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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Peter Okoye now a Father

Lola Omotayo delivers baby boy for Peter Okoye - Azuh Arinze (Encomium)

Peter Okoye, one of the twin brothers that make up rave singing group P-Square, is a now a father. His lover, Lola Omotayo blessed him with a baby boy on Friday September 26th 2008 in the USA. Mother and son are doing great and are expected in the country before the year runs out. The baby's father is said to be very happy.
Congrats to the new parents.

Halle Berry's fragrance

Halle Berry, lauched her new fragrance, Halle, in New York recently.

Joke of the day
Boy sends letter home to his father 'Dear dad, situation in school critical, suicide contemplated'
Father replies 'Dear son, situation at home more critical, suicide approved.'
Photo of the day

Mariah and her husband, Nick Cannon. I'm really rooting for this guys

Quote of the day
'Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much may be done if we are always doing.'
Thomas Jefferson
That's it, not much huh? lol
Will get better next time
See y'all later...


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I thought Mariah Carey was gonna stop shopping at Kids clothing mall, since she got married, but I guess marriage didn't change anything. Nick, abeg open ur eyes, and stop your wife, bcos her dressing is making my eyes hurt. Congrats to Peter Okoye, but what's up with all these people just having kids and not having the intention to marry. I guess kids out of wedlock is the in thing now. I do admire 9ice and Toni though, for marrying, and I pray their marriage last long, because that is a good example. Sometimes, when I listen to 2face songs, I just can't stop thinking of all his baby mamas, I guess he's tryna to be "the father of nation".

Simon SEEZ said...

Happy for peter...wish them the best... i guess the baby came out dancing..

Nick Cannon and Mariah...i just kinda dont like that combination..
Linda, that joke is older than

Hei, linda its my first day at my new place of work on monday..pray its a good work environment i.e loads of beautiful

KAM BABY said...

Awww! Halle Berry now has a fragrance? I'm so elated....i'm sooo getting one. That lady is my fav Hollywood star,and my fav fashion icon.

I agree with simon seez, i really don't like the looks of Mariah and Nick together. It's and eye-sore to me. Well, i dont wanna judge, but lets see where they'll be in 2 yrs time...or is that too much? I hope they'll prove me wrong.

Lol.....that Joke is really really old.

And congrats to Peter. I hope they get married oh! It's not enof to just have babies out of wedlock. Do the right thing!

Anonymous said...

Linda i swear i swear i swear i have been thinking about Lola the whole week - every single day. And its not like i know the lady apart from reading about here here or bella's blog. I was just about to ask you or Bella whether you have heard anything - and whether she has birthed yet.

Oh this is wonderful news and such a coincidence.

i never understood why but i she was on my mind 24/7 all week. I guess my instinct was she had birth

Congratulations to the couple. I am so happy for her. Congrats Lola. I'd probably send her a gift if i new her address.
(Ms A.Y)

temi said...

congrats to lola and peter.....
'wish them the best and hope they solemnize the union'...

Nick and mariah...d combo is lil odd..but whatever, if it works for dem, i'm all for it!..hope they last...shebi love comes in all colous, forms, shapes,!

temi said...

and a 'lil something for the ladies....

you might wanna check it out..

Naijacampus said...

Congrats to Peter.Welcome to fatherhood,hope the child will be healthy.

Yewande Atanda said...

congrats to Psquare. its good to set the ball rolling, though I don't dig the style. its not the best to have kids out of wedlock. it says a lot about the couple (irresponsibility and carefree). as leaders in the naija entertainment circle, Psquare should set the pace for others to follow in music and private life.

though there is nothing bad, i jsut feel they're more than that.

rowland said...

shhhhhh......don't tell anyone this: THIS BLOG IS HOT! I am happy for Peter of P-Sqaure,may God cause the young baby 'GET SQUARED' as he grows DO ME I DO YOU to his foes,shout 'GAME IS OVER' after every conquest,create a 'BUSY BODY' out of success and find his own 'SENIORITA' and continue the family trade!

rowlnad said...

Please dont tell anyone:THIS BLOG IS HHHHOT! anyway I am happy for Peter of P-Square.May his baby GET SQUARED with life,tell his foes DO ME I DO YOU,make a BUSY BODY out of success,find his own SENIORITA and shout the GAME IS OVER as he ROLLS IT with what his dad started!

Rowland said...

this blog of yours is HHHHHOT!keep it up!
I am happy for Peter of P-Square.
May his son GET SQUARED with life,tell his foes DO ME I DO YOU,make a BUSY BODY out of success,find his own SENIORITA,shout GAME IS OVER as he ROLLS IT along side his generation.

O! said...

The joke for the day.....ridiculous. lol

Parrot said...

nick and rooting too..lets see if this marriage can last longer than her tops

Anonymous said...

i havent been to your blog for few days. i was kicking myself thinking have missed something. SO NOTHING DEY HAPPEN. Linda abeg step up your game, who is intrested in mariah carey wearing skippy clothes. abeg give me good nijjar juicy gossip. Like who is sleeping with who, break ups and make up, lastest achievement, you know that kin thin. I still miss you sha

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