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Friday, 10 October 2008

To Saint Patrick

Kachifo Limited, publishers of Farafina Books, Farafina Educational and Farafina Magazine, is proud to announce the release of their latest fictional novel: To Saint Patrick. The novel is a gripping and courageous debut from Eghosa Imasuen, one of the next generation of great Nigerian writers.

It's the year 2003 in an 'alternate Nigeria,' a prominent member of the NPN political party, veteran journalist Chief Johnson, has just been murdered. Two small time crooks are found with a bag full of his bloody clothes. They will take the fall to assuage the public, although some evidence suggests they may just be innocent... Is it politics as usual?
To Saint Patrick rewrites Nigerian political history, presenting the reader with a series of 'what ifs': what if Major-General Murtala Mohammed had survived the 1976 attempt on his life, and had run for a 2nd term?; What if Babangida was simply on the sidelines—an honourable gentleman?; What if our democracy was healthy?
A beautifully written tale of adventure, sci-fi, intrigue, and a dash of love, To Saint Patrick is a must read.

"To Saint Patrick is a novel that – on the strength of the originality of its premise alone, not to mention the beauty of the telling – has created a new class of Nigerian literature to which will belong all books bold enough to attempt to imaginatively stoke the controversial fire that is Nigerian history."
- Tolu Ogunlesi, Author, Listen to the Geckos Singing from a Balcony
To Saint Patrick is available in major bookstores, and from Farafina at 25 Boyle St, Onikan, or Its recommended retail price is N1000
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Anonymous said...

Hi GF,
I am glad your write up today is outside the usual topics of beauty, modeling... u know all those girlie things!lol.

You know, I think you should feature a good book every week to encourage people particularly young folks and women to read (and hopefully widen their horizon).

Lots of love and do have a swell weekend.

Wild Boy said...

The bookies stuff? I'd say boring. The pixes and things? That's why we wanna read yur blog. X

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