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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Lola Omotayo opens up on love affair with Peter of P-Square

I am going to bring you Naija Entertainment news later. For now, let's talk about the latest gist in town. Lola Omotayo is three months pregnant for Peter Okoye of P-Square. Lola is the Business Development Director of a Lagos based Marketing company.

She granted an exclusive interview to Encomium magazine's Leke Adeneye.

In recent times, stories have been published severally about you being dumped by your boyfriend, Peter Okoye, for ex-Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria, Munachi Abii. How true is this gist?
Lola "When I read the story myself I was shocked. I was wondering and asking myself have I been dumped? But my relationship with with Peter is going extremely well. We don't have any issues. It's over three years and everything has been going well. Perhaps because a lot of people haven't seen us together, I haven't really been out with him for about a year until last Friday (SMVA) for personal reasons I just don't' want to be out there. Everything is going well with us"
How did Peter win your heart about three years ago?
Lola "My agency handles some of British American Tobacco brands and P-Square was doing a show for us at one of our events in Enugu. Though I had met Peter a couple of times before then, but at the show there was some chemistry. He asked for my number and I refused giving it to him. i told him if you really want to know me you have to find my number. So he took it as a task and found my number and the rest is history."
One of the things that shocked some people about the relationship is your age difference. How did you handle that when you were starting the affair?
Lola "Like I said, Peter is an old soul and he always tells me that I'm like a 23year-old. Age is just a number. Right now you can see it around the world. Demi Moore, Usher and some known people. Even in Nigeria here, they are dating people far older than their age. So we shouldn't base it on the age factor. He doesn't make me feel like he's younger than me. the age thing will never bother me."

One other factor most people talked about is that Peter may not be able to withstand your career profile and social status...
Lola "I disagree with that. Yes in the beginning, a lot of people and friends wondered what I wanted from this guy. Why somebody on that level? He's not on a bad level though, he's a human being first. And people trying to put us on different social classes make me very upset. Yes I've done a lot in terms of exposure and travels and all of that, but he's a very confident man. We've been together to places where we met with people who were elite on the really high social class and he doesn't feel insecure. Once someone can blend into my life and I into his, it's cool. I hang out with his friends and families and there are no issues at all."
So, if it has been rosy for over three years, what then has been keeping you away from the altar? He has mentioned his career, what would you mention?
Lola "The truth of the matter is that I'm not really particular about marriage. Marriage is not something you rush into. To me, it is over rated in Nigeria. here, they say marriage completes a woman, but I don't believe in that. There is so much that completes a woman and marriage is not it. I've never focused on that. I'm not the little girl who dreams of her wedding day. I'm not afraid to be alone. I pray, I am not going to end up alone for the rest of my life, I want a life partner. But the tag marriage is not something I think is the ultimate. I would take my time rather than rush into marriage only to later discover that it is not what to expect. And Peter as well is dealing with his own career and he wants to focus on that and you know maybe in a year's time I'd be ready to get married and if he's not, then we may get to go our separate ways. The truth of the matter is that marriage is not in the picture for me right now"
Why? What other completion are you seeking that makes marriage not a priority now?
Lola "For me I am contented being who I am right now. I am not going to come and beg and ask somebody to marry me. No. And also my criteria for marriage is a very strict criteria. It's not the usual girl's stuff like nice house and someone who can take care of you"
How long were you friends with Peter before the affair started?
Lola "Not that long. He was too fine so I had to kiss him. In the beginning we were coming from different walks of life and there were later adjustments. When I'm into something, I'm into it 100%. People just look at the social status thing. he’s an entertainer, she’s a career girl, but it’s not about that. He’s not the first artiste I’ve dated, not a Nigerian though, he was an international act”

He says he and Munachi are very good friends, how comfortable are you?
"He says they are friends and nothing is going on and I think she featured in one of their videos. I’ve met her. Yes, eventually I met Munachi a few days ago and I think she’s a really nice lady. I have not been in an environment where they have both at except of recent when I met her. Maybe the unfortunate thing is that I just got to meet her, otherwise if that is what he says, I just have to believe him and take his words until he is proven guilty”

We heard recently that you are now heavily pregnant for Peter and that both of you are expecting a baby soon, how true is this gist?
“Yes, it’s true. We are expecting a baby”

Should we then expect other things like engagement or a secret wedding between now and when the baby eventually comes?
“Let’s take one thing at a time. I think the focus should be on making sure that everything is okay with the baby first. I really don’t want to talk about my pregnancy now. And like I said before, it’s not about marriage now; the focus now is this (pointing to her protruding belly)

Peter’s Reaction to the pregnancy
Peter Okoye
“The pregnancy is mine and nothing on earth can make me deny it. After all I didn’t impregnate a street girl. The person carrying m baby is an independent and responsible lady who I love with all my heart. So the baby is mine and I am proud to be the father. As for marriage, I don’t have plans for it yet”

Annie Macaulay has supposedly lost her six months pregnancy for Tuface Idibia...I don't know how true this is, I only know she was shot at. Will bring you the details later.
Fela's son, Seun Kuti, has been arrested by NDLEA on drug charges...

