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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Why do women have sex? + Chris Brown & GUS 5 pictures

A guy told me a few hours ago, that women have sex for different reasons...none of which is just for pleasure. According to him, men have sex mostly for pleasure, while women do it for...
~Pleasing their men
~Duty as a wife
~Material gains
~Because their friends are doing it

That's why men PAY for sex and women DON"T!
We don't have sex for pleasure? (Bo ya lo mo...lol)
And Women don't pay for sex???
Hmmmm...what has anyone got to say about this?

Meanwhile here are pictures from Gulder Ultimate Search 5, currently filming in Enugu...

It's stale but still FAB. Chris Brown at the THISDAY Concert.

Chris Brown and his boo, Rihanna

Photo credit: Bossip

Photos of the day
Singer, 9ice, at his wedding to Toni Payne on Thursday
Pix thanks to fab blogger bellanaija
Rihanna's tattoos? You like?
I'm gone. See y'all later


natasha said...

nice toni did it saw pics on thursday on naijagals blog

Paris said...

in my opinion, ur friend is right 2 an xtent.
pleasure is def on the list but below those 5 reasons...say number 6.
and yes some women do pay 4 sex maybe not as high a percentage as d men. mostly olderrr women sha.

rihanna is goin crazy with d tats. i wonder y pple forget they'll eventually get old. some r cute anyways.

Paris said...

i heard my long time friend kimberly was the last female standing 4 the last episode of the Gulder ultimate show. dont know much abt the show tho.

and oh! Big congrats 2 9ice nd Toni

Anonymous said...

his a man , what does he know about a woman's body

wienna said...

Saw a bit of the ultimate search last nite on AIT. Still don't know about the games they're playing but dayuuuum never knew there'r still some good looking men from that country still o. Thought Seun & Uche are FINE.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it when Chris Brown talks. His singing is not bad sha.With all the money he is making one would expect that he will try and get more education but i'll be shocked if he is not talking like that 20 years from now when he becomes a has been.He is the golden goose now so all the yess men will tell him he is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

linda, u're sumthing else o//

lol! @ "bo ya lo mo"!

Kpakpando said...

Paris biko speak for yourself, I know my main reason for having sex is pleasure... it's my number one reason every single time though occasionally it's tied into something else, like I'm stressed, so let me get off and relax or I'm bored, so let me do the do to have something to do :)

Those reason listed above have never crossed my mind while being sexually active. But I also disagree with you, women pay for sex. It might not always be an exchange of cash, but they pay in some way shape or form, especially for some good dick. It's not just old women or ugly ones.

Paris said...

kpakpando i sure as heck wasnt speaking 4 u hunny. i believe i started my comment with the statement "IN MY OPINION".

ur contradicting urself bcos 2 an extent we r sayin d same thing.
the younger chicks who do not necesarilly pay 4 sex monetarily pay 4 it sum other way but the older women who hv d money 2, pay for it money wise. and i didnt mention anything about woworism or ajebutterness playing a part here. even tho it kinda does but thats another debate entirely.

if pleasure is number 1 for u then more grease 2 ur elbow but 4 some women it is not. And i am not even speaking 4 myself. its jst an obvious realistic fact.

truth be said, there shldnt be a particular order in which these reasons are listed bcos it differs 4 each woman. anyways, this is a baseless argument as there is no wrong or right answer.

Anonymous said...

Apart fromy wife who came with yankee/janded mentality of I make my own money. 100% of the girls I dated and fu....d in the past 4 years ask for money in one way or the other. This is a very common occurence in Nigeria.And a lot of them have multiple partners just to be able to carry the latest bags e.t.c.

franko said...

Wonderful post...keep it up!

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