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Thursday, 11 September 2008

Guess The Celebrities...

Exactly seven years ago today, 9/11, thousands of people died in the terrorist attacks against the USA.
We remember all of them today and always.
May their souls continue to rest in perfect peace...Amen.

Hi people, hope everyone's doing ok? Everyone's happy? Please be happy, life is such a beautiful gift. Cherish it.
So, I got caught up yesterday and couldn't finish uploading the pictures from SA Fashion Week, there are so many of them, will do that later.

For now, I want to rack your brains. I have child photos of three of Nigeria's biggest stars. Look at the pictures of them then and tell me who you think they are now...

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

So who are these celebrities?

Photo of the day...

The guy is Ngoli Okafor, model, actor and Africa's Sexiest Man at the moment. What an ass...dammit!!!

So people, who are our celebs? Have a clue???
Let the good times


Anonymous said...

Happy Thursday everybody. Heres my guess.

#1 - Basket Mouth
#2 - Chidi Mokeme
#3 - No idea

Linda, U have to give us the answers later o.

Africanqueen said...

Chidi Mokeme is the 2nd pic.
OMG what a great ass lol, strong legsssss

shushu said...

first one's definitely bright okpocha

Anonymous said...

basketmouth #1
rmd #2
? #3
and i must tight ass

Sugabelly said...

1. Basket Mouth
2. Obaro Ibru
3. No Idea

About the pic: Wow, nice. Great how they keep marginalizing black women. So is that photo supposed to tell black men that they should aspire to fuck a white woman? Just another reason why black men continue to look down upon black women and call us ugly in favour of whiter women.

Paris said... idea
2..chidi mokeme idea.

as 4 ass just has 2 be photoshopped.
a man's ass cant be that perfect now or can it?? lol

Paris said...

and oh btw ..linda u mentioned sumtn abt skin issues in one of ur blog posts right? sumtn abt u appearing on tv or sumtn of that sort?

well i shall be postin sumtn sometime this wk on my blog HOPEFULLY with regards 2 skin issues cos i have a few problems myself so feel free 2 check in.
if not i may just facebook u some new remedies im using.

Anonymous said...

with that type of mouth, the number one looks like the basket mouth.

picture two looks like the gulder drinker chidi mokeme

while the 3rd picture looks like Nomoreloss. i am not sure o .

adifferentnaijaspec said...

first is definitely basket mouth!!! i have no idea who d others are

when do we get d answers?

Anonymous said...

Thats eh...thats a real YNASH....Superior shit go dey dia for that matter...Sorry Linda..couldn't get over it to figure out who these baby pics belong to..If only wishes were

Anonymous said...

#2 looks like Obaro, but then he's not really a "star" is he?

Anonymous said...

no 1-Basket Mouth
no 2-Chidi Mokeme
no 3-no idea

Red Sapphire said...

My guess for #1 is bright -basket mouth too..
#2 is Chidi Mokeme..resemblance too much..
#3...kai this baby is idea

Great bod for the dude...but the chic looked mortified...arggghhh...

Anonymous said...

Basket Mouth
Chidi Mokeme

Yewande Atanda said...

1. Basket Mouth
2. Chidi Mokeme
3. I'm still guessing.

princekay123 said...

number one is Basket mouth.
I don't think I know others.

Keep up the good work Linda.

Iyaeto said...

1: Basket Mouth
2. One of the ibru boys (Obaro/Oboden)
3. Mr Gecko (from Wall Sreet) LOL!!!

Amanda said...

1.Basket mouth ,2. Obaro ibru but the 3rd i can't place

Anonymous said...

#1 - Basketmouth
#2 - Obaro Ibru
~3 - have no idea

Nonesuch said...

The 1st guy must be basket mouth

bisola said...

the first one is azuh arinze,chidi mokeme and linda ikeji.

Anonymous said...

the cake in pic. 1 is beautiful...mmmmmmmm...i want i think pic. 2 is either dimeji alara or chidi mokeme. i may be wrong. they are all nice pics..though. cutie pies as kids...lucky for some.

kelechi said...

d only one im sure of is the first cos of dem froggy eyes. basket mouth.

omg, dat ass!!! feel like tapping it!!!

kelechi said...

i think d third is faze orji

Simon SEEZ said...

i think 2nd one is chidi mokeme..the others no idea

Anonymous said...

# 2 is the ibru guy (obaro)am almost sure.

Anonymous said...

1= basket mouth
2= chidi mokeme
3= hmmmmm desmond elliot? 2face?

Anonymous said...

1, Basketmouth
2, Denrele or Obaro
3, Give us clues...Actor? Singer? Wateva. Faze or tuface

Desola said...

1. Aki abi na pawpaw? lol...
2. Ibru guy
3. Basket mouth.

I get am?

Anonymous said...

i think sugabelly should shut up with stupid crap you wrote. if black men want to sleep with white women, how is that degrading to black women? you stupid cow turning a simple photo shoot into a race issue. GO FUCK YOUR DUMB SELF - FOOL!!!

Gucci said...

1st - basketmouth
2nd - Chidi Mokeme
3rd - Djinee

Anonymous said...

please the last anonymous 10:31 GO FUCK URSELF!!! how dare u attack someone's innocent comment, I bet ur one of those fools dat eff oyibo women. COMMON GERROUT!! look at. somebody post an opinion and ode's like u come and attack!!

as for sugarbelly, please don't mind this idiot and his stupid comment!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 6:53

you are a BIG FOOL. How do you know i'm a he.Sorry but i am a woman and what is ur problem with black men sleeping with white women. Sugabelly's shallow comments incensed me and were not innocent. How can a simple photoshoot become the reason why black men 'ASPIRE to sleep with white women? and why will this photoshoot be the reason why black men look down upon black women and call them ugly?HOW? i'm sorry but comprehension fails me. I don't know the sort of black men you've been hanging out with. You don't have to make such shallow statement even if your boyfriend left you for a white woman. Having a preference be it white or black is entirely up to the individual, i for one prefer white men that doesn't mean i don't appreciate our hot black brothers.
Get over your race complex and remember you are only as ugly as you feel. you can only be affected by ugly comments if you feel ugly or are actually ugly.

Anonymous said...

2:19pm.... u go girl! i feel u big time!

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