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Thursday, 30 April 2009

Half Naked Ekiti Women Protest

The uncertainty and protests that have trailed Saturday’s rerun governorship election in Ekiti State took another dimension on Wednesday, as a group of women clad in white attires protested round Ado-Ekiti, half-dressed. - By Akin Oyedele

Some half naked Ekiti women protesting against the political logjam in the state
Tagged, “Peace rally in support of democracy in Nigeria,” the protesters gathered under the aegis of Ekiti Women for Peace and Development.

They were led by a former Commissioner for Women Affairs in the state, Chief Ronke Okusanya, while the deputy governorship candidate of the Action Congress, Mrs. Funmilayo Olayinka and wife of the governorship candidate, Mrs. Bisi Fayemi, joined the procession.

More than 300 women, comprising the young and the elderly, took part in the protest over the delay in announcing the governorship candidate of the AC, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, as the winner of the governorship election.

As early as 8am, the protesters had begun to mass at the popular Fajuyi Park in their tens from parts of the state, which grew into a crowd by 10am when the protest march began.
While more than 20 elderly women among the group, whose ages ranged between 60 and 80 years went half-dressed, the youths protested with their clothes on.

The procession moved from Fajuyi to Oke-Iyinmi roundabout and later to the AC secretariat in Ajilosun, with the police following them to prevent the rally from being hijacked.
The protesters, who sang anti-Peoples Democratic Party’s songs and chorused “Eeye o” waved white handkerchiefs to onlookers who cheered them on.

Some of the placards hoisted by the women read, “VP Jonathan, stop your imposition on Ekiti rerun; Prof. Iwu, fear God; Fayemi won the election, INEC no magomago; Iwu be warned; Ayoka Adebayo, heroine of democracy.”

At the Oke-Iyinmi roundabout, 10 of the half-dressed women caused a stir when they formed a separate group to perform a rite, in which they were heard appeasing the gods of the land.
While the rite lasted, the women rained curses on all anti-democratic forces and those disrupting the peace of the state.

The convener of the rally, Okusanya, said that the women decided to add their voice to the ding-dong that had become the lot of the governorship rerun since Saturday when the election was held.
Okusanya, who is also the woman leader of the AC in the state, said that the women were AC members drawn across the state and concerned senior citizens who were fed up with the antics of INEC.

Having allegedly collated the results of the rerun, she said that the embattled Resident Electoral Commissioner, Mrs. Olusola Adebayo, should be allowed to complete the assignment by announcing the winner.
She said, “Non-release of the result is an ingredient for chaos and violence. The women of Ekiti are in full support of Adebayo to be allowed an unfettered atmosphere to do her job.”

OMG, I've never seen this before in Nigeria. These women are obviously very angry. There's a lot of craziness going on in Ekiti State, I just hope their protest yields some positive results...but most unlikely huh?

I hear Action Congress is already demanding the resignation of our President, Musa Yar'adua, the Inspector General of Police, Mike Okiro and the INEC Chairman, Maurice Iwu. But we all know that's wishful thinking.

May God intervene...


*Dith* said...

Wow!! madness!!
i tried to link the half nakedness to the electon thingy but the two do not even correlate. I mean if it was like a sexual related protest or something in that respect, it'll be a tad easier to digest.
these images make us look like babarians around the globe..nothing more, nothing less.

and If my grandma ever dared to participate in such,...let's just say it wouldn't be funny.


i hear if an elderly naked yoruba woman curses u... there is going to be an obituary out for u soon... this is some scary shit. but im glad that people are standing up to this nonsense we call democracy in Nigeria.

Olukunle said...

hmmmn...very sad that people would go out and protest in this manner...over something that shouldn't have happened in the first place...I really think its time for Mr. President to resign...He has failed...if one spends 20years preparing for madness, how mad can be one at the end of the day? The so-called Seven Point agenda is a ruse.

Anonymous said...

What has this world turned into???
May God save us!!There is nothing that can happen to make people go that far.Don't they have morals.Idiots!

chayoma said...


chayoma said...

Ekiti oh Ekiti
May the Lord help us!
i hope this one never make CNN..

The Nigerian Fetish said...

hahahahaha.....NOW WOW OH!!!!!

Wow, really? this is really happening?

Anonymous said...

they could have protested without the naked thing now.abi?

Anonymous said...

A woman baring her naked breasts in protest of something,ESPECIALLY an elderly woman at that symbolises a curse.And is deeply rooted in spirituality et al.

We have so let "enlightenment" and civilization blind us to where we all really came from...remember our ancestors knew and did something before xtianity and islam...and it worked..it wasn't all bad.

