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Friday, 31 August 2007

Suicide attempt + other news

I heard handsome actor, Owen Wilson tried to kill himself on Sunday August 26th 2007. He had slit his left wrist and consumed an unknown quantity or unspecified pills. He's presently recovering in a hospital in Beverly Hills. I found it hard to believe initially because he looked like a happy person to me. This got me thinking, it's not everyone you see who looks happy that is really happy. People manage to hide their innermost pain and fear and put up a brave front for the world...later you hear they killed or tried to kill themselves. Why would anyone, for whatever reasons try to kill themselves? How bad could it be? Why would you want to end it all? I'm trying to understand the kind of mentality that would allow someone think it's ok to take his/her life...what kind of pain will cause such thoughts and action? I remember some years ago in Lagos when a husband and wife killed themselves via poison, because they were evicted from the one thousand and four complex on Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, leaving their three young kids to the care of their family members. There have been a few incidents like that in some parts of Nigeria...I just can't seem to fathom such irrational behaviour. Some people, like myself, are so scared of dying, while others go out of their way to end it all? I understand homosexuality..sorta, but I don't understand suicide.

Here's a doctor's take on why people commit suicide

People attempt and sometimes commit suicide for very different reasons, many of which can be difficult to figure out or identify. In most cases, the person is feeling emotional pain that feels so bad and hurts them so much that the only thing they can think of to make it go away is to end their life.

Also most suicidal people describe their problems as being something that they don't think will get better or go away. At the same time, others feel as if they are a burden. Others feel alone or very isolated.

Still others just feel generally depressed to the point of not caring anymore. And when friends and family members can't understand or relate, or worse, criticize them for what they are feeling, that can make the person worse. I should also mention that there are many mental illnesses that can increase one's risk for suicide such as clinical depression, bipolar or manic depression and schizophrenia.

People with these conditions may do things that they wouldn't normally do. Speaking of which, alcohol and drug use also contributes to the reasons someone may attempt suicide since they can cause depression, feelings of guilt and disruptions to the persons family and life.

Anyone ever had suicidal feelings?

To other news...

Singer, Gloria Estafan will be 50 years old tomorrow September 1st 2007. Can anyone believe this diva is 50? I would have passed her up for a 40 year old. Happy birthday to the woman who sang one of my all time best songs...'Reach'

It's such a relief to hear that Toni Braxton does not have breast cancer after all. International media, over the past few days, carried unconfirmed reports of the songstress being diagnosed with breast cancer. Toni says it's not true. Thank God!

Naked Mariah Carey...who wants to see her naked? I do! She looks hot abeg!

Alicia Keys quote

“…I am not interested in guys in the industry. They are tainted,” she says with a playful hint of repulsion. “You sit back and wonder, how many women has this man slept with. and I don’t want to know. No thanks, I will never be a part of anyone’s list.”

I feel you on that one Alicia

Akon is such an evasive's an interview he granted recently...crazy guy! lol

How old are you?
I don’t know how old I am.
Nonsense. Why are you so cagey about giving your age?
I don’t understand the importance. But I’ve been blessed to look young for a long time. My pops is 77 years old. You wouldn’t believe it; he looks like he’s in his mid-40s.

Does your wife know how old you are?
She has no idea.
When was your last booty call?
When I made the call? That don’t happen too often. But sometimes I’ll schedule a booty call on Saturday for Monday.

So it’s up to the ladies to call you?
With women it’s difficult, ’cause they try to hide it. They’ll call you at three in the morning like, “Hey, how was your day?”

So do you funnel all that energy into sex?
I have to control myself around women. That’s my only addiction. I used to chase it, but fame has changed a lot.Who says no to you now?I ain’t got a no in a long time.
Do you have any kids?
Four boys and one girl. The oldest is 11, and the youngest is 7 weeks.
How many babymamas?

And how many wives? People say you have more than one.
That’s me playing with the media again! Just one wife.

Is she OK with you being unfaithful to her?
From my angle, things just happen. She’s confident enough to know that I’m not going anywhere.
When was the last time you wanted to kill someone?
When I was locked up. A guy was being really disrespectful, so I had to knock him out. He fell and looked dead, and that scared the hell out of me.

Do you remember your first experience with alcohol?
Never drank, never smoked.

Why not?
I’m Muslim, but really, I never understood the concept of getting high. I like to be in control of my own mind and my own destiny.

What’s the best advice your parents ever gave you?
“Stay out of trouble.”

You didn’t take that advice!
I know! But I live by it now.

Even when you lifted a fan over your head and threw him offstage in June?
That was all in fun.
It wasn’t fun for the guy you threw! Or the people he landed on.
Yeah, I know. That was an accident — they weren’t supposed to be there.
Fun and crazy guy!

Princess Diana's tenth year anniversary

Princess Diana died exactly 10 years today in a car accident in France...

What a beautiful woman. What a loss!
By the way, is rapper Talib Kweli a South African or an American?
And who has seen Talib's newest video where he was gesticulation with his hands? That's the doppest video right now...creativity at it's finest I say...go check out that video.
Do drop a line. Cheers and have a fab weekend!


truth said...

Lol at Akon. I like the witty nature of his responses. Yeah Owen's suicide attempt was a big surprise to me; who would have thought the dude had good wrist-slashing-tendencies?....oh, he's still alive which means he's not that good at it afterall.Thank God for that.

Diana (my 'somewhat' name sake), rest in peace. I loved her! She was all about grace, beauty and service.

Oracle said...

I really don't know why people commit suicide, but i think they feel life is hopeless.
That there's nothing more to get from life.
But i don't think Owen should be that hopeless

Gloria Estefan, 50?
thatz hard to believe

I heard about the Toni Braxton news and i'm glad she doesn't have cancer.

Akon is a very funny person.

Anonymous said...

Late Excellency Nnamdi Azikiwe, Owen Wilson, Halle Berry etc.

They all have one thing in common, they have at some point tried to take their own lives.

Judging from these names, we can certainly see that suicide is no respecter of wealth, beauty, upbringing or background.

The one common denominator is that at some point in their lives, these people felt so low that they concluded they were better off dead, six ft under.

The one thing that can help reduce these horrible event is to show love, make people feel they are wanted, make them feel they matter and above all get them to believe in God. If these exists its harder to accept that selfish thought of suicide.

We should'nt elevate Akon et all. They are good at what they do, and I applaud them, I dance to their songs and all. But they don't do it for me in the grand scheme of things, it's the unknown stranger who cares for the homeless from the little he/she has, it's those who give hope to challenged kids, it is those who love the unlovable, they are my role models, they deserve all our approbation, they are the real heroes/heroines (Diana is a true example)


Calabar gal's pal said...

Girl, we have similar tastes. I'm adding you to my favourites pronto! And about that Talib Kweli's song, Hot Thing, featuring from Black Eyed Peas, if you don't get what Linda is on about it being so dop, just check this out y'all

Anonymous said...

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