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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Asaba International Airport Project + Delta State University Teaching Hospital

The International Airport, still under construction, is situated in Asaba, Delta State
Check it out...

Front view

Side view

Asaba International Airport Control Tower

Runway of the Asaba International Airport

The reason I brought these pictures here is because of a statement made by someone after seeing these pictures...

Here it is... "Another white elephant project...another conduit to drain scarce resources. Does Delta and Akwa-Ibom states need 'International' airports? Must every state in Nigeria have an airport? Aren't durable, well paved road networks a million times better? Asaba is bracketted by two airports (Enugu/Benin) that if properly developed alongside solid road network will allow the citizens of Edo, Enugu, Anambra and Delta state conduct their lives with utmost ease. This airport project is...bullshit!

Is this the right attitude? There's nothing 'bull' or 'shit' about the structures I'm looking at in these pictures. I know we've been let down severally in the past by our Government, but shouldn't we show appreciation when they do things like this? Like what our Governor in Lagos is doing? But on the flipside, is there any sense in what the writer wrote? Who agrees or disagrees with him?

Meanwhile check out another structure built by the Government of Delta State
Delta State University Teaching Hospital
This hospital in located in Oghara, Delta State
Front view of the Teaching Hospital

Side view

A Clinical Staff displaying some Medical Equipments of the Hospital
Pix thanks to Trueface of Delta...

Happy new month all
God bless!


Tee- Blahnic said...

I kinda see where the writer is coming from...This might be another way for these ppl in authority to steal more money (its not like they don't have enough anyways) but at the same time, we have no other option but to be optimistic.. My question is: why in God's name can't they fix that damn muritala airport?? that place is just an embarrasement..seeing as it is the major airport in naija, we can def do better..I love Fashola and love his work in lagos so far, don't get me wrong, but he needs to make that his priority...

Kpakpando said...

I'm glad they're at least building something, however this doesn't look like an international airport to me, it's on the smallish side, and how many international airports worldwide only have one or two runways?

I disagree with the writer, I don't see why Asaba/Delta State shouldn't have it's own airport if they can build it and maintain it. I personally would prefer to fly to Asaba because it's closer to my villa than PHC airport (the closest international airport) and getting local flights to Enugu or Benin as suggested can be hellish, they're grossly overpriced, fly infrequently and are always sold out from Lagos or Abuja in the busy season.
I think anything that bring the opportunity for revenue and employment into any state in Nigeria should be welcomed.

Yan Tan said...




Mej Obada said...

@Tee-Blahnic, MMA sure needs to be expanded and upgraded but that's not Fashola's responsibility. Its a Federal Govt airport (Min of Aviation) so its their call. As for the Asaba airport site I passed by last wkend. I expect it to provide increased access to the State and neighbouring ones and act as a catalyst for growth in the sub-region.

Chad said...

It's a white elephant project because you just don't build an airport because you can. Who are you building it for? How many passengers are you expecting? Will it cover the costs? The airports already in existence beside them; how much traffic do they draw? I have a knowledge about it? They are all loss-making unviable airports.

I am a bit familiar with the air traffic for Nigerian airports. It's a strictly Lagos, Port Harcourt, Abuja affair. Do you know since Abuja International Airport opened, traffic to Kano International airport crashed by more than 50%. There is only one time the other airports are busy and that is the Holiday periods when 90% of the airports get their traffic.

It will either steal traffic from Benin, Owerri and Enugu which are empty 90% of the time. Where is the increased traffic coming from to warrant building it? The people support it because it's an ego thing. How can all those cities have an airport and we don't? The fact they bring in less money than their upkeep which leads to lack of maintenance and sub-standard facilities is not an issue.

As a rule of thumb, if you can't get the private sector involved in any capacity, it's a white elephant.

Read your blog for two years and never posted. I have no idea why this made me post but it did. I'll go back to just reading and hopefully you keep on writing. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

woooooow!!! I'm impressed o!
Seriously I know that ppl have been let down time and time again but the fact that they're actually acting on their words is great!
I'm also excited about the DELSU Teaching least folks have an alternative hospital to go to now, I'm from benin and UBTH gets pretty crowded at times.
Good Stuffs.......

Anonymous said...

I'm with Chad on the airport. Soon every state will ant an aitport. For what? Do you have the passengers? Don't forget it costs a furtune to run an airport properly and if you are not going to be profitable, it is a pointless venture. As long as they have done their research well sha.

The hospital, now that is a good idea. I just hope that they have human resources and a maintenance culture that matches the hospital building. Hospitals are not about how large or exquisite they look. They are about the medical staff, medical equipment and maintenance of medical equipment plus policies, if those are not sound they can build from Asaba to Benin, it'll be a waste of time and money.

Anonymous said...

Chad u've said it all. I also agree with the writer. These people don't know they have to do some statistical analyses b4 embarking on any project. That airport is going to sit down there, wither away and gather cobwebs. Air travel is the US common mode of transportation. Do you know how many states in the US have an INTERNATIONAL airport? If they had said they were building a local airport for domestic flights,it still would have been an overly ambitious idea, but that's pardonable. Which "International" flight is going to land there? KLM? Lufthansa? With how many people on the plane?...Two?...Even Port Harcourt doesn't have as much international air traffic. I agree with Chad when he said its an "ego" thing. Our leaders should know how to prioritize. Ok, just imagine if they had used that money to further equip their Teaching hospital, employ qualified doctors/nurses/whoever in the medical field, and maybe earn themselves a reputation as the best hospital in the country. What do u think that will do to their economy? will skyrocket!! Then what happens? People begin to get interested in the city, not just indegenes; Investors will begin to come in, both public and private, and maybe then, they can start THINKING and PLANNING about investing in an airport bcos of the renewed interest and possible high traffic they will have coming into their city.
Our leaders should learn to crawl b4 walking. Something worth doing is worth doing well. I guess my point is, there's nothing in Asaba to warrant their own airport. Doesn't Warri have some kind of small airport? Unless its for those going to the east that maybe want to bye-pass the bad roads from sagamu to benin. Even at that, why won't they just go the distance and fly to Owerri or Enugu? Unless they are going to Onitsha. Anyway, only in naija can this happen. Where someone can just make a decision with the peoples money without their opinion or consent.

