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Monday, 25 May 2009

Jim Iyke prepares for the alter

Saw this story and thought you guys might like to read too...

Jim Iyke prepares for the altar
*In love with a Jamaican actress,
*His grouse with Nigerian women
Written by Ekerete Udoh

Story thanks to Seun Oloketuyi

He has been variously described as Nollywood’s playboy -a serial heartbreaker, one whose motto vis-a-vis relationships with women, appears to be “use them and leave them.” Tabloid stories about his sexual escapades are in volumes, leaving many to wonder what he is looking for in a woman or if he will ever find that unique woman who will melt his heart and make him entertain the thoughts of walking down the aisle.

During a recent encounter with Jim, in New York, the issue of his play-boy image and stories of his sexual liaisons were exhaustively probed. As reported before, he vehemently denied being a playboy, however, admitting that “a million women may pass through your life, but only one will stick and strike that chord in you.” It appears that that one woman may have finally materialized, and struck a strong chord in Jim Iyke’s life.

There have been some rumors and published speculations that the handsome actor may have finally found a woman of his dreams - a fact that he has neither denied nor confirmed, until now. Jim Iyke was asked explicitly if he had finally found the elusive dream woman, and if so, what qualities stood her out of the numerous others that competed for his heart, love and affection?

Smiling infectiously, Jim volunteered, “I am going to tell you everything you need to know. As a matter of fact, I am going to use this opportunity to finally break my silence over this issue. As you rightly pointed out, a lot has been written about my new found love, most of them largely speculative in nature.

“Yes, it is true. I have found the woman of my dreams, and we are in love in totality. She is the embodiment of all that I have been looking for: tall, pretty, exotic and supremely intelligent. I was looking for a woman who would complement and reinforce my intellectually curious mind -someone who would add and not subtract, and I’m happy to admit that I have finally found her. Her name is Phil, and I would leave it at that.”

How They Met

“I met Phil sometime last year in the United States. She’s of Caribbean ancestry - more specifically Jamaican. We had a movie shot in Baltimore and Phil was invited by her then friend, Ruth Okoro, to the set, and we had an instant connection. Initially, I thought I was just going to have a good time with her, and keep it moving.

But her beauty, intellect, deeply ingrained values and an abiding capacity to understand and deconstruct me struck me. No other woman I had met ever took time to learn who I was, and what elements and values define my entire being.

"Phil’s love for me was not based on my fame, rather she cared much about Jim Iyke, as an individual and not Jim Iyke as a star-actor and Nollywood superstar.I have always believed in the partnership of body, soul and the mind. Oftentimes, the women that crossed my path in the past were more interested in the partnership of the body. But Phil possesses both the intellectual ability and the traditional values that were in short supply with my recent past relationships.”

In the past few months, the tabloid newspapers had regaled their readers with the case of betrayal on the part of Jim’s new found love. According to reports, “ Phil, supplanted and betrayed her close friend,- Ruth Okoro, who was said to be seeing Jim Iyke at the time she introduced her then best friend, Phil to the Nollywood Sexiest Actor.”

As a result of this betrayal, the two erstwhile friends are mortal enemies today. Asked if he ever had an affair with Ruth, Jim replied in the negative. “No. Ruth is not my kind of woman, and the notion that I was seeing her is totally preposterous. How could I be seeing Ruth, when she was even married to my boy, Philips Ehigiwina?

It is true that Ruth introduced me to Phil. I didn’t need to deny that. I saw a winner in Phil and I went for her. I have no regrets. What Ruth wanted from me, unfortunately, I couldn’t give it to her because of the fact that I have some morals in me. All the negative things she has said about Phil never bothered me because I know who she is, and I am comfortable with who she is.”

Marital Plans

“Yes, we have discussed it. But we are taking it one at a time. I am actually at a point where starting a family is becoming an attractive proposition, and I am seriously exploring it. Phil and I have been to Nigeria. She has met with my parents and family members and they all love and adore her. Her values and background mirrors ours and it’s a great feeling. I would say that it appears as if we have the same DNA.”

Why a Jamaican Woman?

“I have nothing against the Nigerian woman. As a matter of fact, I think some of the most beautiful women are in Nigeria, and indeed Africa in general. But I have made my choice, and my choice is a Jamaican woman, someone who has come to understand and appreciate me for who I am.

I do have my grouse with the Nigerian woman, though. Our women often go by the dictates and symbol of status, parental influence or pedigree as opposed to substance. I struggle hard to make them understand who I am, but I am always unsuccessful. I am tired of that struggle. I have come to realize that it is better to deal with a foreign woman.

With our women, you struggle to define yourself. Foreign women are willing to take you for who you are, as opposed to what you are, which our women tend to emphasize. If I am in a relationship with a Nigerian, and I am seen outside chatting up another girl - innocently, with no strings attached, I will have a lot of explanation to make to gain back her trust - even though I have nothing romantic to do with that woman.

