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Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Nigeria's Top 20 Best Dressed Women

Hey people, hope you all had a great Easter celebration. It's back to work now sorry o ;)

Anyway, I need your opinion about something. We are working on Nigeria's Top 20 Best Dressed Women (for the mag) and well...the guys at work came up with a list....and erm...we can't all seem to agree on the Top 20. I personally think that we missed out on a few my name for instance...I kid, I

So I'm bringing it here....
Below is a list of the top 20 names (I added a few names) the guys at work came up with. Please if there's any name you think shouldn't be there or any name we missed let us know.

Check it out....

70's Opral Benson

60's Erelu Abiola Dosunmu

50's Helen Prest

40's Nike Oshinowo

30's or 4o's Lanre Da Silva Ajayi

30's Rita Dominic

30's Shade Okoya

20's Omowunmi Akinnifesi

Here are the names
Nike Oshinowo
Helen Prest Ajayi
Rita Dominic
Erelu Abiola Dosunmu
Grace Egbagbe
Genevieve Nnaji
Betty Irabor
Lanre Da Silva Ajayi
Omowunmi Akinnifesi
Oprah Benson
Nkiru Anumudu
Shade Okoya
Toyin Saraki
Funmi Iyanda
Ifeoma Williams
Dorothy Atake
Nimi Akinkugbe
Mo Abudu
Abba Folawiyo
Stella Damasus Nzeribe
Nike Ogunlesi
Florence Ita Giwa
Rukky Sanda
Ibidun Ajayi Ighodalo
Mariam Babangida
Linda Chuba Ikpeazu
Toyin Raji
So what do you guys think, who should and shouldn't be on this list?
Please tell us what you think...
Pix thanks to solafolowosele and bella.

Meanwhile check out the US top 20...
Best dressed Black women of 2008

Rihanna in 1st place
Beyonce in 2nd place

Oprah Winfrey

Michelle Obama

Mel B

Joy Bryant

Halle Berry
Jill Marie Jones
Jurnee Smollett
Queen Latifah
Add Image
Gabrielle Union

Lauren London

Thandie Newton

Garcelle Beauvais Nilon

Kerry Washington

Jada Pinkett Smith

Alicia Keys

Selita Ebanks

Jordin Sparks

Keri Hilson

If I get a lot of responses eh, I'll give you people sweet, hot naija gossip...better one for that


justdoyin said...

I think Omotola Jalade should definitely be on there...else, you should take out the names of other actresses like Genevieve, Rita and Stella...

Y.O.A said...

hi lynda,u re so creative.keep up d good work

Temi said...

omotola is not that great. seen what she wore on the video "feel alright" That (and the ridiculous song) has just diminished her level to below zero

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

abeg make una no put rukky sanda in that list. all that her rainbow colored outfit its not fashion. shes just into the latest trend not what actually works for her body. to me that aint fashion said...

shade okoya shouldn't be on that list..... please. she too dey over accessorize.Less is always more.

rihanna deserves to be number one on that list. that girl is too much.
thandie newton-check
michelle o-check

don't know about beyonce.....

doll said...

Rita is most deserving to be on the list. i always admire her cuz she is always well dressed

Emotional Chik said...

Omotola should be there, she dressed better than Genevive and stella put together!

aYoMide said...

PLEASE omotola need not be there o!! why? dressing is about the fitting! not how expensive the outfit please use the criteria to make ur selection.....i also think stella damasus should be there....and must it always be the usual suspects?....opral benson, sade okoya etc........theres one woman Maggy who owns new look on opebi road...she rocks!!!! honestly! so my selection is Maggy Fari.....
comment on the 20 best dressed black women in d usa .....Where the hell is Tyra Banks on the list!!!!!
hope u are okay and buisness doing well.......


Anonymous said...

Rukky sanda does not deserve to be on the list. I disagree with those saying omotola should be on the list.

Anonymous said...

Linda i am in support of patty boulaye, mrs mariam babangida,Nike oshinowo and Erelu Bola Dosunmu. Please don't include Omotola Jolade's name not because of her dresses but because of her usual unkept hair.

Magnetic said...

Rukky who!!!!! she defintely is a NO NO!
omotola jalade.... i swear if i find even her initials on your list
i'm neva coming back to read you.

stella nzeribe is a bit iffy.

nike wana be said...

I am happy wit this One girl.But please the most fashionable of them all is still my Nike Oshinowo

Anonymous said...

I don't know all the women on the list, but where is Stella Damasus, don't know about Genevieve or Omotola, they dress ok. Nike Oshinowo and Helen are fashion icons, but what happened to Nike Ogunlesi, she dresses well too. On the other side, where is my girl Sanaa Lathan, she's very underrated, she dresses classic and sophisticated. Lauren London is so overrated, i don't even think she should be making any list, maybe the best dimples list or smth, but not the best dressed. You guys should also do the best dressed men.

YankeeNaija said...

