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Sunday, 30 November 2008

MI's Africa Travels + Pat Utomi's Vivante Magazine + Other news...

I got an email yesterday from the lady who wrote about having a deformed baby (we discussed here). She said the baby boy died. She didn't say if he died naturally or...you know...
Anyway, may his soul rest in peace.

To today's post, I wanted to bring you entertainment news, bought our soft sell mags but found nothing to report...maybe they'll have more juicy stories this week.

For now enjoy rapper MI's travel pictures. He's been touring some African countries...check it out!

Pix thanks to MI
Totally love this dude...
If you want to share your pix with the rest of us, pls send me an email...

Pat Utomi's Vivante Magazine Launch
For those who don't know, former presidential aspirant Pat Utomi now has his own magazine called Vivante. I haven't seen it, so can't tell what it's really about...but check out pix from the launch...

Pix thanks to purefoto.com

AY (top comedian) and Mabel become ONE

AY and his love of many years Mabel tied the knot yesterday Nov 29th 2008.
Wishing the couple everything beautiful.

Zizi Cardow's Fashion Show

Date: Sat. 13th Dec '08
Venue: 21, Kingsway Rd, Ikoyi
Time: 6pm-7:30pm (Red carpet)
8-9pm (Main show)

West African Fashion Week - Be the 1st face

Are you a professional model or aspiring to be one? Then this is opportunity to be the 1st West African Fashion Week Model and win a N1million contract to feature in all the West Africa Fashion Week advert material.
How to enter...
Simply take 2 studio fotos of you striking your best pose. A full length and a portrait photograph then call Tony on 08034560895 or Maxwell 08060265714

Bridal/Beauty Makeover/Headgear/pgotography
3, Allen Avenue Ikeja, Lagos
Tel: 08023465653

Photos of the day
US President-elect, Barrack Obama and family feeding the needy on Thanksgiving

Isn't he teaching us all something?

Bey and her husband Jay Z at a B-ball game...Jay kinda looks different with the hair and all...U like?
Beyonce at the “Cadillac Records” press conference rockin’ a fly business suit.
Pix thanks to bossip.com
Thought of the day
Don't walk in front of me, I might not follow
Don't walk behind me, I might not lead
Just walk beside me and be my friend
Have a beautiful week ahead


World Famous Simon SEEZ said...

M.I....That short black boy is really cruising..now i know i'm in the wrong profession..

Barack!, Barack!!, Barack!!!,, when would you stop stealing my heart....

Jay and B....Jay looks like a geek..like hell i know he aint one and B,looks hot in her suit...imagine her working in a Nigerian Bank as a marketer..banks stocks aint gonna fall...

Linda!, Linda!!, Linda!!! would my browsing experience be complete without ur blog??nah...countdown to the end of the year...ANYTHING FOR THE BOYZZZZ?

Abujamaiden said...

E! had Beyonce and Jayz No.1 on the richest hollwood couples ranking for 07-08 period. $80million for beyonce and $82 for Jayz earned between 07 and 08.

Above Tom Kat, Brangelina, Becks and Posh and co. You should watch it.

Will and Jada were second.

First two were fabulous black couples. Obamaania oh!

Anonymous said...

Abeg Linda, who buys Zizi Cardow's clothes? She looks pretty tacky everytime I see her!

Yusuf said...

Great work! The name of Pat Utomi's magazine is Viva

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