylish' and being 'fashionable'? I think a lot of us tend to confuse these two terms.

Anonymous said...

that is a very "ignorant" comment!
which kin style is inborn?? so was every1 born with trends that comes and goes with time or is it the fact tht we get influenced by celebs and magazines?? which kin style is inborn?? doesnt make sense!

style is purely based on influence!

Anonymous said...

I love me some Mariah. She is getting more sexy as she gets older. Mmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

oH PLEASE Omowunmis answer is so cliche and well rehearsed.And i dont think she is that fantastic a dresser.

Nollywood Forever said...

I don't know how anyone bears to watch Koko mansion and keep up with anything that even goes on in there. Everytime I ahve tried to watch it is a bunch of girls jjumping around to Dbanj's music... beyond boring... like they are auditioning for a strip club.

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