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Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Naija Entertainment News.

Munachi reacts to all the rumours
What’s your reaction to the published stories of your affair with Peter Okoye of P-Square?
"There’s nothing going on between Peter and I. We are just good friends. It’s because we look like a good combination. Peter is one of the handsome twins that make up P-Square. I am Munachi of the MBGN fame who also loves music. The fact that people see us together is what they like to talk about. Peter is a close friend and that’s it."

Have you met Lola?
"Sure, we’ve met. Lola is a beautiful and nice lady. She’s free; anyone who sees her will like her. She’s warm, cool and friendly."

What’s your comment on Lola’s pregnancy for Peter?
"I’m just reading about it in your magazine now. I am happy for the couple. I think it’s a beautiful thing. I can’t wait to see the baby and rejoice with them. I wish them well”

Ini Edo denies being arrested with drugs
In a recent publication, it was alleged that you were apprehended by NDLEA operatives for being in possession of drugs, can you please give us the scenario of exactly what happened?
Ini Edo "There is no iota of truth in the story. I don't know where the story emanated from. But for the records I have never been involved with drugs. I make a very comfortable income from my job and I am satisfied with it, so why would I take such a risk being fully aware of the repercussions?

So you are categorically telling everyone now that you were not arrested for drugs?
Ini Edo "You can go ahead and contact the NDLEA yourself and confirm"

We heard you are receiving threats to your life, you want to confirm this?
Ini Edo "Yes, it's true. I've received all sorts and I don't understand why anyone would want to get rid of me. Those around me will tell you that I am not a confrontational person. I try to be cordial with people and to the best of my knowledge I have not offended anybody"

Well, it seems someone is upset with her. Ini is supposedly engaged to man, Philip Ehigawima, who has an estranged wife, a model and actress, Ruth Okoro. She spoke to uche Olehi of Encomium Mag recently about her husband and Ini.

Would you say Ini Edo, your husband's fiancee is a husband snatcher?
Ruth Okoro
"I’m not in a position to call anybody names. I just know that God
has the final judgment for everything. I’ve never met her before; all I know is that she’s an actress. But I rememeber when I heard the rumour she was sleeping around with my husband, all I did because I didn’t know was to send her an email and explained everything to her.
The email “Maybe you don’t know what’s going on. I heard you’ve been sleeping with my husband, so when you are done with him, let him come back to his wife.”
I explained he left me when I had cancer. He caused my miscarriage when I was carrying his child. I heard he got two other women pregnant, Stories like that just to put her on the track, just in case she didn’t know. I didn’t put any blame but rather than reply me, she emailed it to my husband. My husband called me and said “Ruth, you know I love you so much and whatever happened, we will always be together. But you don’t have to send emails to Ini Edo exposing me” He was calling me on the phone, Ini Edo heard everything but she didn’t reconsider her actions. Maybe it is the money that is tripping her. Maybe it’s the cars or the looks, but whatever it is, the fact is that Philip was nothing close to that when I married him. I know where I picked him up from and I know hard both of us worked together for him to get to where he is now. If Ini thinks life is all about money, she’s wrong. When you do something to someone, it will come back and hurt you. Let them move on with their lives, it’s a free world."

Pero Adeniyi still pregnant
As written by Stella Dimoko Korkus in Encomium

“The news making the rounds that Tuface’s baby mama, Pero Adeniyi has popped twins for the crooner is false. The heavily pregnant Pero was spotted in New York on Saturday April 19th five days after reports said she had popped the babies in Barbados. The babies are said to be due in a forthnight. Contact was made with Pero to speak on the issue of her false delivery. Hear her “I am sure those telling these stories wish me well. I thank everyone” She did confirm that she’s expecting twins. Huh? I thought she already had a baby?
To other Tuface Idibia news, another girl is reportedly pregnant for him. A 24 year old Festac resident called Bimbo, is said to be 4months pregnant. Another one Tuface? You must be out of your damn mind.

Yar Adua is sick

Our dear president is said to be in far away Germany for check up and reports indicate he was diagnosed with Churg Strauss syndrome. A rare disease that causes inflammation of blood vessels (also referred to as angiitis) in the lungs, skin, abdomen and nerves..
Let’s all pray for him.

Pa Adesanya is dead. He died at age 86 some days ago.

Gani Fawehinmi also has cancer. Wishing him the very best

The man who locked his daughter up in a cellar for 24years. Read it here

Other fab blogs to check out.

Photo of the day

Is she not the first lady of a country? Fab body.