It’s always a struggle to prove that you are not the person the society has defined you to be, and I am really tired of that struggle.”

What do you guys think of Jim's views about Nigerian women?

Have a great week ahead people!


Bilii said...

so true about naija girls....Its def a status thing with us naija girls.

Girls look for the potential for what they can become and not what they are now. ok? :)

Anonymous said...

Jim Iyke has always been and still is full of shit.

*Dith* said...

She looks like the actress in that wack a%& movie with Angel lola love...gosh i cant remember the name now tho. that movie was just an excuse for the girls to be naked at all times.

Now back to the post, i think Jim is somewhat right in his views on naija women, although it generalizes.
I'm happy he found love and his girl is gorge.

*Dith* said...

btw linda u looked nice in d pics below..

wienna said...

Both of them should take their slutty-selves to one place ojare. Who give a dime about both of them? Which naija babe will want Jim self with that him gra-gra apart from his money? They both deserve each other. Make them use each other well-well.

Tairebabs said...

I am not a fan of Jim so I doubt I can appreciate anything he has to say. About his comment on Naija women and their attitude when their men chat with no strings attached, I will say true we ask questions but trust me rendering explanations to naija woman is a piece of cake compared with some foreign women...where did he say he met his future wife again..ehem?

naijagirl said...

Jim Iyke, Ruth Okoro, Keturah Hamilton, Phil E, Emeka Ike is a circle that has been in the tabloid for a while now, its good to know the news is dying down.
I like the response he gave when asked "why Jamaican woman"....no need bashing nigerian women, just answer "thats where I found love".
as for his comments on naija women.....oh well, to each his own.

Anonymous said...


SimonSEEZ said...

tall, pretty, exotic and supremely intelligent

he want someone to question him intellectually and when asked who is ideal woman should be check the first 3 adjectives he uses.....

no beef intended dou

Trybes said...

The guy sucks and i say this with all sense of responsibility and not doesnt have to do with anythin personal whatsoever..i just believe he has an air around him that makes him think he's all and i have a deep phobia for such personalities.I'm more attuned to people who are humble..sorry,thats just my take..

Although,i think i may have to agree with him on his point about nigerian woman.Truly and sadly enough,nigerian women are all about what you have and not who you are..so i think he was right on point although...i sincerely plead no disrespect to the womenfold cuz na woman born me..lol

LadyT said...

Wow, Jim. Hmm. Interesting indeed. I can agree with some of the things he has said- namely the issue of parental influence and the focus on pedigree but this is not true of all Nigerian women. Also, is he that naive to believe that "foreign" women do not have the same issues? I'm pretty sure the issue of parental influence and pedigree exists for women of all cultures. Also, what does he mean when he says that it is just easier to deal with foreign women?? LOL. That one cracked me up? Guess, Naija girls are just too tough for him. Common, Jim. Have some confidence!

oluwatoyin said...

he needs to shut up!

What Nigerian Women deal with. said...

LOL. just read every comment above and na wa. there seems to be a lot of beef for jim. i do not know him personally and do not care for him because he doesnt cross my mind like ever but the beef should be minimized haba. lol. lol.

Anonymous said...

he's such a jerk............a celeb public shame....he's gonna end it as soon as it is started....he's defininitely gonna live upto his movie roles and beat the hell outta the swine??? lol...............ekitiBOY

Anonymous said...

A bunch of Niigerian haters..Just wish the dude success in his marriage life and keep it moving. You're hatred for him should not transcend to negativity because it would surely come back to you. I don talk my own. Joe

Insomniac Soul said...

Hisssssssssssss! I didnt even bother to read the whole thing and I can't count how many times he described his woman as an 'intellectual' as if she's his lecturer or sumn...

To me, Jim Iyke is the most annoying person to watch (i hope he's not that annoying in real life)....And ppl say that love does not exist??? Well, here is your proof....That this man can find a woman to love him despite he's sooo FAKE (well, onscreen at least) is truly a miracle worth celebrating!

Insomniac Soul said...

Oh, by the way, I just went back to finish reading his interview and all I can say is he seems even more annoying off-screen!

Look at him bashing naija women as if he is something himself. Someone that says his dream woman is pretty, tall and exotic! He's such a hypocrite! Has it ever occured to him that we naija women may like our guys, handsome, tall and well-spoken...None of which, he is.