There are only two names on that list that should remain. You and your crew have to think up another 18 names. The names that should remain on your list are: Helen Prest and Shade Okoya. Gorgeous dames and they can dress.

Anonymous said...

Rita Dominic!!! Classy, Chic and very CLEAN! Love Genevieve, great actor but she DOES NOT dress well at all.

wienna said...

Patty Boulaye who??? I've not seen that woman in the public eye for God knows how long now. Rukky who??? Abeg, where's Kate Henshaw, Clarion Chukwura & Joke Silva in this list. Linda baby, you and your team need to research more. What is the criteria of this list?

elsieolson said...

omotola a big no no..excessive makeup and unkempt hair and ill fitting clothes....helen prest, nike oshinowo are style icons and are good choices...i live abroad and i dont know too much about lanre da silva ajayi...i think rita dominic is creative with her style she doesnt seem to copy anyone and she generally doesnt look bad and seems somewhat well put together...shade okoya is way over the top..i know she is really utilizing okoya's money and seems to be almost losing it with the draping and accessories..i guess to outshine evryone...opral benson is the queen in her age group iya oge of lagos..good job Linda i can see u put in a lot of thought to this blog...

Anonymous said...

Rita Dominic, Helen Prest, Mo Abudu, Nike Oshinowo, Toyin Saraki, Ifeoma Williams, Stella Damasus - Yes. Lanre DaSilva -maybe, she rocks her signature victorian look quite well.
I don't think Omotola and Genevieve deserve to be on the list.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... No offense but i think you should make it 20 Best Dressed Celebrities or Notable Nigerian Women , something like that.

Naija has a huge population of women, those 20 women cannot be the best.

Demi said...

Are they the best in Abuja, Lagos, PH, Jos, Benin and every other state or is it the best dressed in Lagos alone?

Anonymous said...

rukky who?

pls take that name off d list !
genebieve shouldnt be on the list IMO; she always plays it too safe..(lets not confuse good acting with good dressing)...
omotola? of cus not...
stella damasus dey try sha..but sometimes she wears some funny dresses...
rita Dominic? fantastic dresser....
Shade okoya? no! no!....she dresses way over the top and there's nothing classy about wearing all ur accessories with one outfit!...
where is ifeoma williams on ur list??

9ja's OT said...

Deola Sagoe should have been on that list...big time

Anonymous said...

If this is strictly about dressing, then Genevieve should not be on the list. Rita has it nailed from hair to toe. I agree, Rita is very "clean" classy and simple at the same time and most importantly, she has a mirror.

D.E.E.L.A.M.I said...

I didnt get to see genevive nnaji?. or dakore....okay rukky sanda needs to be removed from that list,plus her hair dye/colors...."blank stare"

Anonymous said...

also you list should be seperated in diffrent category like people that dress trendy, classic, effortless and drama queen i always find these blogs of best dressed funny. most of these women are publicity hungry thats why they always at all the partys. some of the best dressed women in nigeria are: tope edu, ebi williams reni folawiyo, bola balogun, esosa anenih, jewel by lisa, deola sagoe, nike oshinowo, daisy danjuma, tola adegbite, betty irabor, titi ogunbanjo, and countless others but some of the ladies om your list don't really dress well but they are just pretty also i think you linda dress well

Anonymous said...

As a fashion Consultant in one of the luxury fashion brands in the UK, i strongly disagree with a whole bunch of the names you have listed. Rita, Stella, Genevieve and Omotola should never have been considered. Consistency has a whole lot to do with having great style plus its not about wearing expensive outfits and accessories but wearing what suits you as a person. doing the whole minimal look is chic - dat takes shade off this list cos she is OTT ( over the top) always.

Anonymous said...

Yeah,the list is ok,most especially omowummi.she's very stylish..linda,i want to be under your agency...i'm under El model management but no job since this year...please,would call you.thanks!

Anonymous said...

What are u people talking about? If any nollywood actress deserves to be on that list it's Rukky Sanda, cos she definitely has a unique sense of style and taste and always stands out at every event, at least in her pictures I've seen. N did I hear u say Shade Okoya is always way over d top? Mehn dat lady is always on Point to d last detail- Mrs Prest, there u have Class n carriage- Nike Oshinowo, she dey try, but always wants to look too youthful n chic, which usually works for her but every once in a while she shud rock them Mamas style- Funmi Iyanda- yes she's skinny put please she's not 10yrs old- I dnt think she remembers dat sha-i think she tries way too hard. Again Shade, Rukky and Prest shud definitely b top 3 cos there u hav Glamour, always on point even on a regular day when u see them.Tyra shud definitly b on dat list-

Anonymous said...

heard of this pretty lady called Jumoke Oyeneyin--she is hot..

Anonymous said...

Linda sorry but your american top 20 sef is wack. Where's Kelly Rowland? You said 2012 and most of those outfits look worn in years before 2012. Look at this year more and get a better list.

Anonymous said...

ur list is def so wrong. Dame goodluck shud b toppin d chart. :(

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