Tuesday, 24 June 2008

AGN on Eucharia Anunobi's Outfit + DJ Abass Looses Dad

Actor's Guild of Nigeria cautions sultry Actress, Eucharia Anunobi on clothes worn in public

Here's what Stella Dimoko-Korkus wrote on her page in Encomium Magazine this week...
"The fire that was ignited by the dress this actress wore to the last Nigerian Music Awards is yet to settle down. The lady has also told all those who care to listen that however she chooses to dress is her business. But the Actor's Guild of Nigeria is making a mountain out of a mole hill by cautioning this adult on the dress she wore. Is the work of AGN now fashion police? Are members of this committee blind to the problems crippling the movie industry or are they just loafers without direction? Please they should face their job and leave anyone who decides to go naked all in the name of fashion and the AGN has no right whatsoever being a fashion police. The actress is an adult and so is anyone else who bares it all. AGN mind your business."

Reading this and another similar article in a different magazine, I just couldn't help but shake my head in wonder. Does AGN have the right to caution their members on dresses they wear? Impose a moral code of dressing? We are talking about adults here eh? Eucharia should be in her mid 30's? And you caution her on her dressing? Is there anything wrong with that?
I remember the ban on Ini Edo a couple of years ago because of her outfits and the only explanation they gave then was that it's for the good image of the industry. Actresses shouldn't portray themselves or Nollywood badly via clothes they wear. But seriously, is that something AGN should concern themselves with? Aren't there other pressing matters to attend to?
I ask again, does AGN have the right to caution actresses on clothes they choose to wear?
What do you guys think?

DJ Abass looses dad
Our dear friend, DJ Abass lost his dad on Monday 23rd June 2008. Alhaji Rasaq Kolawole Tijani, passed away peacefully in his sleep. He has since been buried in Oshogbo Nigeria according to Islamic rights and practice. Alhaji Tijani is survived by his wife and children.

If you would like to send DJ Abass a condolence message, go here...
May his soul rest in peace. Amen.
The 84 year-old bride.
Please click to enlarge so you can read the letters clearly...quite funny.
Will get Naija Ent. News in a day or so...


Bunz Babe said...

OMG i think im first.....yah although im not a big fan of Eucharia's outfit i dont think its anyones business to impose moral code of dressing on the "grown woman"

luv ur blog babes. u r very real :}

Anonymous said...

Mia said...
First of all the outfit was DISGUSTING!!! It was plane URGLY!!! It an urgly dress on an urgly body. Sorry, I love UK, and I think she is a GREAT actor, but from head to toe, I was embarrased for her.

Having said that, someone needs to put these dooshbags on AGN in their place. This is an absolute abuse of power. Trying to enforce a dress code on adults?! It is irresponsible, out of control and I am outraged! Enough has got to be enough! Who made them a moral judge over anyone is what I can't get my head on.

If they in anyway, shape or form impose any kind of purnishment on this woman, I will personaly hire poeple to follow them around with audio and video cameras to catch them in their most disgusting moments, and I will publish it on every tv station and magazine in Nigeria. These low lifes are all cheating on their wives, involved in relationships with under-age girls and now they want to take the abuse even further, by telling women how to dress. This is exactly what is settings us back as a people and I'll be da--- if these hypocrites get away with this one. Sorry Linda for ranting on your blog, but this is ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

As 4 Uk's outfits! ain't really down with her dressing style!but that still dosen't give these "AGN" peeps the right to dictate what people should wear..(But make these women sef they try step up their game!! by wearin what is right n cute @ d same tym) not some halloween outfit or somefin..



Lilian Michael said...

I think people should just start looking at the bigger picture and stop worrying what others wear. I think Eucharia should be free to define who she wants to be either through her dressings or through what she choses to do. I just nearly choked with laughter and unbelief when I read the paper on senator Ekaette's bill on public nudity. I just can not believe Nigerians are paying such people huge amount of money to come up with loads of rubbish. I mean what happens to the most pressing issues such as hunger, safety, Niger delta crises?

Anonymous said...

Wetine concern AGN and Uk's dressing? I don't like and will not even be caught NAKED in that dress but thats on her.....she is grown.

And that 84-year old woman's story really made my day at work..Way to go Linda!

SOLA said...

Wen I saw her on tv in dat dress I went KI LE LEYI K'OSI BAYI? I tried nt to concentrate on it for tu long, else I WOULD AV BN D 1 BANNING ALL BANNABLES! haba, som decency for d so kald GROWN UPS now!
Thumbs up for da nu bride in da block, hmmm, kinda sincere in her choice of BOOS! lol...
Omoge Linda, I salute o. & hw far wt da modellin hunt? i'm kinda interested (lol... aft'l no barriers in d search).
So much luv babe ( nt d lele type sha).

Anonymous said...

For me this is not a moral issue. And while I think as an adult she has the right to wear whatever she pleases, WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT!!!! Seriously WHY?! WHY?! WHY?! would a grown woman leave her house looking like that? Am sorry, but both UK and Ini Edo have taken TRASHY to a whole new level. And yes it is EMBARRASSING. WHAT A SHAME!

izu modebe said...

Eucharia must conduct herself,This a'int America the most immoral country in the world.she have to be an example or her acting will be in vain.Dont she know than an actor/actres is a role model??This indicent dressing plava in Nigeria- God have mercy.

SPEECHgirl Bucknor said...

- the AGN or any other gild that works for its members should concern itself LESS with what their members wear, and more with their members welfare

i am tired of all this banning and cautioning of people
they did that with ini Edo as well
im sorry, u may not like what she is wear, but if i elong to a guild, i want them to protect my interests and stop losing sleep over how i dress

stephanie said...

i know my comment is coming very late but thats because im kinda new to your blog...ive seen your new blogs and ive even taken time to go through your old blogs.....well about eucharia's outfit,like the majority of others,i think for a woman her age and,status and for what she portrays in the industry,she should have dressed more appropriately....even if she feels thats she's got it so she wants to flaunt!! you can show some skin and look classy but she just looked cheap,vulgar and dont get me wrong,i have nothing against her and i think she's good at what she does....

about the AGN....i dont know why they interfere in the lives of these celebrities....what right do they have to tell adults how to dress? if i want to go naked,is it anybody's business? its my choice and i believe anybody can wear whatever they feel like as long as they're comfortable with it...
look at the stunt they pulled with ini edo before....i was incensed when i heard that can some group of people who call themselves the AGN decide to wake up one morning and go about banning and warning adults on dress codes when they should be thinking about improving the industry....
Do you know the worst part of it,these actors and actresses either have no rights whatsoever or dont know their rights as artistes....they have no voice and they can be trampled upon by these guys...anyway,GOD HELP THEM....

and you, Linda Ikeji, are an inspiration to lots of people and you are a great and wonderful person...or at least you seem to!!....may God elevate your status and continue to uphold you...wont you say!!

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