More gist coming your way later...


Anonymous said...

Well it's nice that she is not trying to force marriage. When and if it is their time they will get married. Also, she looks great for her age!!

QMoney said...

please tell me am 1st!!
More juicy juicy pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee??
Anne lost her baby???well,i tink dat will be good for her!she should flee from Mr Idibia.who shot at her ke??see wahala oh!!
I wish Lola Omotayo all d very best.she's not too small to have a baby so no problem.

Kpakpando said...

oh I hope that's not true about Annie, if she was shot at I won't put it past that Pero chick mehn, she's a thug.

KikisMuffin said...

Well well well.

Score is 1:0, first half

Paris said...

where 2 start o! as 4 lola, i'ld just copy & paste what i wrote on niyis blog here.

wat d hell?? lola was obviously LYING in that interview. she didnt want 2 seem desperate so she had 2 try 2 do big girl thing and play it off while also DROPPING HINTS THAT SHE DOES WANT 2 GET MARRIED.

call me old fashioned but i would rather not be a baby mama cos sad 2 say it but most stories like this always end up so. why can we have children but not get married?? look at the case of Kim Porter and Diddy. whenever i see that woman, i feel as tho she has self esteem issues 4 REAL! diddy is goin 2 end up marrying a gold digger while u...well u just end up being the BABY MAMA. unfortunately peter is sounding alot like Diddy. Lola does that ring a bell?

Ladies put ur feet on d ground. love with all ur heart but with all your head as well. Demand marriage if u feel u deserve it jare or chew on those birth control pills like candy and protect urselves (4get the "dont u trust me BULLSHIT?") atleast until he starts speaking & showing signs of marriage.

just my 2cents sha.
hell 4 all we know Lola probably just needed a sperm donor but i doubt it. they've been dating 4 a while now.

Now as 4 Peter....HE DOES NOT KNOW HOW 2 GRANT AN INTERVIEW. POINT BLANK PERIOD! he sounds so irritated all d damn time. wat d f**k is biting u?? if u dont want fame then step down! pls do urself a favor and brush up on ur freaking interview skills. who asked u d type of girl u impreganated??? im sure we all know that already. hisssssss

Annie Macauley...let me tell u sumtn boo. loosing that pregnancy was probably a just sayin. is it really worth it 2 be shot @ cos of some dude who has other women preggers 4 him d same time as urself?? sorry abt d loss tho. i can imagine that there was already a bond forming between her and her baby.

ehm fela's son in a drug scandal?? still blank on that one.

fendizzle/StelteQ said...

I've been reading ur blog 4 a long time now and i know i've not been fair to u by never droping a comment. I want u to know that i always enjoy ur blog very seriousely. Keep up the good work.
Here is my comment.
Entertainment industry will definitely be boring without rumour. Some rumour sometimes turn out to be true some end up being blatant lie. So let people speculate and i might start my own rumour very soon.
I have no problem with anyone dating an older partner as long the younger is not doing it for the older's money. Besides Peter looks very much like Usher and we all know that the best relationships Usher ever had was with the older partner.
Kai!! I did it at last.

Anonymous said...

gist! gist! gist!

lola doesnt sound like she completely trusts her boyfy...

i feel her on d age issue tho'..its really no biggie..

but all dat not being keen on marriage is bullshit!she wants to be married but d guy's obviously not ready..(afterall, if he's good enuf for baby daddy, he's good enuf for hubby!)

Toni Payne said...

I like her, she has it together up there and i wish her a successful journey into motherhood. i dont buy the career thing tho, marriage doesnt stop you from doing your job, loads of successful musicians are married, snoop, babyface, wyclef, outkast dude and the list goes on.. maybe he is just not ready and so far she is cool with that, its kinda like no ones bizz.

i dont know why naija folks make it seem like marraige is the ultimate goal, as in get married when you feel you are ready and for the right reasons, whats the point being married and misrable when u can be single and happy. I thank God for my family and I thank God that I get to do it at his time with no pressure with someone I feel is 110% mine. i think women shud worry less about the pressures of getting married and just pray God give them a man of their own and not someone elses man, not a man that will have you lay in bed at night wondering why you are with him, not someone you have to manage because of the kids.. u dig.. and the social status thing, lord dont get me started b4 i write a book.. if I fall in love with a bus conductor and I am the daughter of the president whose business is it.. Life aint as hard as a lot of people make it o..

I hope annies story is not true sha, that would really suck to lose a child uve been nurturing for 6 months..

anyhoo Linda, ive missed u small sha, I dey ur town and u no even send hope u r good ma,

NigerianDramaQueen said...

whats the age difference between them? I wish them the best...

