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Thursday, 27 November 2008

Segun Aranmolate's Words + Future Awards unveils date

Segun Aranmolate

The young man woke up in the morning with his ideas lurking in his head. Cuddled up in his bed, he thought about his family and all the great plans he wanted to execute. As he was reflecting in his dark, inhospitable cell room, one of his masked captors walked into the room with a pencil and blank piece of paper in his hand. He handed the writing utensils to the young man and told him to write his last rites, as it was time for him to meet his creator. As soon as the young man heard those words, his mouth became dry and there was a burning sensation in the back of his throat. His hands trembled as he held the crumpled paper in his left and the crooked pencil in his right. Sweat trickling down his forehead; he began to write his final legacy – five things I will do differently.

Wake: I will wake up every morning and smile at the world. I will be glad for the chance to see yet another day, and most especially I will be grateful for the “gift of life.”

Eat: I will cherish every meal I receive. I will eat healthy delicious meals and I will take my time to savor the complex flavors of each meal. My body is divine and it surely deserves the finest of foods.

Love: I will develop my innate ability to Love myself and to Love others selflessly, as Love is the universal language that all humans understand.
Work: I will establish my identity at work and I will let my purpose of “positively improving humanity,” fuel my creativity and talents. I will view success not through the eyes of an epicure, but through the eyes of a famished individual who has been fed and empowered with the wisdom of life.

Sleep: At the end of each day, I will lie in my bed and I will sleep like a baby because if life is worth living then it must be worth dreaming as well. Furthermore, I cannot dream without sleep!

Upon writing these words, the young man carefully folded the piece of paper and handed it to his captor. He smiled and felt calm. He was at peace with himself because he realized that he had lived a great life and completed his legacy. It was now time to celebrate his life.
-SHEG ARANMOLATE . -Author, iACTUATE: 100 days of Inspiration
25 year old Segun is a model, author and motivational speaker.

- The Awards holds on the 17th and 18th of January
- “Their work is more than impressive… it is inspiring,” – Reuben Abati

Wrapping up a whirlwind and eagerly followed tour around the country, the organizers of The Future Awards headed to the UK in a series of presentations to spread the word about Nigeria’s biggest youth event.

“We are extremely proud of ourselves. We never tire of stating that we are making history, doing something pacesetting in the history of any awards process in Nigeria.” said Emilia Asim-Ita, the Award’s PR Director, “The ultimate plan for the town, and the basic idea, is to go to all 36 states in the country, and engage as many Nigerian youth as possible, generate conversation about Nigeria taking this message of hope and change and inspiration and making sure that youth from every part are inter-connected with the idea that youths can change Nigeria in spite of the difficult environment. We, after all, are a testimony to that: if we could do these town halls as planned without one kobo of sponsorship, then you know, you just have to believe"...

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