Anonymous said...

I want Nigerians to be optimistic when someone decides to do something positive, and be encouraged. Those same Nigerians are the same people who sit there talking all day about the problems we have in Nigeria, but open their big mouths to criticize when someone is actually trying to do something.

There is nothing wrong with these states having their own airport. If Fashiola was not doing anything, people will complain, if he's doing something, people will complain. Nobody is saying anything about Yar'adua, knowing the fact that this dude is doing nothing for Nigeria.

I'm in support for people who are actually doing something to develop or make Nigeria better. It's better than nothing. Nigerians honestly get on my nerves with that nonsense, when someone is doing something, open their big mouth and start talking rubbish like they are saying smth smart. Those kind of people are the reason Nigeria is not moving forward. I also like the Delta State University Teaching Hospital.

muyiwa said...

what the person posted was right,all states in nigeria cannot have airports,that project is very big and i think its another way to embezzle again,thats the reality

Anonymous said...

Linda Sweets,
Please read that statement again.

'Does Delta and Akwa-Ibom states need 'International' airports? Must every state in Nigeria have an airport? Aren't durable, well paved road networks a million times better? Asaba is bracketted by two airports (Enugu/Benin) that if properly developed alongside solid road network will allow the citizens of Edo, Enugu, Anambra and Delta state conduct their lives with utmost ease'

I think you missed the point cos the individual questioned the need for another int'l airports in the face of other top priorities.
BTW, the airport seems to be small for an int'l one?
The money would have been better used in equipping that hospital to international standard.

Anonymous said...

I want to react to the Anonymous writer who says "Nigerians honestly get on my nerves with that nonsense, when someone is doing something, open their big mouth and start talking rubbish like they are saying smth smart". This is an open forum and people are allowed to voice their opinions. It is very childish of you to call people "big mouths" just because their view is contrary to yours. Anyway back to the issue at stake, I don't support the Asaba Int'l airport because I think the number of Nigerians who use airports are a small minority. The majority of people use the roads. The roads leading to the state should therefore be maintained. The teaching hospital is a good project because it will add value to the lives of the people both rich and poor.

Anonymous said...

From @ 3:14am in response to

anon 5:51pm

Yes, this is an open forum, and each individual is allowed to voice his/her opinion. I don't have any problem with anyone saying their opinions, even when it's contrary to mine.

I'm not familiar with Lagos, who am I to say whether is right or wrong, so maybe the guy does have a point. I honestly was just talking out of frustration. I was on a Nigerian website, prior to coming on this blog, and I just saw how Nigerians bash out their own even when they are trying to do something positive, so i happened to express my frustration on this blog, and I do apologize for calling people big mouth.

Afam said...

It's good that the government is doing something, but the problem with the nigerian government is that the always have their piorities misplaced. The people are asking for food and water, the government decides to build an airport when there are already three close by airports(Enugu, Benin, PH)

Anonymous said...

i am impressed with d new Teaching hospital,though it doesn't follow the stipulated distance of school-teaching hospital.

concernin d Airport,my question is, What is d percentage of people in delta n its 'neighbourin' states that fly or wud make international trips?

how often do they fly?
gigantic projects like this to gulp resources that wud hav been used to provide other necessary amenities,ought to be subjected to an opinion poll.

that wud hav provided the justification for its need or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

All these views expressed here are justified but one thing is missing. the republic is a young growing one and whatever facility that ubder-utilized today might even be over-utilized in the nearest future. These critics should look at smaller countries in southern and mid part of the cntinent and see that they own more airports that Nigeria has. These new facilities are never the waste you think they are; the generation of your children will gratefully inherit them. usjiminex

Anonymous said...

I just wanna know if this Asaba airport is now operational..

Anonymous said...

Well, the Benin airport is on it's last leg if nothing is done soon. So I'm sure those guys in Asaba has done their home work and have concluded that Asaba may soon be the only airport standing (save for PH) in the area. As for the size, I've seen some smaller international airports in the balkans, so, it's ok. It need to be promoted vigorously, though and the state government also need to lobby those international carriers to use the airport. If well managed it could become a catalyst for economic and cultural growth in the area. Therefore, there is nothing white elephant or ego about it.

Anonymous said...

I think people should learn to appreciate good things when they are fluanted.How can somebody in this 21st century be referring to a collosal project of great economic prospect as ''white elephant project.'' Probably,they would prefer a Governor that will get into power and start sharing the money without embarking on meaningful projects that will improve the generality of the public.Please we should encourage progressive tendencies and do away with retrogressive tendencies.

Sandy said...

Why are people complaining about Asaba Airport, how can you recommend that some one coming to Ibusa from North or West should go to Enugu, Owerri or Benin land there and pick another vehicle that will take that person to Ibusa or to Onitsha. bad belle ppeople na una sabi, Asaba airport here i come.

Paris Orly Airport hotels said...

Shouldn't they be glad for having an international airport in their area? This means job and opportunities to other people, so why are they complaining?

Anonymous said...

I want to write that I enjoy reading this blog

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Please oo..all the bad belle people that were against the airport..go and look at it now, all you do is criticize and talk rubbish. This is 2012, go and see the airport now. It is not only for transporting people but also a cargo airport...shame on all of you..una no get common sense..

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