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Thursday, 23 October 2008

Nigeria's Top 10 Sexiest Mums

Hi my people, I need y'all to help me out with something. We are trying to compile a list Nigeria's top 10 sexiest mums. We can't seem to agree in the office...

So, I'm bringing it to the people's

Here are some names we have...
Omotola Jalade Ekeinde
Oluchi Onweagaba Orlandi
Dunni Igbinedion
Genevieve Nnaji
Blessing Ibiang Egbe
Bianca Onoh Ojokwu
Toyin Raji
Queen Onokala
For some reason, I don't think we have a good list. Any celeb mum you think is sexy? Pls give me their names.

If y'all help me out, I will give you lots and lots of Naija Entertainment news


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, Been reading your site for a while now. For the 10 top sexiest mum, dont u think its better to nominate moms with at least two kids and above? People like Genevieve Nnaji etc should not feature. When u talk about a sexy mum it should be one that has gone to the labour room at least twice or more and is still sexy? What about people like Stella Damasus Aboderin, Helen Ajayi Prest, Agatha Amata or is she no longer bearing Amata?

Cheers and continue the good work.

sonia said...

Wat about Stella Damasus or is she not sexy,Kate Henshaw,lola Omotayo(even if she is still new),umm.......modupe ozolua,i'm nt sure if she has kids sha,so find out.
i have tried,if i remember i will add more.

Anonymous said...

In this order…..( if sexy includes NOT being tacky)

1. Oluchi Onweagaba Orlandi
2. Dunni Igbinedion
3. Bisi Shonekan
4. Dorothy Atake – Eyimofe
5. Bianca Onoh Ojokwu
6. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde
7. Genevieve Nnaji
8. Blessing Ibiang Egbe
9. Toyin Raji
10. Queen Onokala


dScR?Be said...

umm.. why isn't my mom on dis list?

Linda's prospective boo said...

Omotola is by faaaar top of the list! no doubt!!
Meanwhile Linda,you could be topping that list next year as Mrs me!
i know this is not a conventional proposal but na you i wan be lie...

Anonymous said...

think they should be in categories as u cant compare somebody that's had five with somebody with just one, thats what we think, and we dont even know some people on your list.
take care

Anonymous said...

Linda, please post their recent photos and the numbers of kids they have.
After four kids, omotola is still looking hot.

littleangel4christ said...

i agree wit the categories, because as eaarlier stated, someone with 2 or more kids can't exactly be compared to someone wit only 1. Got this name from Niyi's blog "Lilian Ugboeke", apparently she's got six kids...who would have guessed!! Stella Damasus, Agatha Amata, even Ibinabo Fiberesima, Iyabo Ojo them fit enter as to say dem get 2 and above...

Anonymous said...

I think that anyone on that list should have at least two children, it's easy to look hot after one child, but a real sexy mom is one that has 2,3,4,5 or even 6 kids and could still turn heads. So Omotola can stay on the list. To be a mom is not an easy task I know but being a hot mom means u have proved that u haven't blown up into a mess after at least 2 kids.

Anonymous said...

I think that anyone on that list should have at least two children, it's easy to look hot after one child, but a real sexy mom is one that has 2,3,4,5 or even 6 kids and could still turn heads. So Omotola can stay on the list. To be a mom is not an easy task I know but being a hot mom means u have proved that u haven't blown up into a mess after at least 2 kids.

Anonymous said...

give me stella damasus any day. she is fab and gorgeous. what is wrong with adding her there?

amy said...

Genevive wey dey hide her pikin? how dat one be sexy? persin wey no fit commot her pikin in public is not fit to be called a sexy mom abeg!

Anonymous said...

amy that is so true. i support you.
@ Linda's prospective boo . our linda is more than this. haba. use style get colour na. how you go just come net dey talk about proposal like this? linda no vex o. me na stella damasus i vote for

Anonymous said...

My Mum and Omotola all the way!!!

wienna said...

Nne Linda, na wa for this your list again o. How about Joke Silva, Clarion Chukwura...these two can give all these young ladies a run for their money when it comes to style abeg.

Anonymous said...

Mother is MOTHER...One, two, three....ten, dozen!!! It's not easy being a mother, let's celebrate them. Just my two cents!

Anonymous said...

we need to see pictures and number of children.

Anonymous said...

I don't know half of these people, but lets nominate mothers that are in their 30s and up. What about Stella Damasus Aboderin, she's definitely one sexy mama. Omotola Jalade, I don't know if Nike Ogunlesi(I admire that woman a lot) has kids, if she does these two should definitely be on the list. I nominate my mommy, after eight kids, she looks

Anonymous said...

I actually agree with anonymous 10:26a.m
Nominate moms with at least two kids and above ... and Don't forget to add regina askia.

ifeoma odogwu said...

i think funmi iyanda, modupe ozolua, shld b on the list, also ojy egwuenu. and the no 1 slot shld go to either dunni igbinedion or oluchi orlandi.chocolate does it any day.

ifeoma odogwu said...

pls if stella damasus is sexy n deserves to be on that list? then i'm halle berry! she has no business on that list abeg. xcept if it is top ten oyinbo peppers. shio!

Yewande Atanda said...

Omotola shld be No.1.
others can then follow.

temi said...

here's my list in no particular order...

bianca onoh
kate henshaw
oluchi orlandi
adesuwa onyenokwe..(6 kids o!!)
omotola (definitely sexy,4 kids is no joke)
caroline Ekanem
mo abudu
betty irabor
funmi iyanda
helen prest ajayi


Anonymous said...

9ice US TOUR starts today in Maryland. I will be attending and When I get back I will gist all of you. He's also scheduled to perform in Texas, Newyork and one other state I forgot. Anyway, am looking forward to the concert. Also, did any one hear Sarah Palin's scandal on clothes
(150,000)? Wonders will never end o oo oo oo. Before I forget Omotola jalede is Banging and doesnt Genevieve have a child?. I wish my name was up there. But I need to lose 100ibs first.

Anonymous said...

Puleese,one kid don count so cross out genevieve and oluchi,try sum who ve a sport team n still dey le...
if u object 2 my list den u no jasi at all...enjoy
1.iretiola doyle
2.adesuwa onyenokwe
3.bianca onoh
4.fathia balogun
5.stella damascus
6.ibinabo fiberesima
7.iyabo ojo
8.omotola jolade
9.bukky wright
10.helen ajayi-prest.
if u get problem wi my list,go born make we see ow u go snap back!!!!
Phumie Obe,muahh!!!

yeenkar phartymar said...

genewhat,pls omosexy yes dunni igbenedon,stella helen agatha of course omosexy is no 1 dont 4get, thanx 4 d good work luv u

Anonymous said...

Omotola should be #1 and Genevieve should not be on the list.

Ifeoma-adiagwuagwu said...

what's the criteria for judging? is it having more than one kid, not seeing ur kids in public for example...Genevieve, being fit, looking youthful, dressing well, does it include regular pple? cause i wld like to add my sis, she has 4 kids and baby girl, it does not show as she does not look it, at all.

so, fine peeps, what is the criteria for judging, if i may ask. Linda, thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:26 AM & co
Mama na mama... wether u born 1 or 10, it takes the same stuff tolose weight abeg.

Genevieve shld be on that list.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I don't think you should restrict that to mums with more than 1 kid. Some people want or can have only one child in their lifetime, it doesn't mean they are not mums. A mum is one, whether she has one kid or a dozen. It doesn't have to be a final list, it can be updated / reviewed on a quaterly / yearly basis. That someone makes the list as a sexy mum today is no guarantee that she'll still be in the running next year.

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