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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Paul Play down with cancer

Paul play down with cancer – Chilee Agunanna (Encomium magazine)

Hospitalized in South Africa, colleagues pray for quick recovery

Reports coming from South Africa are not pleasant for the Nigerian music industry. Paul play Dairo, son of the late Juju music legend, IK Dairo, was allegedly diagnosed with cancer of the kidney while in South Africa to shoot some music videos.

An emergency operation was immediately performed for the removal of the cancerous lump and he is now recuperating under the watchful eyes of his family, while the video shoots have been put on hold.

His cancer was still in its early stages and the operation was successful.

Thank God for his mercies.


muyiwa said...

paul play,please we still need you in this industry oo,Thank God for his mercies

Anonymous said...

Thank God for his life. Linda r u on Twitter ?

fransy said...

linda sweetheart hw do u do ol dis i olso v got a blog bt wen i try to format it wel such as font colours and sizes i cnt...hpe u wil help me out in dis ms ikeji,,

Anonymous said...


truth said...

Oh my!!!! No way. I hope he gets better.

ola said...

I love Paul Play. Thank God the cancer was found early. By God's grace the lump will not reappear again and he'll be completely cancer-free.

Jumoke said...

Hi Linda,

Am a very close friend of paul and I can confirm that all the news in the media abt cancer isn't true....yes he was hospitalized but it wasn't in relation to cancer......


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