Anonymous said...

Very independent lady she comes across as.

@ tufaces chick, very sad and if the criminals are responsible then they have God to answer to.

Thanx 4 d update

Nwanyi Ocha said...

Woww, loved the interview ... she knows what she wants and is going for it... Congratulations to them both

Anonymous said...

All i have to say is wow. Hopefully, they figure things out sha.

Anonymous said...

Yea, right! as if the guy proposes today, she won't jump on it.

Naija has changed o, I remember when neighbor's daughters misteriously move to another state, or to US because their parent's didn't want people to know they're pregnant out of wedlock.
Now, babies popping left and right with no shame in the game. I don't know if this is a good thing for Naija.Call me old fashioned, but I still think Marriage is a sacred institution,and it's very important for kids to be brought up in stable family.

VIC said...


Anonymous said...

lola is 35, peter is 27. no be so linda?

Tosan said...

Hey Linda,

Love the blog. However, I think it's in bad taste to refer to Annie's possible miscarriage. Some things are just better left unreported until they are confirmed. It's not the sort of thing we should be casually leaving comments on. It's a horrifying time in the life of a woman and her family. Just my two cents. You most certainly don't need to agree.

Hair Azara said...

Linda thank you for ur gist, am sleeping with my computer tonight (lol) in anticipation of what next to come.

anyways all these stories are interesting, men I wish I was in Naija right now,

best of lucks with annie M. though and congratulations to LOLA!!!

Anonymous said...

what's up with the old woman and young man relationship that is going on in naija now.This is like the sixth one I've heard. I'm not trying to judge, i can't help but think once America start doing something, everyone starts it too.It's gonna be like a trend now. I don't doubt their love for one another; abeg these old women need to leave these young men for us like young C'mon lets try to to stay true to ourselves.

dami said...

she is very mature peter should go and sit down pls

Anonymous said...

this is unbelieveable. i hope the story about anny is not true

Anonymous said...

hummmmmmmmm Lola

doll said...

good luck to them…am happy they seem all settled now…but I still maintain something went down between him and Munachi…hopefully its all in the past and we can look forward to a bright future

Anonymous said...

whats the big deal? lola is 35 and he is 27? if this was reversed, ( peter 35 and lola 27) no one would bat an eyelid!.....I beg let them breathe...... lola is finer than most girls young or old. I hardly think he could do much better!

Lola said...

@toni payne - thanks o! i don't know if people really think of this marriage thing or it's just bandied about. Marriage is serious. Even if the girl is pregnant, you have to think what's the best decision right now for my child and myself?

Anonymous said...

hmn lola weds peter,I imagine this abeg and pray for them both.she really has to hook this guy before some snatch him so that it does not become like tubaba baby drama.If this guy really loves her,there should be no excuse nor cannot be trusted,demand for marriage and he will yield if there exist true love jare otherwise well,she just needs the baby as companion.

chioma said...

I like omotayo, I think she's a lady who knows what she wants. If she has been dating peter for 3 years he must be doing something right. I would never date a younger man or intentionally have a child out of wedlock..but then I am not omotayo. I hope she has a safe pregnancy and has a healthy baby. All the best girl!

Kelè Chic said...

they look lovely together and congrats to her on her preggers!
pls give them a break with the marriage getting married when u're not ready and then getting divorced a few yrs later any better than not getting married?

age difference issue...who said love is better when there's lil age difference? or when the guy is older? abeg pls!

but what is this none sense about her social status and career profile...? gosh! Like he's a nobody or something...all this "social class" division is not getting us anywhere fast!

all the best to them!

Anonymous said...

A child will need the love of both parent aand if that is not possible why dab into it. Bringing up a child is a big responsibility and commitment. except u've given up hope in hooking someone, the whole idea of not wanting marriage is rubbish, why do u want kids then?

Anonymous said...

Wow!! too fake. I mean if she is 35then she's lying about not having marriage as priority. I don't really care about the age difference between them coz i myself am older than my boo/2 years difference but this doesn't mean i will wait for him forever to get his life together and become the billionaire he is hoping to be before saying i do coz biological clock is ticking and there will always be the age difference.(Peter) 27 years is enough to make a good decision in life. The career issue is just an excuse for Peter not to say i do. Girlfriend wake up coz the age difference might not bother you now but the truth is he will always feel younger than you and by the time he reaches your age you will be much older. Think fast and think wise. Don't be proud to be a baby mama.Sometimes one needs to manage life and not let life manages us. Congrats for the baby you are carying but if i were you i wouldn't be so proud.

kemmy said...

And it happened! Congrats both!

Anonymous said...

Shame on bad belle! Peter and Lola made it!

Anonymous said...

Yes they made it yipee

Papi Chulo said...

Lovely lady!


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