If i tell you that IN OUR BELOVED NIGERIA there are seven women who live in the earth...i mean inside,deep inside the ground stark naked..they serve theor purpose...that which i cannot divulge now....
if ony we all mostly didnt see cultural/traditional things as evil or juju or this or that.

Somebody is talking morals..i laugh..morals based on the fact that the oyinbo man taught our people that nakedness is a bad thing?
better go and read the history of your country(ies) if you are african.Listen to the elders and then come back and repeat that this women have no morals.


Anonymous said...

wow! this is srs...

and the whole half-naked thing is nt abt being uncivilized, its a wake up call thing and it's deeply rooted in OUR tradition...get over urself!

Lady A said...

Man, I don't know what to say...

Ladi said...

This is aexactly what Igbo women did in the 1929 riots and in my women studies classes here in America, they are saluted for it.

Barbarism keh? Do y'all read Playboy? Oyibos bear themselves fully naked for money. Yoruba women are doing this for democracy.

Who then is barbaric? Both, neither, either, none?

Anonymous said...

No wonder other parts of the world sometimes see Africans as uncivilized, savages, uneducated group of people. There is no excuse for women coming out with their sagging breasts saying they are protesting. About what? protesting to be half naked or to be fully naked, it has nothing to do with any political affairs. Our ancestors lived like that, but this is modern day, the 21th century. I don't care about history, when I read the history of Nigeria, specifically the Yoruba history, I see nothing but many immoral and indecent acts. They do many insane things that is attached and called part of the culture, for example, the tribal marks that yoruba people sometimes have on their faces or bodies to differentiate them from other group of Yorubas is unnecessary, apart from the fact that it disfigures your skin. Such acts as protesting half naked for a wake up call, whether it's part of culture or have been practiced for years is inappriopriate, in Africa and other parts of the world. We can get our point across fully dressed, and maybe it will even be more effective.

Sugabelly said...

@ First Anonymous: Shut the fuck up if you don't know the culture of your country. Why oh why do all the stupid people always comment under Anonymity????

truth said...


It's not the first in Nigeria...go read your history books people. Baring your body to raise a point (in our tradition) means you are very angry about the issue and have been ignored amidst your less drastic pleas. So what makes better sense? the crazy riots that lead to mass murders???
I am in full support!!! All hail to the Ekiti mamas. At least they got there point across. Clearly.

Anonymous said...

@ANON 10;55PM


So i guess its okay to "beautify" any parts of the body(face included if you are exposed to this oh so western world you obviously glorify)with tattoos eh??
and its okay for women to bare their breasts AND coochies AND get paid for causes that ONLY line their purses and bank accounts on the covers of playboy,et al.
hey..its civilization innit??not like those local yoruba women abi??
it's okay for some random westerner to shake their coochie and flash their half exposed boobs in music videos etc...heyyyyy..its all part of the century we live in and its acceptable...abi??

Im sure you would see a picture of any of this random artistes half naked,promoting nothing but a new album or what not..yet you wil lap it up.call it modern days and modern acts....but your people are fighting for a cause and doing it the traditional way..and you sit on your one legged high horse and cry foul,and all sorts..

the white man has done a wonderful job on you..hence another one bites the dust...


Anonymous said...

I'm anon 10:55pm in response to
@ anon 7:04pm

Let's learn how to distinguish between people who use their body to sell sex, and people who are half naked to protest for a political cause.

Playboy, artists who are half naked to sell their album use their bodies that way, because they believe that's what people want to see, and it sells more. On the other end, seeing older women with sagging breasts protesting, is different from women in music videos or on a playboy magazine.

There's also a difference between a tattoo, and huge tribal marks that looks like scars. To clarify something, I'm not saying what the westerners are doing is perfect, because it's modern day. Neither of the two, traditional or modern acts is justified. It's not about any white man doing a good job on me.

I do not glorify western world at all, but we can also learn from them especially on the good things they have done. Whether yoruba women protesting publicly or women selling their bodies for sex, I'm just against unnecessary or immoral acts in general.

My point is Africans already have negative representation, and sometimes seen as uncivilized group of people, and I do believe we should try to present good images of ourselves, and not add to the bad images. I understand the protest is for a good cause, but I personally don't see the need for the women to be half naked publicly.

Just because, I'm not in support of many traditional beliefs or practices does not make me more western or white praise. The westerners must be doing something right, and that's the reason they are where they are now, and Africa is where it is today.

Africa is so deep in all these traditional beliefs and practices, some of them relevant and some irrelevant, and the irrelevant ones has not helped but added to their problems.

It is time for Africans to start presenting themselves and acting like civilized, decent, group of people, not based on any white man's theory, but based on morality that can be practiced by every man.

Anonymous said...

mmmm nice boobs!

Anonymous said...

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