That’s it! Writing all this gossip takes a lot of time and energy, my back is aching…but I enjoy it sha…lol



Excitedjade said...

update now now
U're the only one that brings me to blogville everyday.
Baby, How is O, I miss u plenty... u know what, i left ur number back in Naija and i need to call u..what do we do about that now?

Linda Ikeji said...

hey babe.O's fine o.
miss u plenty wa o, the way u just disappeared.
send me ur email ad

Anonymous said...

Munachi, u know b4 i was on her side and didn't know why ppl had only neg things to say abot her, but is she retarded. First, why did she feel the need to say b/c they look good together, a simple there is nothing going on would have sufficed. Second why call him the handsome one and insult the other twins. The girl seems brainless and anoying u can tell she was trying to get w/ him. He is your good friend and you had to find out from a mag that his girl is pregnant huh? Get some class.

Sasha said...

anon 10.06p, i cudn't agree more with your comments. Munachi is either foolish or she is simply tactless. Her comments make you wonder if she had an ulterior motive. She is the one who thinks they will make a good couple. So now that she knows that Lola is preggie, she is acting nonchalant and coy. She is so annoying.

truth said...

My goodness I read the story abt the Austrian man who locked his daughter up for 24 freaking years! That's retard!!! It's a really sad story. He muct have been a control freak and like that was not enough, he fathers her 6 kids! Na wa o....I'm sure there are a number of people still living with these dark secrets. God help their victims.

What if he had died and noone knew they were there? They would have rot to death from hunger. Sad story. I hate to say this but i hope he gets more than 15 years in jail.

One more post on P-square and Lola and I'm going to scream. Ahah what is it?

Anonymous said...

the lady in the magazine cover is an actress she is on the tv show all of us

Anonymous said...

Linda: i know for a FACT that pero gave birth on the 17th (or 18th) of april. 2face himself announced it on his facebook page.

your friend in london said...

Linda, but Tuface announced on his status message on facebook over a week ago that he was the proud father of twins. If i can remember clearly, he said something like, they had just been delivered in Barbados...and this i remember clearly, "Na them be the real tuface oh, me i be fake" (his own words on his status message). He seemed elated and many people left congratulatory messages on his wall, as a result.

So what's going on then? What's the truth? I don't gerrit...

Sugabelly said...

Yep, she's the first lady of Turks and Caicos.

Anonymous said...

munachi should distant her self from p-square. Get a life of your own

Fausset said...

yeah i read about the austria man that committed incest....its all over the papers in U.S, its crazy. plus lol @ the comments made by free the babe and yeah gudluck to yaradua ohhh.

forexexpert said...

l cant imagine not reading your blog anytime l am online. LINDA

Chineze Osayi said...

Lola Omotayo looks like Lisa Raye - their complexion and eyes. Lola could smile more, that is, if she doesn't mind. Lisa has always being daring. She is a hiphop lady.

WHATEVER!!! said...


WHATEVER!!! said...


Bookholler said...

What is wrong wiv 2face? If the new girl gist is true then he needs to be castrated,cant he hold himself or did someone tell him the more the kids,the longer his fame?He is soooooo unbelievable

Chineze Osayi said...

@whatever!!! She is the first lady of Turks and Caicos, a Caribbean country.

Anonymous said...

lmao @ "because we look good together...." dunno whatta heck she meant by that but that was a fkn blow to lola's face o....lolll

Urrr...ya, Lisa Reye needs to grow da fk up jare! Much she do sexy pinups die? Thats y she aint gettn no tangible jobs in hollywood bcos she typecasts herself 2 much, and music has changed....she ought to change her dance style....A first lady shouldnt be doing pinups for these men mags allover the place..ees not as if she's lackn money or n e thing.

*sighs*....Tuface! ave come to d conclusion that somebody did juju for this boy...this ish aint normal cha-cha!

As for the twisted bastard that lockedup his daughter for 24yrs.....nothing is new in this world n e more oo....ave seen/heard it all! Tufiaaaaa!


Bisola said...

what does Munachi mean by 'we look like a good combination'?lol

Anonymous said...

OH NO SHE DIDN'T!!! Now that her term as MBGN is over, I wish this girl Munachi would disappear for good. Jump in a lake, get kidnapped or something. We get it, Peter has been sleeping with (take a number honey) It is obvious that is all he wants to do with you, so shutup and GET LOST!
... "we look good together" yeah specific parts, girl don't even get me started.

WeirdGurl said...

Anonymous said...

Y are Nigerians so gullible
so the mag said Munachi said we look good 2gether and y'all jumped on that. did it occur 2 u that reporter might have misconstrued what she said. y'all should give this girl a break

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else, enough of this Munachi girl already. I am personally sick of the Monica Lewinsky' of this world who won't just stay under the table where they belong.


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