Abeg stick a fork in the baggar jo! N remove his pictures, his face annoys me! LOL

Anonymous said...

hi linda, please do you have any pictures from the pink ball, xxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

LMAO! for real tho?! Jimmy should hold his mouth ooo...then again noone get energy to waste curse on am! its crazy tho that everyone is agreein on his views abt naija women ooo. YOU CANT FRIGGIN WIN! u work hard and accumulate all the degrees behind ur name and u buy d better car n house for ur damn self...and when time come to find spouse...y u no go want someone of equal or greater value???

na wa ooo!i knw its all abt love and hapiness and flowers n suga n all that! But For some, they'd rather that come with a huge stash of cash and a last name like 'dangote' 'obasanjo''hilton' 'firestone'...wateva. Dat attitude is not exclusive to ma nigerian sistas oooo ppl....who no like better thing? even chinco babe dey shine eye!

Gold digging na global crisis o like dis F**kin recession. hissssssss!

chayoma said...

totally in tune with simonSEEZ.
1. 8ja women arent as easy as "foreign women"
2. we value marriage oh! so it best be coming with stability, financially and otherwise.

Aint gonna go into any bashing of the dude in question. waste of my time. all i will say is that, it seems he settled for someone of his caliber. LIKE does mesh with LIKE!

Lady A said...

I believe it's infactuation...it could be the real thing, but I doubt it!
He's cheesy if you ask me.

Ladybrille.com said...

I have never been a fan of Jim Iyke. I resent his roles in Naija movies and feel he is so pigeonholed. Nevertheless, absent any evidence beyond tabloids about him and who he is, I truly think this one of the most candid, straight up interviews I have seen from a Nollywood actor.

I also thing all of his points make sense and I like that he does not as someone say bash Naija women to validate his choice.

DO YOU Iyke.


SassyTrends... said...

Who cares who he gets married to and his entire life anyway?

He will probably end up beating up the gurl gan self! mchew!!!

Anonymous said...

I av sn d video & am afraid 4 jim if ds is d girl he wishes to settle down with, she aint take home to mama, this is def infatuation. Cld all haters just pray 4 him instead, despite all he has done. jim needs help ASAP

Kokolette said...

uggghhhh... Naija women and their questions... American girls- they don't ask questions when they see you talk to another chick. They might take a crowbar and carve "motherfucking doggg" into your jag, or they might slash your tires, or maybe just burn your clothes, orrrr how about this- pull a left eye and burn down your whole crib... but thank the Lord, at least they don't ask questions like those damn Naija women...

My point? What he described is not unique to Naija women. Not by a long shot. This really is just the kind of ignorant, uninformed bs that people spew when they are unexposed. No disrespect, but its true.

Tokunbo said...

I am not particularly fond of Jim Iyke, even though I like his bad boy roles in movies. Anyway, I hope he really finds this Ketural worth the while because he doesn't cut the picture of someone that can settle down. That is my candid opinion,

pat said...

hes a freak...let him go to hell

Anonymous said...

i am of caribbean descent but i have a lot of nigerian friends, i have been to nigeria many times, i love the people the culture the movies the music, the good and bad things about the place. reading these comments posted here really saddens me. The fact of the matter is most of u are hating because the girl is from the caribbean, had she been nigerian i am sure the comments would not have been filled with so much hate. you all need to wake up and cast aside your prejudices.

Anonymous said...

Keturah huh?






Dont for once think any african woman will be CRAZY LIKE A FOX and be jealous of this skank.

if none of you have seen the movie "Crazy like a Fox" starring another rejected bonified ho Lola, grab it at your local african store. Keturah is in that movie - and a real porn star in that movie. I hope Jim Iykes mom and his sisters have seen that movie.

linda i hope u post my message

Anonymous said...

to the jamaican on board talking bout african or naija women are jealous of keturah.

I am sorry Africa dont breed such "WHORES" like Keturah. She is not an actress she is a whore. We africans are not jealous of that.

Anonymous said...

To the caribbean who stated that we Nigerians are hating...you are too close to the tree to see the forest. Jim Ike is NOT going to marry that girl. He is going to enjoy her (if you know what I mean..wink wink) and then move on to the next chick. He has way to much access to willing females (some married) to tie himself down with just one.

SlimTin said...

Spot on Jim. Wishing you marital bliss, if you decide to take the plunge.
Spot on about the nigerian girl.

Lilian temewei said...

just go to you tube and see her true colour

Ella said...

Please give the brother a break! fist of all, why is it so difficult 2 appreciate the good work that Africans are doing 4 us and stop being negative? Jim is a great actor, he knows how 2 plays his roll well. Secondly: If the man says that he's happy with the woman then let him be! It's not easy 2 find someone the love in this modern world! Some people will date allot of woman/man be4 they find the really one 2 love! All we need 2 do is just 2 witch him the best and let's us hope that all will come out well!

You r complaining that the woman is a ho , well even ho's 2 change and become desend! By insulting him/her you will not win anything!

Don't be HATING aight!!! Miss TIA

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